Inter Dimensional Beings of Light ~ An Activation


L'.P.This is an Activation for you, as the Inter Dimensional Portals of Light expand your awareness, as you integrate this activation, you will see clearly, how it is, that you have come to this experience of reality on Earth. Many of you live in other worlds and dimensions, even though you are also are in a form here on Planet Earth.

We are Light Beings that once existed on Atlantis, and we Ascended and existed as Beings of Light, holding the Codes of Light, Inter Dimensionally, to be activated, in the perfect moments, that may appear to you, as through time.

What you see now in front of you is the result of the past consciousness you existed as. What we are doing in this activation, is undoing some of your old programming, and downloading to You, Light codes, to be activated in your awareness, as levels unheard of before.

Feel us with you now, through the shift that you feel, as your energy is shifting, now,this moment.

AS the Past conditioning of the matrix of reality was appearing as predominantly in 3D, what is true now though, at the higher realms of existence, is that you exist in different worlds, now.

The converging of a Union, you may call your Heaven on Earth, is You meeting up with you as Being of Light, in your Advanced Levels of Conscious Awareness.

We met with many of you on Atlantis, and through the crystal matrix, of the programming through all moments, we set in place, these codes, to be activated now.

Although many of you, carry beliefs that Atlantis was not good. This is not the case, as the advanced levels, were ahead of their time, and the beings that contained the informational codes, ascended. And just as now, some may not understand this activation, those that had not consciously ascended, could not understand the frequencies, that were predominantly there (to be received) for all to Ascend.

And now, this time around, so to speak, all that was great and ahead of its time, is arriving now, as all things are, for those that are able and consciously aware, to receive.

We have a crystalline structure, that we are communicating this to your through, this is a bridge. There are no limitations in our transmission, as we encompass all levels of Being.

Receiving these downloads, adjusts your Blueprint with awakening the dormant codes, through your cells, acknowledging and transforming, through the agreements you personally made while on Atlantis. All was kept intact in the consciousness of those Beings that Ascended Consciously. We have held these codes for the moment, planned.

Receive, and as you transform through these downloads, know that we are here, all is ready, for you to step into the next levels of your Being. Your Ascended Being. All living in the multiverse of your own worlds of Light. The Dimensions all inside you. All That is, for you now, to awaken. In this Glorious “Majestic Light” we present our Being, as the Atlantean Inter Dimensional Beings of Light.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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  1. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejia

    Today at noon I have listened your transmision “The New Earth ” and to the end I have a vision: a huge tube of Blue Light over me and beside close to me had a mommy inside of a pink sarcofagus, you were in it.
    I Love you. Eternal Love and Bliss

  2. Wow ~ Powerful Sacred Download 🙂 Beyond Thank YOU for this Precious Activation for my awakening 🙂 I open fully to receive fully in all of my bodies & being 🙂 I open my cells to receive, acknowledge, & transform vibrating in the Light & Love of Eternal Harmony. Fullness of my Love Light & Gratitude Beloved QOL & Atlantean Inter Dimensional Beings of Light for this Blessing of Awakening ~ living & being & knowing myself only as my Divine Ascended Being God Goddess Self consciously while in form. A Sacred Honor to receive this “Majestic Light” 🙂 Thank YOU So V Much!!! 🙂 !!! I merge with my Heaven on Earth Now consciously ~ all is a seamless effortless Divine Flow of Eternal Unconditional Love & Light 🙂 4ever & Always I Love YOU 🙂 🙂

  3. Thank you eternally L’Aura and the Atlantean Inter Dimensional Beings of Light ~ so grateful 🙏🏻 I love you! 💜💜✨

  4. Thanks for this blessing LOve you thanks

  5. They have Souls also and exist in many different dimensions now!

  6. I’m wondering about the animals. Where will they be in all this? Will they go with us or will they be left on the 3D Earth?

  7. Very blissfull aligment thanks for all your deep Love Om yes

  8. Very intense luminosity also this mourning meditation time elapses fast thanks for your LOve Om yes

  9. That caused some serious muscle jidders, yikes

  10. 💛💛💛

  11. thanks for your Love Quin

  12. Thank you for THIS again. It feels so unbelieveable right to me…:-)

  13. Reading this again and feeling it so deeply! Thank you for this sacred activation and these downloads! I love you so!! ❤️

  14. Reblogged this on eveygigi and commented:

  15. Wow!! I am deeply grateful to receive this incredible activation!! Thank you so much! I love you!! ❤️❤️❤️

  16. is strong!, cold body tingling, big noise ears. Blessed, thank you!!

  17. Marja Thibaudier

    💜So very Sacred💜 Thank you for this Activation💜 Love you💜

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