As Everything Shifts and Changes ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

miracleslaurasept13As everything changes within you and around you, and you become more aware of your new foundational resting place within your Heart, recognize within you, your new reference point of you as Eternal Light (5th Dimensional Consciousness) and continue to anchor in your Consciousness, you Being an Eternal Being of Light, in the Present Moment. This is the home of your eternal Consciousness.

This anchoring in, so to speak, removes all past reference points as you begin to function not only differently, but also, in what appears as being in a New World. You are manoeuvring through what may seem at times, as different levels of consciousness, back and forth. This will settle, as the consciousness of 3D, continues (this is a momentum) to shatter and dissolve within you.

Everything may feel like it is falling apart, and it is.

Surrender to this unravelling and falling apart and dissolving, it is the release of past attachments and pain (that only exist in 3D consciousness) which then, opens you up to, more of BEING an eternal Being of Light, consciously. This You as Eternal Light, is Limitless.

As you Continue to change, continue to apply Acceptance and Compassion (5th Dimensional Consciousness) to and in ALL Moments, as the momentum increases as you continue to Transform. Read these words out loud or silently and feel the Love, Grace and Compassion, as all that is dormant within you, activates now, within You. Take a few deep conscious breaths. Then begin.

I Accept that the changes within me and the changes around me, are exactly the way my Soul is doing this through me.

I Accept things are unfolding perfectly within me.

I Accept ALL is changing within me, and I accept I am literally entering a New World.

I Accept this New Way of Being.

I Accept and allow the old way to dissolve.

I Seek out any Pain and hurt left within me, and I apply Love and Acceptance, to it.

I am literally, unravelling the Old paradigm within me.

I Love all aspects of my Being.

I Enter the New, in All Moments.

I Am Present and I Am Here.

And here you ARE! Yes you ARE! I continue to hold you in this ~ The Eternal Sacred Arrival~ of You as The Eternal Being of Light that you ARE. You as the Glory of Your Soul! You as Divinity ~ Itself. In the Eternal Love and Glory of All That is ~ All Now, I hold You.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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  3. Thank you :.)

  4. Thank you for this message at perfect timing and perfect words for that time you have provided for me. Bless your kind soul

  5. Thanks Thanks thanks thanks thanks On LOving changes Love and harmony Om yes

  6. i can feel the peace with-inside of me…the comfort of home within the body…..the past 3 days i have been going into the woods and meditating for longer periods of time….i go back home during the sunset LITERALLY feeling like a new me…

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  10. Marja Thibaudier

    💞YES💞 Changes are very quickly💞 I trust my Soulplan💞 Thank YOU L’Aura💞 Love you

  11. Hi, Ok I can see your wonderful post, thank you dear L’Aura

  12. Wonderful message, I saw it by Yahoo 🙂 facebook don’t let see your post

  13. Marja Thibaudier

    💞YES💞 So Sacred💞 ALL is falling apart – so quickly- and I trust my Soulplan💞 Love you💞 Thank YOU L’Aura💞

  14. 💜 Love This L’Aura 💜 From Your Previous Blog, Lifting the Veil of Forgiveness 💜 To Now As Everything Changes 💜 These To Blogs Combined And Practiced Are Profound and So Extremely Powerful 💜 Love To You L’Aura 💜 Thank You Eternally 💜

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