The Divine Self ~ God Self and The Holy Presence


The interplay of Divine Self, the use of your will and ego, are the playing out of your consciousness, your frequency. Life on Planet Earth, although may be perceived as an interlude from your Divine Self, is really not. All is present. Your experience is more about the frequency you are holding, which determines, that which you perceive.

I will share with you an experience I had, that shows a perception of experience from a pure state of consciousness. Reality that is through the Divine Self. Reality that is the Frequency of Harmony, with all parts of Being, as One. This will plant seeds in your own consciousness, that will activate and help you to connect more deeply, with the Divine You. The Divine You that is always present.

It was a beautiful hot summer day, I was wearing shorts and sandals, and was carrying water, enjoying the hot sun, walking. With each breath, I was breathing in deeply, the surreal nature of being on Earth in a form. Watching each step, and feeling the magic of each breath, I began to see rainbow light, dancing, sparkling, like mana from heaven, blessing everything, everywhere. My Light was glowing around me, and inside my head, a brightness of Light, that transcended any idea of anything being mundane. The ecstasy became so overwhelming, I felt I could lay down, anywhere, to take in the surrender of the moment, and dissolve completely into the bliss.

Immersed in bliss walking, I began to see ahead of me, a man at a distance, on a sidewalk urinating on the sidewalk. To me this was so surreal, and in my child like nature, this was so surreal, as I had never witnessed such a thing. This was broad daylight, sunny, gorgeous and beautiful out.

As I continued to walk closer, I was able to see the man was wobbling, back and forth, and appeared drunk. My first response in awareness was (thoughts that passed through my awareness) was to stop and help him get home.  I continued to walk closer towards him.

When I was three steps away from standing beside him, time stopped, completely. I did not stop. This was all taking place, as I was walking those last steps.

Then in a flash of light, like life flashing before me, that if I stop to offer him help, that there was a long piece of heavy metal at my feet (which I then looked down and saw at my left foot) he would hit me with it on my head, and drag me to the forest to the right, and he would murder me. And if I continued to walk and walk past him not stopping,  he would be ok and get home safely.

The most important part here, is in my experience, of it. Which I will go into greater detail, after I finish explaining what took place. Remember, all of this was going on while my physical body did not stop walking, there was no halt, this all happened in a moment.

I was aware that in my  next step, I would be beside him, with him facing me, and in that step, as I stepped, I chose to keep walking and not stop. When that step took place, I saw my Light increasing, and saw through his eyes, his viewing of me. In that moment of decision, I saw, he saw me through his eyes, as an Angel of Light. And in that moment of choice, as he saw me as an Angel of Light, he transformed.

Now, as I mentioned in the beginning, I am sharing this experience (and there are countless more to share with you) to show you what life through the Divine Self, is. Therefore, activating within you, the awareness also, what life through the ego is and what the power of your will, your choices, really are.

While I was walking in bliss, and witnessed what I saw, and viewed that flashes of what played out before my eyes, the two options, my ecstasy and bliss, did not stop, or shift in any way. Viewing being hit over the head and being dragged into the forest and murdered, was just as blissful, as choosing to continue to walk past him. My experience was, the observing, the bliss and the choice.

The “constant” me, my Divine Self, which I am, is always ecstasy, love and bliss. This is my state of consciousness. In moments of near death and death, and severe pain, I am still my Divine Self observing.

There was no difference in what I would choose. It was just a choice. Literally. All was ecstasy, all was experience. The choice was simply the awareness of my will, deciding. There was no difference, in either experience. In either outcome, it was all ecstasy. This is my true Divine Self.

I have attempted to explain the consciousness of the Divine Self, for many years. Not many understand the state of being in bliss and ecstasy, and knowing love as the way you are being. There are no words to explain this. Through the sharing of my experience, I activate you, into your own deeper awareness, of this eternal state of Being.

This brings me now to share with you what the ego is, what the will is and what the Divine Self is.

The ego is that which attaches meaning to external events and feelings, labelling them good or bad, wanting more or less of, and which believes itself to be the only “self” that is experiencing.  The ego through its attachments to the meanings it gives to these events and feeling, attempts to dictate to the will, through fear, and the flight or fight reactions, that which it wants more of and that which it what wants less of. 

