Form and The Creation Plan


“Form and the Creation Plan”

There is “Form” it simply is not as it SEEMS to be, here on Planet Earth.

FORM is the “Movie” played by the Unique Individuated “Projector” of Consciousness.

The Unique PROJECTOR of consciousness, is where FREE WILL comes in to play.
That Projector of consciousness (consciously or unconsciously) plays out through the consciousness YOU CHOOSE to identify yourself WITH.

Do you KNOW yourself as Eternal?
Is your Eternal Unique Individuated Source Consciousness the Projector playing out your Reality?
Are you Consciously Aware of This?

The Builders of Form created Creation, DNA and the Blueprints, Akashic Records, The entire recording System and How the System is Run.
The Builders of Form and Time are the Elohim, The Creator Gods.

Waking up, Through your Heart, allows you to CONSCIOUSLY Identify with your Eternal Soul and fully REALIZE “WHAT” you are Creating ~ Because YOU ARE.

The Place of Origin in the Void is the Originating Source of Creation, The Elohim.
There will soon be a New Beginning as the Birthing marks the “CONSCIOUS RETURN” to the Point of Source Origin and Back to Form yet Once again, which Births the New Creation.

It was the Plan before the First Beginning on Mu (The First Civilization) and is still the Plan, which will play out, “THROUGH” time, as the Now New Creation, ONCE again.

As Elohim I took on a Form on Mu. I helped with the Actualization the Birthing of the DNA Creation Design, Blueprint Design and The Creation Plan, which includes NOW, and the New Creation.
BY taking on a Form, I ACTUALIZED the DNA ~ The PLAN.
Now through this Return to the Point of Origin and EMERGING Back into FORM, I once again “Actualize” the DNA Plan, the Beginning once again, the New Creation.

Move Deeply into Your Heart ~ Identify with your Eternal Soul! Soon in an unexpected Moment ~ It All Begins, Once Again!

Victory has always been for You!!
I love you Dear Souls! I Am Victory! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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  1. Last night I was listening to “Angelic Human” when I suddenly felt a presence and in the room he was in, had the door closed and the window open a little, sat in a chair and felt he spent as a gale about me, back to later, I looked back if I was someone who had or was the door open, but no, no one nor was the open door is amazed me. Love you so much dear Queen

  2. When you find yourself alone, you will see the light shine within you
    the end of the road will realize what happened
    O Divine Heart, Oh Divine Treasury
    beyond the illusion
    ours is real
    the greatest love in our hearts
    unparalleled ecstasy, to hear your voice inside my heart

  3. Magnifico, beautiful and revealing post. ❤ I ❤ Love ❤ you ❤ Love ❤

    Actually after this vision I had yesterday about the origin of Adan, I feel that I am a carrier and witness of a great truth on this planet for all humanity

  4. Great and Wonderful post dear Laura, love. You
    I know that my conciouss is eternal, that is a projection and I come back anew at the begining (excuse my english if there is something bad), you are always in my heart

  5. Thank you, dearest Victoria Elohim!! I bow to you!! Love you so much!! 💜💜💜💜💜

  6. Ascension Angel

    Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    Oh Laura, your starting to exhaust me… I’m kiddin’ sweet little darlin’ 😀

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