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Accessing New Time Lines


As you Access greater and greater Momentum in your Transformational Process…you may find yourself entering an entirely new timeline or Map line.

You may call this a Reality Shift, but really what it is, is the accessing of Nodal Points throughout the Dimensions through the CHANGE in your frequency which then brings about AN ENTIRE NEW Life…

A New Time Line.

I have seen this take place many times.

Your Frequency resonates MORE with a NEW Reality, which was already taking place simultaneously, this new reality then shows up on Planet Earth.

Planet Earth is the Densest of All Dimensions.

Your Focus ON the FREQUENCY you Truly Desire, creates the Quantum Leap in your Frequency and this frequency ACCESSES for YOU the New Map Line.

Now since there Really is NO TIME…you only flow through it, it doesn’t move.

You can ALSO ACCESS existences that have appeared in the so-called Past…

Again, it all comes back to Your Frequency. People often hear me say Frequency doesn’t lie, many do not understand that though.

When YOU TRULY change your frequency, (and those are not just words) your LIFE truly changes.

To the DEGREE YOU change YOUR Frequency ~ your LIFE CHANGES…

Please read that several times, write that on your hand, post it UP really allow it to sink In, YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR EXISTENCE!!!!!!!!

Feel that Truth in YOUR Heart.

Spend time DAILY focusing on this TRUTH and what it means to YOU!

Major Frequency Shifts involve changing Map Lines…

You begin to ACCESS your Divine Blueprint, the Highest that your Soul had planned for YOU during this Incarnation you call your LIfe.

It is your consciousness moving through bodies…..incarnations….through time…that appears non changeable, YET IS HIGHLY CHANGEABLE.

There is no thing such as STUCK.

It is simply your vibration staying the SAME.


Know that as Eternal SOURCE, you can.

Stay focused on YOUR HEART and your FREQUENCY.


There I was, there you were,

here we are, you and I.

No time passed, it didn’t exist,

we changed the plan.

Crossing barriers, that appeared, then dissolved,

jumping timelines, in the now.

What is real, who can say,

but those who  live it.

Live in your Heart, the secrets hidden,

now being revealed.

Dance the dance, enter Light,

release the night.

Embrace the fear, unmask the illusion,

that is the True Victory.

We made it, my sweet Beloved,

holy Union, throughout  eternity.

In Divine Sacred Love,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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