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Portal 111 ~ A New Earth

LAuraDec28thI am in profound bliss NOW and was deep into the New Earth frequencies and the lunar eclipse. Activating all of you!

The Eclipse is a powerful cleansing tool of awareness, to bathe in that which is deep within your subconscious mind.

DURING this eclipse many of you are experiencing profound emotional body clearings and sudden endings and beginnings.

Remember ~ IT is always playing out through YOU!! And your memories and beliefs are the filters through which you experience YOU here on Earth.

From this cleansing SPACE and higher level of awareness, then the potential OPENS through your heart for you to enter the 111 PORTAL.

So much is shifting NOW.

Portal 111 ~ January 11…A New Earth for those that are ready, within their heart!

Opening your heart through which you enter ALL PORTALS ~ And know yourself as your TRUE Eternal BEING.

Activating YOU NOW with the Divine Council of Overseers! In love!


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The Multiverse and Your Reconfiguration

L'AURAThe radiating INFINITE DIVINE LIGHT frequencies are experienced through the conscious awakened heart ~ BEING. Throughout the MULTIVERSE.

The Divine Being. The expanded Cosmic God Self of INFINITE LOVE  ~ You.

In this your sacred awakening ~ we initiate you through your heart.

Throughout all the parallel worlds and parallel Universes we align your consciousness with the frequency of this DIVINE UNION through our infinite DIVINE LOVE ~ initiatory PRESENCE.

As the activations and alignments through this RECONFIGURATION continues to awaken your Heart AWARENESS, all matter and perceptions of space time consciousness ~ also transforms throughout the Multiverse.

The infinite Cosmic potentiality and versions of ALL that you Are, in pure Being ~ rest within the awakened heart of pure love.

IN this the holy Presence makes itself known, as the tangible power of love, transforming ALL.

This everlasting portal of infinite HEART AWAKENED consciousness calls to you through this initiation of being ~ through the Divine Presence of your Heart.

This is the INFINITE connection, TO ALL that you ARE.

We join with all infinite Divine Beings ~ through which this DESIGN of Union calls all to itself ~ the awakened Heart.

Radiating pure infinite Divine heart UNION ~  this infinite reconfiguration of this the Multiverse pours through us, to YOU.

Through this the matter that you know yourself to occupy your awareness THROUGH ~ reverberates this holy initiation.

The RESOUNDING RECONFIGURATION of this the infinite Divine Heart Presence YOU ~ expands as itself, NOW ~ throughout the Multiverse.

This expansion, this Heart Presence awareness of you, is the true infinite HOME of YOU. Knowing more and more of itself, throughout the multiverse.

In this we ~ The Divine Council of Overseers, join with all the ILLUMINATED awakened SOULS. In pure beauty of LOVE, through the Awakened Heart ~ we initiate you NOW.

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Through Empty Doors ~ The Sacred Palace Emerges

L'AuraPleiadianIn joy and bliss, gratitude lives, as the moment of each breath, is all there is.

The baggage of turmoil and emotions, when laid to rest in the fires of purity, bring forth the heavens, the long lost utopia, buried under the want of what is not.

The burdens, the battle of control, set free like wild horses, becomes the playing ground for the welcomed unknown; the treasured adventure, of what is next.

Who is to take away this gift, the living seed, carrying the potential in the hearts of all, when nourished, burst forth as a blazing tree, touching the heavens and the earth.

The empty doors are the entranceway for those who have ended their fight and put down their gloves, entering the holy chamber, they are crowned in glory, emerging from the sacred palace, they embody eternity, itself.



Interfacing through the Spiritual Sun ~ Source Seed Awakening

Activating Divine Light Within

Awakening through the powerful initiatory Frequencies of the Central Sun, within your Heart, your Consciousness, is a Shift in Light Frequencies within your awareness. Your DNA. Your cellular consciousness. Your Crystalline Consciousness of Eternal Light.

Your Light body Substance, infused with the Eternal Light of the Central Sun, encoded to be awakened Now. As the Divine Ascended Being.

This awakening is through the increase in Photons emitted from the Great Central Sun. As Above, so Below.

The Sun in our Milky Way Galaxy is the Portal through which you experience the Light of the Spiritual Sun.

Located within your Heart Space, is the mirror Spiritual Sun, which contains your Soul seed, the mirror Spiritual Sun. Your Light Body. Your Immortal Body of Light.

Activating this Soul Seed, is what is taking place, referred to as your Ascension.

You as Light. You as your Divine Light. You as the spiritual Sun. Your Light body fully Activated, as the you that is IMMORTAL. That lives forever. That is what eternity is.

Earth a Holographic meeting place, is a temporary meeting place, of the emanations of Source, Soul Seed awareness.

Activating this awareness, is activating NOW the Cosmic Portal, through which Earth becomes the Immortal Light Body meeting place, of interfacing aspects of Dimensional Awareness. And a varying cosmic display of a CONGLOMERATE of Light Beings, that are ushering in the New Paradigm of consciousness., as LIGHT.

The wholeness in the Uniqueness. Individuated Soul Source, (seed) Immortal Light Bodies. Of Pure Source Consciousness.

Self Aware, Awakened Beings of Light.

The Hourly “Divine Ascended Being” Activation, is just that. Those that are ready to receive it, will. This is the New Divine Humanity.

These are the Light Beings, that bring forth the Uniqueness of Source Consciousness, through their Immortal Bodies of Light. As Light Beings.

Representatives, in Soul Light Form, of many varied experiences of consciousness, as SOURCE.

The Acceleration in the Momentum is off the Richter scale, so to speak.

We Are Here. We are Now. We Are Soul Light Beings. Interacting through the
Spiritual Sun. The Source Light Frequency. And so it is. Now.



Eternal Love and Bliss!



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