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The Multiverse and Your Reconfiguration

L'AURAThe radiating INFINITE DIVINE LIGHT frequencies are experienced through the conscious awakened heart ~ BEING. Throughout the MULTIVERSE.

The Divine Being. The expanded Cosmic God Self of INFINITE LOVE  ~ You.

In this your sacred awakening ~ we initiate you through your heart.

Throughout all the parallel worlds and parallel Universes we align your consciousness with the frequency of this DIVINE UNION through our infinite DIVINE LOVE ~ initiatory PRESENCE.

As the activations and alignments through this RECONFIGURATION continues to awaken your Heart AWARENESS, all matter and perceptions of space time consciousness ~ also transforms throughout the Multiverse.

The infinite Cosmic potentiality and versions of ALL that you Are, in pure Being ~ rest within the awakened heart of pure love.

IN this the holy Presence makes itself known, as the tangible power of love, transforming ALL.

This everlasting portal of infinite HEART AWAKENED consciousness calls to you through this initiation of being ~ through the Divine Presence of your Heart.

This is the INFINITE connection, TO ALL that you ARE.

We join with all infinite Divine Beings ~ through which this DESIGN of Union calls all to itself ~ the awakened Heart.

Radiating pure infinite Divine heart UNION ~  this infinite reconfiguration of this the Multiverse pours through us, to YOU.

Through this the matter that you know yourself to occupy your awareness THROUGH ~ reverberates this holy initiation.

The RESOUNDING RECONFIGURATION of this the infinite Divine Heart Presence YOU ~ expands as itself, NOW ~ throughout the Multiverse.

This expansion, this Heart Presence awareness of you, is the true infinite HOME of YOU. Knowing more and more of itself, throughout the multiverse.

In this we ~ The Divine Council of Overseers, join with all the ILLUMINATED awakened SOULS. In pure beauty of LOVE, through the Awakened Heart ~ we initiate you NOW.

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Death and Rebirth ~ Eternal Life And Ascension

L'Aura ~ in love, always xoAs I sit here on Good Friday writing this, after the profound Full Moon (which gives us the date for Easter every year, occurring after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox) I embrace death and rebirth, now.

Life after life, which is also, eternal life NOW and the unification of this while in form, can be called the transfiguration, the ascension, or rapture.  It is the uniting with our Divine Self, that is eternal, while in form.

The death part takes place fully through going from one way of being to another, fully and completely, which brings about the rebirth of the eternal self, while in form.  This will occur for everyone, through their form, as this is the Earth program ~ the unification, with the eternal soul, while in form.

This process is deep, going from one way of being to the holy uniting with ones Eternal Cosmic God Self, through the death of the old way of being. From consciously being finite into being infinite while in form.  This is alchemy of form and consciousness.

We are all connected now to our eternal selves, it does not vanish and does not suddenly exist. It exists now and Earth program is the unification through form with our eternal selves.

We were not created AS the bodies we inhabit, they are the vehicles that we exist THROUGH.

We are taking matter and form and unifying it with our Presence of our eternal Divine Being.

With the energies of the Full Moon, of Good Friday and the energy of the resurrection of Easter Monday.  Let us celebrate also, our eternal Cosmic God Self. Our own death and rebirth, the rebirth of the Sun, the Spring, our resurrection and Ascension, as Divine Eternal Beings, now, in form.

The eternal being on Earth, consciously awake, reborn, resurrected and UNIFIED as the merging of the Divine Marriage while in form. The holy alchemy. The living through the eternal heart, eternal love, NOW.




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Death and Rebirth Within ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Happy Easter!  Just after the beautiful and powerful Spring Equinox. A New Beginning. A New Awakening. A New You, consciously.

This is a Celebration of Jesus rising after death but also OUR own personal acknowledgment of our Own eternal life. Our own victory over Death.

Always after any death, there is a rebirth. These may be small, and exist daily, or may be monumental, and completely transformational on all levels of being.

Helping Souls cross over, and helping many prepare for a new incarnation (on the so-called other side) has been a blessing and a celebration, of eternal life. Since existing here on Earth, many that have crossed over have appeared to me, with messages for loved ones. Telling them, they still exist. That death was not the end. And was a transition, into a new way of Being. 

The increase in the frequency of Light, on Earth now is beyond words.

This Light is the God Source Light, and that God Source is you at the eternal level of Being.

Victory over Death.

Death and Rebirth.

These summon images in the subconscious mind, as many have experienced all of this and more, yet the true knowing of this, has remained hidden consciously.

I am here on Earth, to let you know, that everything exists now. You are existing on many levels in many worlds. Your Soul, Source God You, has always been eternal.

You like Jesus having victory over death, exist now.

The consciousness of Union, you with your eternal Source Light (God You) exists in a constant state of consciousness that is Heaven.

Being ONE with your Eternal Self, is already NOW.

You consciously evolving, to know this as your true inner conviction, more than anything else, is what you are transitioning into, consciously.

5th Dimensional Consciousness, is your Pure Union State. You one with the Divine you. That always was and is. 

It is the love of non judgement, and this is focused upon you, that frees you from any aspect of consciousness, that is not that pure unconditional love.

Life a record playing in the background, are the hidden messages from your subconscious mind, past programming.

It is the death of the old subconscious programming, and the birth of the new within you, that is the freedom state, of victory over death. As you enter, consciously, into the realm of all Union. Divine Union, where you literally know this to be your truth.

Celebrate today, your own Victory over Death. Welcome the end of the old, and the new, within you consciously, as it is now being Birthed Anew. 

I am here every hour (11 ~ 33 After every hour) activating you through the downloads of increased Frequency of Eternal Source Light, that pour through me, to you. Activating your Blueprint.

Feel deep within you, the changes. At times they will feel monumental. At times, subtle, yet it is the Birth of the New You. Breathe into what you feel. Expanding your feeling awareness, of this.

Celebrating now, your Victory over Death. Your new birth. The You that has always existed, that is now here, to be the Glorious Divine You. Fully knowing yourself to Be.

It is In this Glorious Divine Light that is Love, that  I hold you.  Which activates and initiates you in the Eternal Source God ~ Light, of Heaven and Earth. That is the Divine Union which you call 5th Dimensional Consciousness. That is the Eternal Source God Light now. Which is Love. Birthed in and through eternal love, I hold you.


Eternal Love and Eternal Life!



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