Anunnaki and Nibiru ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


The Anunnaki and Nibiru. Is Nibiru the New Planet found, Larger than Pluto. This depends on which level of consciousness you are functioning through, and which world or parallel world, or Universe, you exist as consciousness, through.

Let us take a tour of consciousness and reality, not from the 3D limited view, perspective, but rather, through the 5th Dimensional View. The way things are, at the Grander more expanded view.

When we view reality from a 3D perspective, we look at things from a very limited mind-set.  Words are expressions of perceived meanings, that when viewed through 3D consciousness, give at best, a partial view, of a potential, that appears hidden, yet which is held deep within the subconscious mind. This hidden aspect of consciousness, is accessing the wholeness, none the less.

This Universe (and other Universes) contain a multitude of parallel worlds and parallel Universes, contained within its Holographic Matrix.

Consciousness, is not as limited as it seemed to be in 3D.

Consciousness consists of this Holographic Matrix, which is the fabric of the Universe, and all Parallel Universes, and worlds, contained within it. You are the fabric of this Holographic Matrix. Consciousness.

The matrix of consciousness on Planet Earth is shifting and MORPHING into 5th Dimensional Consciousness and this is experienced, as a momentum, that is accelerating, upon itself.

When you know your consciousness, as this fabric, it all makes sense. Who you are, and your role in this Holographic experience.

The Sumerian Gods, the Anunnaki (of Royal Blood) and the Ancient History of them, is of but One, history of Planet Earth. There are many Parallel Planet Earth experiences.

When you recognize, that you are existing within a holographic experience of Consciousness, one of many co existing all at once, you then enter deeply, into the Creativity of the Creator. Of this Fabric, of this Divinity, of This Light, that you Are.

All that can exist, DOES. Anything imagined, EXISTS Now.

All the Beings in this Universe (And all its parallel worlds and Universes) through the planet Earth view, are given names and divided into different species, Aliens, Humans, Cats of Dogs, etc. Then there is the sub set categories, of the species different names Male and female, etc. Annunaki, Pleiadian. A multitude of divisions, of names, that depending on How you are viewing these categories of expressions, carry YOUR meaning, about what you are able to comprehend of them.

YET, are all made up of this same Fabric of Consciousness. The same holographic consciousness of the Fabric of the Universe, of Earth, of Everything, includes everything. The different aspects, appearing as different, are simply the characteristics of a uniqueness of frequency and its consciousness, thereof.

This Holographic experience is made up of Light.

Communication at all levels of this Holographic experience, is through Light Frequency.

Light is Light, Darkness is Light.

The Soul is Light.

Everything is Light.

Holographic Light, that is your conscious entrance to the field of experience you call Reality.

Nibiru exists in many realms of Quantum Consciousness. It exists as an evolved Consciousness aspect, held within the Holographic Matrix, when viewed through 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Its Orbit is ever-expanding and shifting, as it too, is simply the fabric of the Divine. Of Light. Of Consciousness.

Anunnaki are originating consciousness, Alien (not originating on Earth as Human Species) when viewed through the consciousness of 3D. 

Non Earth Star Creation Matrix, Annunaki, Beings, of Light. God Source, Light Beings.

All are Light Beings, All emanate from the Source Light (the Void) and then originate from the Star Creation Matrix, the Soul. Filtering down to so speak, through the realms of Being, you term, dimensions. These are reality states, where the rules of the consciousness levels, that they function within, exist as its place holder, of function. 

Yet who originates from Earth? When all are the Light ~ Holographic Matrix of Consciousness.

You Originate through your Soul Star Matrix. This is not a solid base, this consciousness, it is Holographic Light. YOU the You that is You, that is having many experiences of consciousness in many parallel worlds, is this fabric, emanating through your Star Matrix, Soul, Source Light, and Not emanating through what appears as your Solid Form. Yet you are, what gives Life to the Form.

What you imagine Earth to be, is not an Earth Based Solid Station. Your Soul Star Matrix is HOLOGRAPHIC. Your experience on EARTH is Holographic. This is the meeting place of Consciousness.

YOU emanate through your Origin Point of Consciousness, that of your Soul.

You are Uniqueness, the way you experience all of your experiences.

Creator is Creative. Consciousness.

This Holographic experience of Earth, was created Holographically, as a meeting place of consciousness. I remember clearly, existing in consciousness on the consciousness of Pleiades (Alcyone) and Dreaming of a Planet Earth (a frequency) and How one day, when it was created, as the holographic experience and meeting place that it is., I would arrive, consciously.

Here we Are, are we stationed on Earth as a Home Base of Consciousness?

WE are experiencing a Multidimensional Portal of Holographic Experience, through are emanation, which is our uniqueness, and our Origin Point. Star Creation Matrix.

Your expansion and acceleration, to the Evolved you in your awareness through this Portal and meeting place, called Earth, includes within it, your awareness of what, at the higher levels of consciousness, this means to You. What you actually, are. What everything, actually is. What this playing ground, and meeting place called Earth, is actually All About.

Through your Heart the portal of No time, exists the Matrix of Your Fabric, the very Light of YOU, which is the Eternal You, which is the Love and its expression of the Divine Creator, that you Are. I Am there in the Playing field, of this interactive Matrix, guiding you Home, to the Origin, of Your Fabric of Your Soul. Your Matrix, Your Origin, The Original Light Source, God YOU.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.


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  1. Remembering how We felt Playing at the Beginning…Grateful Thanks L’Aura ❤ Your Teachings and Heartfelt and Blessedly Received ❤

  2. Marja Thibaudier

    💜Wowww so powerful💜 Amazing Frequency💜 Love this and You💜 Thank you L’Aura💜

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