Quantum Dissolving of the Subconscious Programming of 3D


So much energy and space is needed to maintain 3D consciousness. The Old Program, so to speak, is not Energy-Efficient. Your True Power, and Soul awareness, may seem to be hidden underneath all the energy it takes for you to maintain your old patterns, your old ways, of consciousness.

The old outdated and programmed consciousness of 3D, is running this program through your SUBCONSCIOUS mind.  This uses up a lot of space, and when dissolved, into 5th Dimensional Consciousness, the access of your Expanded Conscious Self, Being, then accesses the More Energy Efficient Way of Being. 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

The Genius of You, that you have always been, makes itself Known, as the Eternal Light Source of You. It is effortless to run the 5D Program of Consciousness, and what took years to carry out in 3D, can now take place instantly, in 5D.

So why then, you might ask, are you using all that space still to maintain patterns of consciousness that no longer serve you. Especially now that the energy-efficient 5D is ready NOW for you to Download Fully, replacing your old programming. 

The switch over and dissolving of the old patterns that are held in your subconscious mind, appear to not be easily accessed, YET, this program runs the show. All those things you do, that you no longer want to do, all the old ways that show up, when you thought you cleared all that, simply are traces of the old patterning, held in your Subconscious Mind. That is, the old program (3D) running in the background.

The good news is, They ARE DISSOLVING.

This is a transmission, that  communicates and energetically, releases the old pattern of 3D in your subconscious Mind, letting it KNOW, that the old Program, the repetitive reactive patterns, that Once held you in its grip, and filled you with anxiety, sadness and depression, is Now Being Dissolved, in a HUGE QUANTUM WAY.

This is a quantum leap of dissolving. The old programming is dissolving and is Being replaced, with THE energy-efficient way of Being, 5D, consciousness.

This is the most natural way of Being, you are always like this, you just have not accessed it due to the old Programming taking up so much space, and taking up so much of your energy.

This dissolving, fills your cellular consciousness and DNA ( and the water surrounding your DNA) with energy-efficient Light ( that is the eternal Divine You) and with greater communicative capacity, that gives you access, to All That you Are. To Functioning, smoothly, easily, with Grace.

Your DNA becomes filled with the HIGHER LIGHT FREQUENCY of your Soul.

This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Your Subconscious is Now Downloading, this Light, as the configuration of YOU, at the core of your Being, that is the Ascended YOU. More of YOU. You accessing your Genius, your Lineage, as the Divine Being and Angel that you Are. This is YOU, being Free from the Old Programming.

The Subconscious Mind Now, understand this clearly.

Here is why. This Divine You, the Ascended You, has always existed.

You played out 3D and Now it is time for Your Quantum Leap, the Quantum Leap, of the dissolving of ALL OLD PATTERNING.

This takes place effortlessly.

What applied in 3D, does not apply here.

What was valid in 3D, is not valid here.

This is the WAY your Subconscious receives this Download of LIGHT.

The Light is YOU, the Light of Your Eternal Source Light ~ Being.

This YOU now in 5th Dimensional Consciousness, remembers and knows, how to function like this, YOU have done this Before!

The Light Frequency that is NOW increased in vibration, is in  ALL of YOUR Being.

Feel this, take a few moments, Breathe, Receive  and feel.

Breathe, receive and Feel.

Sense this Light within your Cells.

Feel this Download taking place, there is no right or wrong way to feel this. Your experience will be unique, to You.

You may have tears, you may have joy, you may feel a little confused, as your subconscious mind receives this ACTIVATION, through your Blueprint.

This is The Higher Frequency Light of your Greater Self, Soul, YOU.

You may feel this for a few days.

Take care of your Body, it is your Temple.

Be gentle with your self as this Quantum Activation dissolves old patterns, and downloads the Higher Frequency of Light, that of your Soul, transforming your BLUEPRINT, your SUBCONSCIOUS Mind, and your entire energy level capacity. 

This Higher Frequency is more efficient.

You get things done with greater ease.

You Live feeling Love in all Moments.

You no longer will feel anxiety, pain, sadness and depression.

You now feel Joy, replacing, old reactive ways.

Things you no longer want to do, dissolve.

Life is so much more Fun in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

What you tried to Get ~ Manifest, Now just takes Place. On its own, no TRYING, any more. Simply Receive.

That is it, simply Receive.

And So it is, Now Downloaded, Old Patters of 3D Dissolved.

Breathe, Feel, Slow down, take a few Hours, to absorb this, re read.

Breathe and Feel.

Feel the Love.

Feel the Quantum Transformation.

Feel the Light in your Cells.

Feel your Freedom.

I love YOU Angels of the Great Light, I Am With You. And So it, Eternally, Is, and always, Has Been.  


Sacred Love and Eternal Bliss!



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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.


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  1. I Am so Grateful for this Sacred Quantum Activation! Thank you so much! I Love YOU! ✨💜💚💙✨

  2. We thank you for your beingness~ M.E. Mary Elizabeth Gratitude With Grace to you beloved

  3. We thank you for your beingness~ M.E. Mary Elizabeth

  4. Eternal Love ~ Divine Angel!
    Feeling you!

  5. Amazing, Lovely, Sweet, Great and Miraculous Message, Light Language, Transmission too, all is very powerful. ❤ ❤ I ❤ ❤ Love you ❤ ❤ Eternal Love, Joy and Bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    I know now that you are very naughty and mischievous, you like to play, I feel well and I laugh..
    Yesterday I listen Activation Language of Light, then gave me sleepy and I slept, I had a lucid dream very intense, I dreamed that I was in a canoe on a river, saw running the clear water, suddenly appeared on the surface of the water head of a snake, but very calm. I think this dream root active kundalini me, because I did meditation at night, I suddenly felt that kundalini in my pineal.
    All the time or now, I only live for that flame, the fire that burns within my heart that is warm, beautiful, cheerful and is Divine Love.

  6. Wow! Bless you L’Aura!

    I felt this through the physical senses. I could feel waves coming at me from the page of written words. My head expanded as Light came flooding in and both ears ringing. Then my hearing began to detect all the 3D sounds around me as if 3D was a big machine, and all the components were making different noises… electronics, trucks going by, even the sound of electricity itself. (Right now it’s as if I can hear an airplane far away, people talking, and music, though no one is here). Suddenly I was way up, up, up, above 3D, where I was expansive and seemed to be looking down a sort of descending tunnel of layers and layers of what looked like squares at the time. (Though now when I look, it seems to change shape, depending on how I’m looking… a pentagram, hexagram…). That’s not the best description but my mind is not coming up with the words right now. 🙂

    Anyway, I had the distinct KNOWING that YES, I have done this, many times before. And the renewed sense of hope and feeling of being outside it all. Looking at your words again, I felt the Light tingling in my cells and flowing through like honey. I suspect I’ll be feeling this for days and will re-read this again later for more revelations… or simply allowing,

    So much LOVE to you. ❤

  7. So Blessed to have You in My Life. Magic and Miracles are here NOW. This is The Most Powerful Connection that Resonates. ❤ Grateful and Blessed Thanks L'Aura ❤

  8. Thank you so much, L’Aura! I am filled with such joy in reading this!! I love you!!! Always ❤️

  9. Marja Thibaudier

    💜Yes💜 So powerful💜 Feel Love and Joy💜
    Thank you for this amazing Transmission💜 Love you💜

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