Being Surprised ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

Activating Divine Light Within

Life can feel like an endless to do list, or it can feel like an amazing surprise. When we hold tight to plans, schedules, the way it needs to be, what we want to see happen, then we are living in limitation. Not allowing the Source of it all, to give us something greater. Being too busy, sticking with our plans and our ideas of what the outcome, should be. As if the smaller, everyday self, knows.

We do not know.

We may think we know, but we do not know. Just look back on your life. Do you see how things turned out differently than you expected?Β Did you expect you would be where you are now?

With no control over outcomes, why hold on so tight?

Yes it is great to have daily things we do. It may seem like a contradiction then, why do things great for yourself then, if we have no control over outcomes. It is not.

We do what we can daily, that is the most loving for ourselves. Which automatically is what is best for all, even if it does not appear that way to others.

We take care of our bodies. We may see results or we may not. We CONTINUE, with loving ourselves, even if we do not see the immediate results we desire. We have faith. We trust. We continue.

The outcome, is not in our hands.

Our Soul has our Destiny planned. Our Higher Self. Our Divinity. It brings to us, the outcomes, that are best for us.

When we let go more and more. Surprises come. Surprises, we never imagined. Life opens up to this magical experience. It may even feel suddenly, that every moment is magic. Yet, you went through a process of intense letting go. Of surrender, you arrived.

You recognize you really do not have the control you imagined. So you let go more. The more you let go. Relax, surrender. Continue to be Loving to yourself. The more you open to those surprises. Those blessings, that were always waiting for you. They were not going to arrive, when you had the intense grip on believing you knew what was best.

Becoming child like. Open for surprises. Not giving in to sadness, when things do not go your way. Trusting the Higher intelligence. God. Your Soul. Is freedom without limitation. As your child like nature, is living in the flow, of your Soul.

Let go more and more.

Love yourself more and more.

Open your heart to wonder, joy and happiness more and more.

Expand your awareness to the Vastness of your Soul.

Of infinite Intelligence.

Of Light.

Become free WITHIN you.

Soon, you will live, surprise after surprise. In amazing wonder and Glory. And you will fully be in the arrived state of being. In the magic of it all. In love with life. In love with yourself. In love, with every breath you take. And so it is. In the magical Bliss, of All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss ~ Dear Souls!


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Photo Courtesy of Daniel Holeman

copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.

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  1. i accept i have desires, i have let go of obsessing over them, i no longer live in resistance and control….instead i allow what is, to be…i trust it is all unfolding perfectly,
    for me

  2. You are the biggest Surprise in my present life!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  3. Marja Thibaudier

    πŸ’›YesπŸ’› BeautifulπŸ’› and Surprised DailyπŸ’œ Love itπŸ’› Love youπŸ’œ Thank YouπŸ’ž

  4. Oh, thank you so much, L’Aura! Beautiful, divine truth. Yes, letting go even more. I love surprises. I love you!!! ❀️

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