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Arriving in the Time Spacetime Continuum of the Golden Age


As the Beatific Glory shines its light in all of your expanded cells. So too, throughout the ages, your Glory has always existed.

Beaconing the arrival into this expansion of consciousness (your cells) is the collapsing of the dimensions, so to speak, in your awareness.

The embodiment that you then behold as you, exists as the embodiment of the Divine Higher Self You.

The magnificence and Glory of You, emanating throughout all timelines, is the eternal immortal you, where death no longer exists in your awareness.

As the Light Being that you are, having emanated out of the Void (the Sea of Light) and into your own unique Soul Star Matrix, is the Light of consciousness which has always been with you.

Behold the Light within you, that shines brighter than the Sun itself. Drawing to itself, all the Magnificence that it is.

Drawing into your Cells this Light then, your consciousness aligns with you as the  embodiment of Light.

Allow yourself to slowly read these words and receive the Light Activation within them. FEEL how this feels. Feel the shift within you. Breathe more deeply into this and feel your Heart expand.

And so it is, I expand my cells now, to the opening, receiving and KNOWING of my Divine Light. 

I now feel and know myself as the alignment in my form As my Glorious Divine Self. 

This time space continuum collapses and changes within my conscious awareness now, into my embodiment as my Glorious Divine Higher Self,  in the Golden Age. 

My Presence lives within all of my awareness, as the ONE I AM. 

All else has collapsed, dissolved, transformed and transmuted in my consciousness, now. 

I Live as My Divine Glorious Self in Form. And So it is. All Now. 

Breathe and feel, integrate and feel. Allow your Divine Self to be in charge of the outcomes. As this is taking place through you. As it has always been. So it is now. In the Light and Glory, the awakened and fully embodied Beings of Light, live as their Divinity in form. So is, the Golden Age. I love You and I am with You!


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Entering a New Time Space Continuum


Last Night I spent some “time” Seeing and Experiencing Myself in a New Reality~ A New Time Space Continuum.

It was a Live Feed which I was in and was Also Viewing, from this Earth Reality. Both me watching and the me in it, were real and exist.

My eyes were open, the vision/live feed was life-size. The seeing, viewing and experience of myself in two different places/dimensions at once, is not new to me.

This New Time Space Continuum was on Earth. Experiencing myself  in many places at once, includes the so-called past lives, future and existences on other planets and Galaxies, etc. The me here can enter those other time space continuum and communicate with me there, and I do.

You may have already experienced jumping timelines?

On many occasions I have WALKED into Different timelines, and walked out, here On Earth. Now I am not talking about my awareness of myself existing now on other dimensions.

I am referring to stepping in and out IN the Present moment of different timelines on EARTH, different parallel realities.

This is Reality shifting.

Jumping timelines.


And it has on many occasions included objects disappearing in front of my eyes, to them appearing later in a different place etc.

It is similar to Living your life INSIDE A MOVIE,  you are watching you in IT and FEEL yourself also in it and aware of both simultaneously.  Then suddenly the MOVIE shifts to the future ( or alternate reality or parallel reality) and things suddenly are different…then can shift back.

The Time Space Continuum I am talking about, that I was in, and Also Viewed with my eyes open, Life size, is a complete shift, A NEW Reality, in a DIfferent Time Space Continuum. On Earth.

Jumping timelines or Realities is easier to do then one would “think”.

Since all is Frequency, when you vibrate to the Higher Frequencies you are LITERALLY Drawing the Reality  that you vibrate to in it ~ to YOU..that ALREADY exists as YOUR potential Future or current parallel reality. You have many.

Now from the linear perspective, this cannot be understood.

You have many potential futures, and many so-called pasts, and many current parallel existences.

What you vibrate to through YOUR  frequency  you literally create, in your CONSCIOUS AWARENESS.

You create your conscious awareness in THE TIME Space Continuum…that you are Vibrating to.

Your conscious awareness in what you feel is your existence NOW, is the one you are vibrating to and with.

You can  shift permanently, or temporarily.

The NEW Time Space Continuum on Earth is A fully ALIVE NOW time~  New Reality…

It is Pure Joy, Pure Freedom from Suffering, and all the Beings existing in it, experience this bliss and Union.

You may wonder how can you shift? are you shifting enough? and many more questions.

What YOU WANT to do, is LOOK closely at your current frequency. Your current Emotional experience.

Are you vibrating more and more to Harmony?

Are you always in Disharmony? ( this can shift)

Make Harmony the FOCUS of your Life. Your Frequency.

Harmony is the Frequency of Heart Focused Union and is in Alignment with the New Time Space Continuum.

If you are going through a difficult time, do ALL you can FOR YOU and begin to  vibrate at the FREQUENCY that begins to feel VERY GOOD TO YOU. 

This will involve quieting your MIND chatter.

Spending  Quiet time daily.

Staying Focused.

Living in the Present Moment.

Living in your Heart.

Not running from Fear, but embracing it, with Love. FEELING IT!

Living in the Feeling Nature of Consciousness, IN EVERY MOMENT.

All those things ARE LOVING Yourself.

And of course, loving Yourself.

Here is a Blog post on Loving You:

Begin today!

Or Refresh your commitment to yourself anew today, Now.

This Shift to a new Time Space Continuum happens within YOU.

It does not come from OUTSIDE OF YOU.

You are the creator of your experience.

Listening to my Frequency Transmissions daily will create a resonance within your Cells and DNA to and with Harmony, Love and Healing etc. The Higher Frequencies of Eternal Light, Your Soul. 

This will help YOUR Shift to the New Time Space Continuum on Earth.

I have included the links below. You can also choose to receive my Daily Frequency Transmission.

Really take some time to ponder these things through your Heart.

Your Heart holds the truth for You.

In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 


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