Divine Liberation ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


This is a download, and an activation, of the depths of consciousness, knowing itself, as the Divine Liberator. The Divine Pure State of Being. The Divine, Love, that dissolves, ALL INTO ITSELF. Read, Breathe, Relax and Receive.

The Interactive web of reactions, played through the subconscious mind, as a “reality” based on perceptions being one way, that is, as the attachment to what arises, is the blind spot, containing within itself, victim consciousness. This victim consciousness, is the playing out of all relationships, in 3D. This perceived relating, is only the repetitive, non loved, non aware parts, stealing the show, so to speak, in a reality, playing, as if, what arises, is what they are.

When one attains, the awareness, of the consciousness of Being Present, and is this Presence, one upholds, the acknowledgment, that all experience, is the self-aware, responsibility, to uphold, the Divine Observer, in all moments, with all that arises.

This then, becomes the level of capable self-aware responsibility, which is the foundation in 5th Dimensional Consciousness, in all relationships.

When this projections ends, as the previous functioning of its blind spots of attachments, then all relating, is taking place, through the Divine Observer, and in the Pure State of Being.

As One becomes the conscious witness in this Divine Observing, the transformation, then, is held within, all moments, as the alchemical process, of the Divine Love, observing. Β This is the awakened, Pure Original Consciousness. That is Divine. That is Pure, that exists in the Present Moment.

This Divine Self consciously observing, all that arises in consciousness,Β is the Powerful Unconditional Love, that transforms, all it observes, as just Being that, not yet observed, freeing all that arises, from its attached state.

The Divine Observer, then, frees the energetically held blind spots, that were the reactive states, void of being consciously observed (in the subconscious) that took up lots of energy, in the vehicle, of the consciousness. This freeing of energy, allows space for greater expansion, into Being More of the Divine Presence, in all of its cellular consciousness, held in the container, the vehicle (the form) where the consciousness may live, as its Full Embodiment.

This freedom and liberation of the endless blind battles, was only the preservation, of that state, which is the state, of not yet being Loved and Held in the Divine Presence.

This is a Maturing of Consciousness.

This is a Download and Activation.

This is the foundation for all relationships in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

The Divine Love and Presence, then, of the Divine Self, recognizes its awareness and Being, as the One arrived, consciously freeing, all that is Not Its Presence.

This Dissolving of the reactive, blind, subconscious state of victim consciousness, is the dissolving into the Being, the Unconditional Divine Self, that presides, as this Love, in All Moments.

This is the 5th Dimensional Self Love, that takes consciousness out of the maze of attempting to figure consciousness out, and applies, as itself, the Transformational Alchemy, that is the Balm of a Love, that dissolves, ALL INTO IT.

This Dissolving, is the Living Master of Divine Self, Consciousness. That is the Presence, of the Heaven on Earth. As it is the Freedom, the Liberation, to exist, as Itself, in the Original Paradise, of Love.

This is the Wholeness. This is the Pureness. This is the Original State of Being, the Divine Self, as the Love, That it is. Free from anything, that is Not That. The Dissolving of Consciousness, into the Original Love, State. The Divine Presence.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.


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  1. So much love β™‘. Sending a bear hug full of love your way to show you how big my heart has become. Thank you for the activation.

  2. Deeply profound! Thank you for this amazing activation. I love you! ❀️

  3. Marja Thibaudier

    πŸ’œThank you L’Aura for this amazing ActivationπŸ’œ SacredπŸ’œ Love this and YouπŸ’œ

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