The Altar of Sacrifice and FIRE

L'AuraMa ch3Laid bare to the heart and Soul, the sacrificing of the rule of the mind to the heart in the  moment, opens one to the fires of transmutation, into being the Divine Self.

As if the holy chalice, becomes you.

So many say, yes with the other, we transform more.

Yet as the truth prevails, there is no distance in anything.

Most definitely not with the matters of eternity.  As time has no impact on the one truth of love.

Yet bodies are form, the representation of original form, held in the higher Halls of Amenti. To which we enter our own altar of sacrifice, giving way to the power above.

To have its way with us.

Flowing through each other in the eyes of the Beloved, we merge in these realms, hidden in plain sight.

In moving through us the power of love knows no time.

It does as it wills through those who have broken the patterns that acted as shackles, to the heart.

Nowhere does it reveal itself more than in the purity of the moment.

Through hearts and eyes merged as one. On the altar of everything.




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  1. Thank you so much L’Aura! 💗💗💗

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