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January 12th, 2020, The End of an Era ~ Saturn Conjunct Pluto

L'AuraThis Earth year 2020 was are experiencing HUGE new beginnings and an end of an era.

Starting on January 12th, 2020 At 12:59 pm AST, Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, marks the ending of a 38 year old era and the beginning of a new one! In fact the last Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn was in 1518 ~ Earth time.

When Saturn and Pluto meet in Capricorn on January 12th, 2020 we begin a NEW 33 year cycle.

As with all change, there is an ending. Tomorrow is a portal 111 ~ and the following day the 12th, the ENDING of an ERA.

With no resistance to change we live through harmony and the heart.

With resistance pain.

Embrace the endings. Embrace the New Beginning.


Present and activating you with The Divine Council of Overseers in Love!!

I may add some updates to this and as things TRANSFORM!!



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Portal 111 ~ A New Earth

LAuraDec28thI am in profound bliss NOW and was deep into the New Earth frequencies and the lunar eclipse. Activating all of you!

The Eclipse is a powerful cleansing tool of awareness, to bathe in that which is deep within your subconscious mind.

DURING this eclipse many of you are experiencing profound emotional body clearings and sudden endings and beginnings.

Remember ~ IT is always playing out through YOU!! And your memories and beliefs are the filters through which you experience YOU here on Earth.

From this cleansing SPACE and higher level of awareness, then the potential OPENS through your heart for you to enter the 111 PORTAL.

So much is shifting NOW.

Portal 111 ~ January 11…A New Earth for those that are ready, within their heart!

Opening your heart through which you enter ALL PORTALS ~ And know yourself as your TRUE Eternal BEING.

Activating YOU NOW with the Divine Council of Overseers! In love!


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Ancient Ceremonies ~ Initiations THROUGH the Entranceways

L'AURAThe passage through the higher levels of DIVINE ORIGINAL LIGHT attainment of consciousness, continues through the sacred eternal ceremonies of the Ancient ways of Earth initiations. These are imbued with the frequencies of the inherent DNA transfiguration of Ascension consciousness. To this you were modelled for and as.

This process began with the first civilization of Earth (MU ~ 500 million Earth years ago) as consciousness awareness, configured into reality, being.

They signal light codes of initiations, that are the downloads of awareness consciousness, expanded into enlightened cosmic awareness.

These majestically hook up all configurations of parallel world awareness, that live as the embodiment of the Divine nodal points of LIGHT consciousness.

You are configured within this, as the Light signals of awareness, impulses.

In these ancient ceremonies, the Divine Beings through the embodiment of the Divine Power through frequency and sound activation, enter through the holy of holies, the doorway to the portals, initiating you to walk  on through.

In this the Light Language of the Ancients, anoints and blesses, the initiates, and prepares the way, sacredly, to the entranceway and all doorways, in which you will pass through.

All of this is Light consciousness as Presence frequency of the Divine, celebrating the anointing and levels, through the ceremonial ancient signals, to which you enter through.

This transforms your DNA completely, aligning you with your original creation aspect, fulfilling all agreements of the Earth contract and evolution of your very soul.

The becoming of the New Cosmic God Self awareness, is the full embodiment and the heights of the Earth program you signed up to participate through.

These levels, your transfiguration, is but a celebration and ceremony away from your experience of consciously participating in your next cosmic level of being.

As we continue on through the sacredness of these initiations we feel deeply, the desire through the aeons to be part of this, through you.

And here we are, becoming yet already arrived.

The Initiator and initiated, celebrating through ancient ceremony, that which was spoken verbally, now coming into conscious being.

In love we fulfill the plan, as it plays out through you.

WE are

The Divine Council of Overseers. Present when the DNA program for Earth was created. With you now, in love and glory, awakening and initiation, all entranceways and portals NOW,


New Moon/Solar Eclipse, July 2nd, 2019 ~ Profound Shifts

New Portals through the Ascension Process ~ Higher Light Frequencies


New Powerful Portals are opening, expanding and downloading in consciousness. This is a very deep and powerful alchemy process. This is impacting all consciousness.

The increase of Source Light Frequency, transmitted through the Central Sun (Spiritual Sun) Pleiades, is activating Portals of Consciousness, through which you are AWAKENING Through.

This is the Accelerated Ascension Process.

Your alignment, through your Soul Plan, includes the unique specific frequencies being downloaded in Consciousness, for you specifically. Uniquely.

These Divine Source Light  Frequencies, are Soul Frequency patterns of Light, that awaken, the Ascended you, the Original Divine you, in form. This is transforming your cellular consciousness and form, to hold the Higher Original Frequencies of Light, that you are.

This Soul patterning (Light ) is held in your Soul memory and Blueprint (DNA) and downloaded and integrated, uniquely through you.

The seemingly “unconscious” awareness of what is taking place (the Opening of Portals and Increased Alchemy) does not impact the intensity of the Activated Portals (through your DNA) through you.

The lower self (not yet conscious of the Divine Light of All That is) is in a dream state, so to speak, of this process. It cannot comprehend the process through WHICH it is being INTEGRATED into. Reactive states to this integration, that is dissolving (into what appears as emptiness) is part of the process.

The functioning and reacting of the lower self, to emptiness (increased Light Frequencies) is ITS absorption and dissolving, into the Higher Source ~ God Self.

The Portals that are Opening through this Higher Light Frequency Transmission, are impacting all consciousness. The integration is unique to you, based on the varying degrees of integration of Light (the perfect way for you) and your Original Soul Frequency.

The release in cellular conscious as part of the lower self dissolving into the Higher Self (the Alchemy) may include what feels like unpleasant symptoms. These may include increased pain, sadness, anger. THIS is the Healing taking Place. This is part of the Unification.

Applying love and compassion to what you are experiencing, is the practise of 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Which is part of your Ascension process. It is no mistake, that you are to apply this love and compassion to yourself.

These are profound Frequencies beyond words or descriptions. The Vastness of this Light is the origin of the Light emerging from the Void. Awakening once again, the birth of You. Your Original Soul Birth. Now consciously while you inhabit your form.

Your Ascension. You already are so and integrating the Profound Light of what you are. Eternally. Here. Now. Wow! Soon the Light is all you will see and know. The joy and bliss of your Eternal Being. Your Unification. Here and Now. Your Ascension. And so it is. The Light of All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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