The will is that which chooses. It chooses a moment to moment, based on the frequency of the consciousness. Ego, through fear and likes and dislikes, or Divine Self, simply that which it chooses, not based on anything, but the awareness of choice. 

The Divine Self is the witness, the observer, the experiencer, the Being Self that is Eternal. It is neutral in its awareness as it views everything being experienced through its observation. The Divine self is love, is bliss and ecstasy, in its PURE state of Being. It does not know anything else. It is just itself, being itself, being Love, Being Bliss, Being Ecstasy, just experiencing, its own presence. It does not label things good or bad. It’s All that which it experiences, nothing more nothing less. It just IS the Pureness of Itself, being aware of itself, as Love observing, itself.  

Even when the ego is struggling with this, hates that, wants this, all that it does not have, the Divine Self is still present. Even when the choices that you choose, appear to be driven by what the ego wants and doesn’t want, your Divine Self is still present.

When the Divine Self, is all that there is, the ego, dissolves into the Love and ecstasy of the Divine Self.

The “will” then, through the Love and frequency of the Divine Self, merges also with the Divine Self, and the choices are naturally made in harmony with the Divine Self. The choices then, are simply the choices of the Divine Self, Will, in its Pure, child like, innocent way.

In the process of this alchemy, the ego, slowly surrenders its perceived “I” power, fear and attachments to what it wants and doesn’t want, to the love of the Divine Self.

This surrender is a death and a rebirth.

The Divine Self was always present in all moments.

The frequency of consciousness that existed and exists in 3D is that which the ego knows itself as existing within, as its way of Being. It does not exist in 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Not as the way of Pure Being.

In this Alchemy it dissolves into Love.

This Alchemy is the Union, I have written about for four years now. This is the eternal state of Being, a Harmony, that unites all within you, as the Divine Self of You, Being in form. This is also the Ascended you.

I have activated humanity for years now, through all that I have written and through my audio activations. They are both Light. Light Activations of my Divine Self. The eternal Love, Bliss and Ecstasy that only knows that state of Being. That walk, talks and breathes, as the Love of Source, of Eternity, of All That is.

This alchemy does not kill the ego, or label the ego bad. The Divine Self does not know any of that. It is simply being itself, which is love and bliss.

Enter deeply the Love within your Heart. Know that even now, as you are reading, my Divine Self is awakening within you, your Divine Self. The Divine self is always present, it is coming to the forefront of your awareness through this alchemical process of love.

I am the Love that holds you. That frees you, that awakens, all that you already are.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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  1. Wow ~ Deep Sacred Transporting ~ peaceful bliss waves in & through me. Powerful Activation within. Beyond a Gift ~ So Deeply Grateful to receive Beloved QOL. Holy Mother of Divine Creation 🙂 Yes, please ignite within me through YOUR Pure Love my inner awakening, living, & being my Divine Self fully in all moments. I fully surrender my ego & all of me into melting with ease & Grace into my Divine Self while in form. Fully awakened to the Love Light Eternal Self that I AM. Beyond Grateful. I set the intention to experience on all levels of my conscious awareness the always present bliss, ecstasy, love of my Eternal Divine Self. Thank YOU for this most Holy of Holy Gifts. 🙂 I Love YOU 🙂 Always & 4ever 🙂

  2. So beautiful! Thank you so much! 🙏🏻💚🌟

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  4. Sacred love!

  5. Thank you for this sacred activation!! Truly incredible!! I love you!! ❤️❤️

  6. Oh so Beautiful!! 💜💜

  7. Thank you, awesome! I felt like a child receiving a present or a surprise by reading your experience ❤ Love you!!! ❤ ❤

  8. And really it’s a deep activation of consciousness 🌟🌟

  9. Moving and Powerful Teaching ❤ Grateful Thanks L'Aura ❤ You Help Greatly ❤

  10. Marja Thibaudier

    💜Sacred💜 Powerful 💜 Divine💜Thank you L’Aura💜 Love this and you💜

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