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Timelines and Portals ~ Levels of Consciousness

cropped-LAuraTHE Use of the Gregorian calendar on Earth, is not the accurate calendar based on the seasons, the moon cycles, the alignment with the stars. This is what a calendar was. It followed the natural cycles on Earth. A measurement of the flow of the celestial bodies and their alignment.

As an example, the true birthday, so called every year, is meant to depict the return to the Sun and its alignment with the stars, close to the same position in the sky. This movement is not based on or represented by the current calendar in use.

So when we say dates….as markers, they are not necessarily the true makers of that energy or its shift, or alignment.

When we look at what a calendar is at the truest level, it is about the cycles, the Sun and Moon, the position of the celestial bodies. The ENERGY alignment of all of this, and the seasons. NOT what a number says….or a date on the Gregorian calendar. Or a time on a clock.

What the measurement Is ~ is a frequency ~ of energy, connected to the energetic movement and flow of positions and alignments, Sun, Earth Moon, equinoxes.

These are energy events and are not based on the clock or a calendar. 

PORTALS are energetic reference points of consciousness ~ that are available to YOU and open up to you when you are ready for your next level. For your next initiations.  They have nothing to do with a clock ticking or a Gregorian calendar. 

DIMENSIONS are levels of awareness consciousness. They have nothing to do with distance, clock time, or a calendar. 

Parallel worlds, ARE all NOW.  They are not connected to clocks or calendars, or distance. 

Timeline shifts, are parallel world shifts of CONSCIOUSNESS experience. Where you step into a new reality through a parallel world. THEY are not based on a clock, a travel distance or a calendar.

All Portals, Dimensions, Parallel worlds and shifts in consciousness have nothing to do with a clock, a calendar, or a distance. 

They HAVE to do with levels of awareness. The higher levels of awareness, INVOLVE you living consciously THROUGH your HEART, as being an ETERNAL Being. Here now.

It is the mystical marriage of the merging of the small YOU (functioning in the obsolete program of 3D) with the eternal YOU.

Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual BODIES merge with the Higher Cosmic Self YOU. The Eternal You.

This aligns you with the eternal flow of your consciousness and all aspects of your Being. ALL parallel worlds, all dimensions, all existences. That KNOW NOT time, distance, or a calendar. All Now.

Enter NOW your Heart. It is the portal through which you are initiated and access all the dimensions and levels. 

Through your heart NOW exists. Through your heart ~ love exists, purely, truly and eternally, always. 

Through your HEART ~ in the present moment, ALL Miracles exist, here and now. 



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Mercury Retrograde, July 7th till July 31 ~ Magical Awakenings & LOVE

L'AuraEverything is ENERGY.

Let us put aside all fear related beliefs about Mercury Retrograde and embrace the profound opportunities for expansion, manifestation and love that are available to you, through this.

Putting this simply, Mercury Retrograde ENHANCES, FAVOURS and INCREASES all INNER awareness and heart centred focus.

The often common fast paced world OUTLOOK and way of being ~ Mercury Retrograde, dislikes and will not favour.

SO ALIGN with what is most beneficial for you anyway. Your HEART.  In that SPACE of awareness is the ALCHEMY of transformation.

Instead of dreading this so called experience, embrace GOING deeper into NOW into your HEART. Then watch what unfolds.

The greater magic of you, the greater love, manifestation and miracles.

Embracing NOW ~ embracing the SHIFTS.

Welcoming all Parallel world shifts, with the eternal Beloved, forever NOW.  In love.


Enter 5th Dimensional Consciousness NOW

L'Aura Pleiadian

This is an Activation into 5th Dimensional Consciousness, Now. Take a few slow breaths and read slowly and repeat. FEEL Deeply the truth within you as this Activation through my words, that are timeless, touch your Heart and Soul and Awaken all that is dormant within you to the truth that is ONLY present in the Now Moment, in Eternity, ALL NOW.

You never arrive in a waited future timeline. It’s time to let go of everything that you have waited for based on an external world that gives no validation, yet in the consciousness of it, tells you it is far away APART from you. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Do you recognize this? My Life will Be Great WHEN, I will do THAT when THIS happens, When I feel Better, When I loose that Weight, When I have that Boyfriend, When I have that House, When I have the Money. When, When, When, is waiting for the day, Living in the Future that never arrives. And why? The Future timeline and all Futures ONLY exist in the NOW.  YOU will ONLY Arrive in 5th Dimensional Consciousness when you stop living for a future that never arrives. AND you give UP Waiting, and ARRIVE.

Read this over and over.

That is it, I am NO longer waiting for this to occur and that to occur. I no Longer live for a Future that never arrives, I no Longer live for External Validation of my wants to be fulfilled to feel good about myself.

Instead right NOW, I accept my life and HOW I AM AS I AM. Right now in this moment, I have changed.

I have arrived, I AM HERE. The External World does not tell me how I am doing or reflect to me my WORTH.


This is the ONLY way I ARRIVE in 5th Dimensional CONSCIOUSNESS.

Present, in the NOW, Arrived, NOT looking to the external world and waiting for it to give me permission to ARRIVE.

I no longer wait for everything to look the way I want it to externally.

I no longer wait to be happy.

INSTEAD I arrive NOW. I have given up waiting.

I Accept being present NOW.

I Accept how things are NOW.

I Accept myself NOW.

I have NOW released ALL of  The Ways I have Waited for LIFE to tell me that I was ready and that I was Ok and Worthy.

I ACCEPT being ready NOW.

I Accept Now.

I Accept Being Worthy Now.

I AM in the NOW.

I love in the Now.

Fully Present.


I Am Empty, I Am Birthed into 5th Dimensional Consciousness right Now.

I no longer need to wait for anything.

I LET GO OF ALL OF MY attachments NOW.

NOTHING in the external world VALIDATES my Experience NOW.

I have fully given up waiting. I am Fully PRESENT, Now.

I AM CONSCIOUS of my BREATH in all moments, Now.


I Have Arrived.

I am my SOUL.

I have entered the PORTAL of Awakening and I AM Ascending Now.

I do not have to wait for anything in the external world to tell me that I am ready.

Of course not, because I am Ready NOW and I am already Awake, and I already have Arrived.

My Consciousness is Ascending NOW.

My heart is open NOW.

I have emptied myself of ALL Attachments and I Am Filled with Divine Light NOW.

I Am Free NOW.

I am ready NOW.

I have Arrived, I Am in 5th Dimensional Consciousness NOW.

I Live in all Moments now, Fully Awake, Fully Arrived  and by having Releasing the need to WAIT, I have stepped out of the old way of being, I HAVE EVOLVED.

Now I am Consciously Free.

Now I am Living in the Now.

I Am Free, I am Worthy and I am Ascended and Evolved, right NOW.

In Pureness and Eternal Love, right NOW.

IN the Light of My Eternal Soul, right Now.

And So it Divinely Is, Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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