Relationships and 5th Dimensional Consciousness

L'Aura Pleiadian

Relationships often act as catalysts and triggers to the pain already existing inside us. The pain connected to those fears and insecurities, to those desires to feel better about oneself, through the attempts of receiving from another, what one is not already, to oneself.  Those that trigger that pain, even if unknown to them (which is often the case) function through Love, also. Your Life Plan and  Blueprint, with which you function THROUGH, has set up, those that you will meet and have relationships with, who will function as triggers for you to your pain inside, that is the pain of lack of self love..And those you will be a catalyst for as well, to their pain.

Some relationships give the hope for security. And may give that feeling of security, that “we” are in this together. Yet true security is the trust in Oneself. The Belief in yourself, that you will always consciously be there for you. And although this may seem strange to many of you reading this. This is the Bottom line, so to speak, to your seeking, in relationships. It will come down to you, BEING there for YOU. No Matter what. No matter what happened. No Matter how you feel, No matter if you are alone, or with someone. The bottom line is everything is guiding you ~ to You LOVING YOU.

Endings and Beginnings of relationships, who has not experienced this on Earth?

Even if One lives with someone for many years, if designed as part of your Life plan to experience the truth of self-love, and live pain-free, one then, must face, that things do change on Earth. And that pain and suffering only are the result of the catalyst, that shows you, your lack self love. In love (true self love) there is no harm or pain from another.And there is no lack.

Many have confused codependency as love.i will serve to keep you in pain and lack if you do so for me. This is the 3D version of Love. Based on victim consciousness.

Nothing on Earth can give you the security you desire. What you now hold on to, you will one day let go of. Life can seem a cruel school. Filled with pain and aloneness, even if one is not alone. And this gap, between reality and the truth, becomes apparent when you fill your life with things and people, yet still feel the emptiness inside, the aloneness you attempted to fill, outside of yourself.
When lack of security rears its ugly head, you run to quickly fill the void. The SENSE of security is what you desire, of Love always there for you. And in which, you can only guarantee, through giving it to yourself, for yourself. This security of self-love, is really stepping into the truth, of what already is eternally. And do not get me wrong, true Long lasting, Life Long Relationships (as in Marriage) and true Love relationships can and will exist in 5th Dimensional Consciousness. The mastery first, of Being Love, is within You.  

Self Love, when one truly lives in self Love, and I am not speaking of just saying the words you do love yourself. BUT truly, knowing and loving yourself. One Draws to itself, the Love it is. This Foundation, is what I am speaking of. In my last post I mentioned YOU are YOUR Intention. You are, whether you understand these words or not. The Truth simply is, in the Being.

Be Conscious of what you “Desire”  Being WHAT YOU ARE Being, and Giving.  

Because that is truth. Be Conscious of the Truth. Relationships beginning in Honesty of Being What you Desire, is the foundation for a truly Supportive Love, where each supports each others self Love, and of course, this is Love.

Love Being Love. Consciously. Love Being Shared, Desired and Being, all that you Desire.

When you are Love ~ nothing can hurt you.

In love, you are Being Love. In Love you are Flowing as Love (that is what love does) and in love you Let things Be. In Love  you Trust. Because that is all there really is, how could you ever trust anything else? You Cannot. The True trust is in your Being Love. That is how you truly Know yourself. And How you Truly Become and Desire, all that You Are Being.

Love itself never dies. Love leads us on and guides us, and brings to us, what we need, in order to let go more, and love ourselves more. Even when we feel alone, love leads the way. Love is the comfort and Harmony of Being. And the Only foundation of security on Earth. Love is happy to simply be and play in Love.

This is the Divine Unconditional Love you have sought.

This Love knows nothing other than to BE Love, and in its BEING ~ So it RECEIVES.


Eternal Love and Bliss!





Photo Courtesy of Daniel Holeman


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  1. I can not find the words to express my gratitude to you for bringing such Divine Wisdom into my life 💖💖💖

  2. ♡♡♡

  3. like a butterfly flitting on a spring breeze, Self-Love endless, child-like. Your words inspire, shining the light. I love you Victoria Elohim xxxx

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  5. Thank you so very much for sharing this! ~Love~

  6. Marja Thinaudier

    💞thank you L’Aura💞 Beautiful Sacred💞 Love you💞

  7. Beatrix Grace Goodman

    Oh wow, I sooo get this, now (didn’t for a long time). For the past few weeks I have been experiencing myself in 5D whilst my body stil walks in 3D and it has been “out of this world” literally! I am sooo grateful for your words, so beautifully put, describing just what is now possible – thank you!

  8. 💜 Sacred Yes 💜 Raising and Observing Consciously All Desires 💜 Love To You L’Aura 💜 Thank You 💜

  9. Marja Thibaudier

    💞Beautiful💞 So Sacred💞 Thank you- Love you💞

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