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Timelines and Portals ~ Levels of Consciousness

cropped-LAuraTHE Use of the Gregorian calendar on Earth, is not the accurate calendar based on the seasons, the moon cycles, the alignment with the stars. This is what a calendar was. It followed the natural cycles on Earth. A measurement of the flow of the celestial bodies and their alignment.

As an example, the true birthday, so called every year, is meant to depict the return to the Sun and its alignment with the stars, close to the same position in the sky. This movement is not based on or represented by the current calendar in use.

So when we say dates….as markers, they are not necessarily the true makers of that energy or its shift, or alignment.

When we look at what a calendar is at the truest level, it is about the cycles, the Sun and Moon, the position of the celestial bodies. The ENERGY alignment of all of this, and the seasons. NOT what a number says….or a date on the Gregorian calendar. Or a time on a clock.

What the measurement Is ~ is a frequency ~ of energy, connected to the energetic movement and flow of positions and alignments, Sun, Earth Moon, equinoxes.

These are energy events and are not based on the clock or a calendar. 

PORTALS are energetic reference points of consciousness ~ that are available to YOU and open up to you when you are ready for your next level. For your next initiations.  They have nothing to do with a clock ticking or a Gregorian calendar. 

DIMENSIONS are levels of awareness consciousness. They have nothing to do with distance, clock time, or a calendar. 

Parallel worlds, ARE all NOW.  They are not connected to clocks or calendars, or distance. 

Timeline shifts, are parallel world shifts of CONSCIOUSNESS experience. Where you step into a new reality through a parallel world. THEY are not based on a clock, a travel distance or a calendar.

All Portals, Dimensions, Parallel worlds and shifts in consciousness have nothing to do with a clock, a calendar, or a distance. 

They HAVE to do with levels of awareness. The higher levels of awareness, INVOLVE you living consciously THROUGH your HEART, as being an ETERNAL Being. Here now.

It is the mystical marriage of the merging of the small YOU (functioning in the obsolete program of 3D) with the eternal YOU.

Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual BODIES merge with the Higher Cosmic Self YOU. The Eternal You.

This aligns you with the eternal flow of your consciousness and all aspects of your Being. ALL parallel worlds, all dimensions, all existences. That KNOW NOT time, distance, or a calendar. All Now.

Enter NOW your Heart. It is the portal through which you are initiated and access all the dimensions and levels. 

Through your heart NOW exists. Through your heart ~ love exists, purely, truly and eternally, always. 

Through your HEART ~ in the present moment, ALL Miracles exist, here and now. 



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Bypassing the Need to Know~5th Dimensional Consciousness

L'Aura October4th

When you Arrive and you are living in the Present Moment, you Bypass the Need to Know~ ANYTHING.  Life no longer then, is a series of control mechanisms, that are attempts to Make like look a certain way, to feel a certain way.

When you free yourself from the need to know, to control, to keep up, to fix, to change, HOW LIFE IS, you relax, you receive and you thrive in the Beauty of the Moment. Then there is NO more struggling through the attempts to fight Life, to gain what you want, instead you are LIVING in Life, alive, awake, in the Moment, and HERE. Arrived. And Life brings to you what you desire. You Receive it.

You accept not Knowing, figuring out and controlling HOW life brings to you your desires. Instead, you trust life, you trust the moment, you are Present with everything, and YOU allow, accept, it is unfolding perfectly, because it absolutely is.

Bypassing the need to know, is the relinquishing of the consciousness, that is NOT present in the NOW Moment. To bypass this need to know, you apply acceptance and love to ALL you experience. So what happens when you notice you are controlling and attempting to figure everything out, trying to get what you want, you accept this.

You don’t need to manipulate a Reality, that is Desirous to bring to you all that you desire and MORE ~YOU just need to let go of trying to “make” it happen your way, and Open yourself to Receive.

And it is ok to fear things, love and accept that too.
It’s ok to be afraid of a future that You don’t know will bring you what You want.
Accept that too, then you can relax in the moment.
Everything plays out synchronisitically for your benefit, leading you to the exact experiences you need to be “able” and “ready” to receive everything you desire, and More.

I Accept I am trying to control everything.

I Accept I am trying to get what I want.

When you ACCEPT all experiences, in the Moment, you are in the Present Moment. Keep accepting EVERYTHING. NOTICE everything in all moments. Be conscious of YOU. Be awake to YOU.  Accept you. Be Honest with YOU. You are Unconditionally LOVING YOU. Observe how the stress and tension then leaves your body. Your Mind will thank you for not having to CONTROL everything to feel good.

And because you have let go and you ARE Present in the MOMENT, everything comes to YOU when you are ready to RECEIVE it. When you are ready to receive it, you wont NEED to be in CONTROL of keeping it also. If you are not yet ready to receive it, then you wont receive it. YOU trust this. In the present moment everything unfolds perfectly.

I trust HOW I am, and all the circumstances I am in, is HOW life is doing this through me.

I accept its ok to not be in control.

Its ok if I think I still need to hold on to being in control.

Its Ok if I let go of the need to know, and If I still feel I have to hold on to that, it is ok too.

I accept and Love myself, as this is the way I accept the Present Moment.

In the Present Moment, Life brings everything to me I desire, when I am ready to receive it.

I let go of controlling HOW I get what I want.

I Now, allow myself to be Present and RECEIVE all that I am ready to receive.

I Am Here, I am Present and I accept being free from the Need to Know.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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