The New Alchemy, Feminine Principle ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


The Crystalline MU Waters are Now Activated HERE as the feminine Principle, reawakening your Blueprint, your Consciousness, through your Heart and the MERGING and REUNITING with the Eternal You, the Original YOU. Source Light ~ God.

The Daily Activation/Transmission is for Your Transformation, which activates your  Light Codes which are Held in your Original Blueprint. You As Individuated Source, Light Frequency.

This shifts your DNA and subconscious mind 3D programming, To 5th Dimensional

This is Your Ascension, process.

What worked in 3D doesn’t apply in 5D.

This is your Quantum Transformation.  

You already ARE you as your Light ~ Source God ~ Self, Being. That is, The Original “Light You” as you began your Uniqueness as a Soul. 

Faith is not needed at this level, this is not 3D.

5th Dimensional Consciousness is not BASED On Belief system. 

3D was a structure of consciousness, held as a program functioning through your subconscious mind, held in your blueprint, which was the frequency  communication system, held in your DNA. And in the liquid surrounding your DNA. 

3D is now an outdated program. It is as simple as THAT.

This dissolves the old Program, through your HEART, and downloads through your Higher Heart, the New Codes. All changes in the Blueprint, ARE DOWNLOADED through your HEART. Your Heart is the HOLDING place of your Blueprint (Frequency Codes) at the level of 5th Dimensional Level of Consciousness, the Original Source Light, You.

Consciousness as the Transformative Light Codes (frequency as Light, information and communication as Light) held AS  your communication System, you with the Eternal you, the YOU that is Heart and Soul Based. Consciousness.

The downloads ( frequency Activation of the New Light Codes, updated 5th Dimensional Consciousness) function in your physical form, through your DNA and the water surrounding your DNA. Masculine and Feminine, through YOUR HEART.

There is nothing to do. The Old Program and the rules it functioned in are now OBSOLETE, in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Now you simply RECEIVE (the Feminine principle) which Merges with EASE with the Masculine, DNA Consciousness Program, of Form, through YOUR Heart. Through and in ALL Hearts.

This is ALL LIGHT.

It always WAS and Always will BE.

You as YOUR Original LIGHT God ~ Source, Self Being. YOU.

5th Dimensional Consciousness is Unconditional Love through your Heart.

You are Unique.

Present and Here ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

The Love Way ~ Through Your Heart.

Mu ( feminine) and Atlantis (masculine)  Joined. Masculine and Feminine, as One.

And So It is. Already, Here NOW.

Quantum changes

Eternal Love and Bliss!



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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.


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  1. Marvelous and Powerful Activation. ❤ ❤ I ❤ ❤ Love you dear L'Aura ❤ ❤ Eternal Love and Bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    Listen New Earth Portal and finally I saw a lion with illuminated eyes, lying with a puppy next. We also hear "Sunlight Fluid Pineal" and also finally I saw myself very special, an evolved being without hair.
    In meditation last night I saw a face of a little girl who is very familiar to me at the time I did not know, but after I knew, I remember some of this.

  2. So Powerful and Helpful Activation and Understanding. Transformation is Bliss and a Blessing so longed for…Thank You L’Aura ❤ ❤

  3. Marja Thibaudier

    💜Such an powerful beautiful Activation💜 Deeply felt💜Sacred💜 Love you 💜 Thank you💜

  4. Oh my! Sacred! I feel this activation so deeply. Thank you, L’Aura!! I love you so!!

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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