Inter Dimensional Beings of Light ~ Activation

The New Divine Humanity


This is an Activation for you, as the Inter Dimensional Portals of Light expand your awareness, as you integrate this activation, you will see clearly, how it is, that you have come to this space, called Earth. Yet, many of you, live in many worlds and dimensions, even though you are here in this space, called Earth.

We are Light Beings that once existed on Atlantis, and we Ascended and existed as Beings of Light, holding the Codes of Light, Inter Dimensionally, to be activated, in the perfect moments, that may appear to you, as through time.

What you see now in front of you is the result of the past consciousness you existed as. What we are doing in this activation, is undoing some of your old programming, and downloading to You, Light codes, to be activated in your awareness, as levels unheard of before.

Feel us with you…

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  1. πŸ’œ Sacred πŸ’œ Powerful Activation πŸ’œ Thank You L’Aura πŸ’œ Wow πŸ’œ

  2. πŸ’œ sacred ActivationπŸ’œ So beautifulπŸ’œ Thank you so muchπŸ’œ Love youπŸ’œ

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