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An Increase in The Frequency of Activations and Downloads



Receiving an Increase in The Frequency of Activations and Downloads!

Many of You are Experiencing Frequency Activations and Downloads AND many MORE of YOU will experience an INCREASE in receiving Activations that are Literally Being Flooded intoย your System, in preparation for YOUR new Birth.

These downloads are shifting YOUR frequency Higher.ย Your body is becoming less dense. Your Light Body is Activating and Activated at a Higher Frequency Now.

The Light Language and other Frequency Activations, will now Trigger some Deeper Activations within you, that you have not yet experienced. The Frequency Transmissions are Beyond Time and Space. Now you will receive them at a Higher Frequency.

During the Downloads you may feel extreme electrical energy, running from below your feet to above your head. Do all that you can to relax when these downloads begin and during them. They may last for many hours at one time.

As your body become less Dense, you will FEEL Lighter, experience GREATER Joy, and Feel Happy for No Reason. Things will flow. You are Beginning to Experience your Divinity, your Mastery.

Your Heart is Opening Up more and Your Body is READY to Receive more. The Floodgates are Open.

Some of you have Desired this quickly, however; Your bodies Nervous System has now become accustomed to receiving Higher Frequencies. You now have Integrated the Previous level of Frequency into your DNA. Those higher Frequencies would not have been able to be integrated all at Once.

To ease you in this Process, Spend time in Nature, PAY attention to how much water you drink (drink plenty) and Love what arises, knowing you are NOT “WHAT” arises, see all things now through the eyes of The timeless observer.
As you Now Flow through All That is.

Enjoy Your sacred Transformation. I Am With you During the Activations and Downloads! I Am Victory! Victory is For You! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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