Fear and Attachment are not Love


Fear and Attachment are NOT love!!  This POST is about How “You” Hold “Reality” either in love and Harmony, or Fear and Disharmony.  How YOU hold your Reality, your day-to-day conscious awareness INFLUENCES everything in your life, your finances, your relationships, your health and more.

Please look closely at this, (deep within yourself) especially if YOU are still influenced by  old patterns that play over and over in your life, and you would TRULY Love to live the Life of Your Dreams!

Love is flow.

Fear and attachment take place through automatic Karmic reactions (memories) held in your DNA. You can slow down and observe Your Reactions, your patterns if you truly desire to do so!  You can release this, and be free from old reactions. When you are, and as you flow in Love..YOUR life TRANSFORMS to Joy, Love, Ecstasy and Abundance in ALL areas of Life and living.

Your Fears and Attachments, that you have around holding on to People and Relationships, Have Nothing to do with Love!!!

Love ~ loves…Desires the Highest, the Greatest and is not “about” keeping things in a Certain “Way”

The Playing out of ones insecurities and pushing them on to a PARTNER is NOT LOVE. This includes children, or any other Soul.

Better to FACE your insecurities, recognize they ARE YOURS, and don’t assert them externally ONTO OTHERS~ your Partner, whoever!!

You do NOT OWN or HAVE anyone!! Even what you feel are your “CHILDREN”

Each of you are SOULS, and if Karma played a role in your relationships for many existences, THEN you are HERE playing out YOUR (not theirs) unresolved PATTERNS that have caused YOU yes YOU to stay in the mode of “suffering”

What you are VIBRATING moves in to the Collective Field and leaves an IMPRINT on MASS Consciousness. This is the TIME for Mass Consciousness to SHIFT. Your VIBRATIONS include your REACTIONS your RESPONSES. Every word, every thought, every emotion.

You are desiring a greater EARTH? Look no further to YOURSELF, to clean up your energy! You are energy vibrating and interacting with all energy!

Freedom is Freedom, no reactions, no attachments, YES PREFERENCES and DESIRES.

SURRENDER everything to BE FREE from SUFFERING!!

And it WAS never about ANOTHER, what they do, or do not do, that is VICTIM MODE, and there are NO VICTIMS.

So PLEASE FACE you ARE indeed Creating your very own reality.

Your FEARS will become your Existence if you do NOT release them and see the truth.

Your incarnation is about you SEEING YOURSELF clearly!!!!!!!!!!

Loving yourself, setting ALL things in YOUR life free!! And Looking deeply, into the eyes of YOU and Loving You.

ONLY then are you able to know true love, then  LOVE another!

Ask yourself, Do you truly love yourself?

If you do not, do not expect another, playing out their Dramas, to love you. They too are in a desperate mode of playing out of karmic traces (patterns ~ memories) and pushing them outwards on to others.

You are RESPONSIBLE for your SELF. That is not Selfish. It is the reason you incarnated, to clear your karma, to walk in YOUR TRUTH, to BE set free and Own your Divinity!

The frequency you CREATE through your thoughts, your words, your emotions and actions, create YOUR reality. Continued patterns continue to reinforce themselves into your DNA, which then, reinforce the patterns of karmic traces.

Karmic Traces are your habitual patterns of RESPONSE. As in Attachment or Pushing away.

To clear them, LOOK to you, stop looking at someone ELSE TO BLAME.

Take responsibility for your thoughts, your emotions. You can change anything!

You can live the life of your Dreams! Start by letting go of old self-destructive patterns, that only serve to bring you PAIN so THAT you will see, that needs healing within you. That is why you are here. NOW is the time to complete what you came to complete and BE set FREE!

No Victims on Planet Earth, ONLY Free WILL.

When you move into patterns of Disharmony KNOW that is what is causing your illnesses, depressions, etc.

MOVE into HARMONY. Do all you can to keep your emotions filled with LOVE at all times! I have included some links that will HARMONIZE your DNA and help YOU to release old freedoms.

It comes down to this QUESTION:

Do YOU REALLY want to be free from SUFFERING or NOT? It is truly up to YOU to Decide!! Grace was always ready for you! Always waiting for you to SAY YES!!!!

This is the time to Be Set FREE!  Please choose freedom!  I love you!


In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. It’s always synchronization for me to see your post in the right moment.
    So today I did let go all perceptions of harm done to me..?.
    So after feeling deeply the pain (again…the rest inside me, I guess?)…and by only be present… It’s starting to be fun (not enjoying the suffering part anymore)….I feel a great relieve!!…so bring it all to me universe !!!..I started to feel like I’m in a play.
    I did felt a little pain (I got my own presence to support me now)….but the joy …..Is always here—-no matter what…!!!!!…who is going to tell me not to be happy now?…can only be me..and I don’t longer follow that road anymore….haha…!!!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you Laura ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejía

    Nevertheless, my life without you I can not bear, I need you and I love you

  3. Hello Laura! I do choose Freedom!! I am in harmony. I do have pain at times and look with in I listen to healing two time a day, surrender, Iam, and many more of your words in various transmissions too. I am making strides towards freedom. Thank you for all the information.

    Is Bliss Body part of the emotional body or a separate body all together?


  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you Laura for continuing to hold the awesome truth up for us so we cannot sidestep the path!!!! Profound and Thank You! Thank You! Thanks You! xo

  5. I feel Im shifting…….ALL BECAUSE AND THANKS TO YOU !!!!!!…just playing close attention to your words, listening your frequencies..been on focus..looking my lacks..Im changing, Im in joy…thank you so much, I love you !!!

  6. No hiding possible with this blog! I feel this an invitation, a Challenge to look in the mirror of the soul and see if instead I see ego?! These are the words that keep me honest, within this group.
    There will be no hiding.
    Live in heart live in Truth

    Thanks Laura

    i love you xxxx

  7. Observing, surrendering, and letting go.:) ♥ Thank you for this and all! I love you! xo

  8. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejía

    I know that my time on this planet ended and therefore have a new life as the Angel I really am, I’m spending my resignation letter at my job, to work until March 31 this year, is not whether this is appropriate for this time of change or if I have to go now, my intention is to go after and get out of my comfort zone, love you ♥

  9. This writing went straight to my heart. I want to cry. Thank you Laura. Thank you for everything. I love you.

  10. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejía

    I’m just discovering that, like a bird that has flown, discovers he has wings and can fly.
    I know you are a beautiful being transparent and always tell the truth, you are love, I love you

  11. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejía

    I’m just making adjustments in my new state and becoming aware of what is happening outside and in a thousand, because it is very new to me, at least in this life, thank you dear Laura, love you

  12. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejía

    Ok, yes I choose freedom, I feel I must to change, thank you dear Laura

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