Activating The Higher Dimensions of Light within Your Cells

The New Divine Humanity

Thoughts, words, feelings, choices, unfold through your subconscious program.

The subconscious LEVEL of alignment with your conscious desires, represent the levels of harmony or disharmony held in your Blueprint as your cellular memory.

Those that are sensitive may also pick up and take on the memories of Mass consciousness, as they are everywhere transmitting their frequency as a Dimension of thought.

The levels of Consciousness correspond to the Dimensions of Light.

It is possible to exist in a Dimension dominated by a Mass Level of thought and function through a Higher Dimension, consciously.

The levels of harmony with the inner subconscious mind and conscious mind, represent the levels of Union, within the dimensions of frequency.

Dimensions are Worlds unto themselves.

Dimensions transmitΒ and vibrate at a frequency level that when ATTUNED to that level, YOU function through it.

An entrainmentΒ to the HIGHER Dimensions and worlds, may seem somewhat like time travel…

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  1. Ich danke dur soooooo sehr L’Aura ! Dafuer, dass du uns immer begleitest und weiter voran bringst in unserer Entwicklung , unserem Bewusstsein , auf unserem spirituellen Weg in die Vollkommenheit, in unsere Berufung, in unsere Mitte, in das goettliche Licht , das in uns , in unseren Zellen leuchtet , etc ! Du bist fuer mich ein Geschenk des Himmels, ich danke dir fur dein Hiersein und fuer deine Arbeit , die du unermuedlich tust !!
    Wir, denen du hilfst, , haben uns inkarniert, auch um den Menschen in dieser Umbruchzeit zu helfen, und du hilfst uns dabei, dorthin zu kommen, damit wir unsere Meisterschaft leben koennen , so wie es uns vorbestimmt ist. D A N K E !

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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