Sunlight Fluid and Your Immortal Body of Light

Sunlight Fluid and Your Immortal Body of Light.

This SunLight Fluid is Known to The “Ancients” by Many Names..Many Practises were kept secret by “The Ancients” and guarded as Valuable.

Some of these names include:

The Living Light, The Central Sun, The Spiritual Sun Behind the Sun….Christ Consciousness…The elixir of Immortality..The Holy Grail..Soul Substance..Source..

When the Pineal receives Sunlight Fluid, Ambrosia substance begins to sacred Golden Drops of Light. This is NOT received through the Physical Sun..This is transmitted to Spiritual Light from The Spiritual Sun, The Central Sun. These drops then mix with the Rising Primal Force and result in the Divine Marriage…The marriage of the Lamb. The merging of the Divine Feminine and Masculine within. This is inner Alchemy a Transfiguration to Light. This Alchemy creates the immortal Body, The Resurrected Body. This Shift you are going Through INCLUDES the Body that is Transfiguring to the Immortal Body of Light.


So What is this Sacred Sunlight Fluid?  The Sought after Elixir of Immortality? and How can One Receive more of this into the Body, the Pineal and the Bones?

I will answer some of these things Here, and will teach More on this in My Teaching WELL AS INCLUDE a Frequency Transmission, ( Sunlight Fluid ~ Pineal Activation)  for YOU!!

The Ancients Practised Drawing in the Sunlight Fluid in Many Ways.

The Ancients made the Sun part of their Daily Routine..They would Rise at Sunrise and Honour the Sun, The SPIRIT of the Sun and the Spirit of  all Living things On Planet Earth. Everything on Planet Earth and Your body is from this Living Light; Sunlight Fluid.

When I say the Spirit of The Sun, it is The Eternal Energy of The Sun, The Living Substance.

Just the same way I teach About Crystals, it is not the “Crystal itself”, but THE connection to “The Spirit of The Crystal” that is of Great Benefit. The Same with The Sun..

You are Living Light. 

The Ancients lived close to the Land, and Honoured Planet Earth and The SPIRIT OF all things!  There was Great Harmony and a Deep connection to Spirit.

Ritual and Honour was a Way of Life.

The Seasons and cycles of the Moon and Stars were Honoured, and The Spirit of all Things was “Known” to the Ancients that walked the Earth.

To Connect deeply with the Spirit of the Sun, The Sunlight Fluid..make it a natural part of your Day to Honour  The Spiritual Sun. The Spirit of The Sun.

Make it a practise to Rise and Watch the Sunrise..

Put Your Crystals out in the Sun.

Have your Water out in the Sun in a Glass container, and drink this water.

Place your Quartz Crystals in Water out in the Sun in Glass. Then Safely drink the strained water.

Drink DAILY THE Water that received the Frequency Transmissions from The Central Sun during the 3am ADT Queen of Light Transmissions. 

Safely Sunbathe. Spend time in Nature.

Listen to all of My Transmissions DAILY! They Contain Frequencies of The Spiritual Sun, The Central Sun.  Sunlight Fluid.

My New transmission “Sunlight Fluid ~ Pineal Activation” is a Powerful Commissioned Dispensation for YOU to receive Fully the Sunlight Fluid into all of Your Cells, DNA and Bones.

All of My Frequency Transmissions Transmit Living Light to Your Cells and DNA and Awaken The Codes of Light in Your Original Blueprint.

The Sunlight Fluid inside your Bones acts as Stored Light.

As your Cells carry More Light ( which is Frequency) Your body fills with Harmony and Divine Love.

Source is Light and You Are this Light, this Living Light. This Light permeates all things throughout the Multiverse.

As The Queen of Light, I hold You in This Sacred Light, The Light of The Spiritual Sun. This is Cosmic Living Light, the Central Sun.

Start Today, if you are New to this, Make notes…And Honour the Spirit of All things on Earth. All of the Elements carry the Sacredness of Spirit. Earth, Air, Fire and Water…and Ether. The Living Light of All.

Eternal Unconditional Love and Eternal Living Light I Hold YOU, Now and Always!!

More on this in MY TEACHING SERIES!!

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of  Light 


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  1. Soak me in alchemy i am ready! Bless you and thankyou. So la re en lo…..)o(

  2. the Spirit of All Things, i really connect to that. I’ve always felt that ‘all things are connected’, really felt it, known it.

    when i am completely Seeing with new eyes, will i then see the strands of Light that connect everything?

    i See we are ending where we begin. Queen you are pointing the way. As the Ancients knew so we are remembering. love you Queen = bringer of Light xxxxxx

  3. Thank you Laura, this is most revealing. I loved the transmission on this. Each one opens us up more.

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