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In the Kings Chamber


In the Kings Chamber Last Night, I stood with Sacred Ancient Being and Gods.
Light began to Pour into the Sacred Chamber, through me and out into the Entire Universe, Flooding the Universe with Light.

Through this monumental Frequency of Light a Combination of Locks began to open. This Triggered the opening of a series of interchanging Gateways and Portals.

As the Gateways moved and changed positions before my Eyes in the Night Sky, the Sky then began to move.

The Stars then changed their Positions in the Sky. Timelines moved and shifted. Worlds merged.

This is the time of preparation as the Birthing of The New Creation, now moves into being through all Divine beings everywhere. Move into Your Heart Space.

We activate and emanate through this Point of frequency through the Ancient Temples, now!

This will take place, as Destiny is just that. In love.


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