The Interconnected Fabric of Light as Transmitting and Receiving Intelligence of Consciousness


Imagine if you would, everything is made up of a vast fabric of Light. That this Light is a great weaving of connected intelligent Light. If you were to see it as Light, you would see this Vast system of Light Fabric, like threads, that connects itself to everything. You would see everything including objects, are also made up of this same Light connected Fabric. Like a large web of Light.

Now imagine your consciousness (that exists everywhere even if you do not realize it) is this Light Fabric. You are this Fabric of Light as Vast Source Intelligence.

This fabric is a Network of Light Intelligence that is Vast and Endless.

You are made of this.

You are connected to all of it.

This living connected communication intelligence has shifted and is shifting as Its Fabric (its Light Frequency) has received downloads of Higher Frequencies of Light. The Higher photons of Light transmitted through the Pleiades in 2012, has and is shifting the communication system. The Living intelligence, in this Light.

The very fabric of Light is shifting. The information as Source Light intelligence is transmitting and receiving at Higher Levels. These higher levels are more subtle. As they permeate everything. The change and shift have been constant. As it is throughout the entire system. The entire fabric.

Everything is made up of this Living Intelligence. This Light Fabric.

The downloads of Higher frequencies of Photon Light have transformed and are transforming this fabric of Light.

Imagine you lived in a home, where the Lights in your house were always turned on with a dimmer in place. You saw everything through that level of Light. Then slowly through time, the light slowly increased to higher levels of Light. The higher photons of Light have turned up the Light Frequencies. The entire matrix of Light as the fabric of consciousness, has and is shifting.

This Higher Light Frequency of Intelligence at the higher frequencies communicates throughout the entire system (as fabric of interconnected Light) new information. This new information is its shift as a Higher dimensional Light Fabric stream of consciousness. Which you are a part of and connected to. Throughout the entire system.

As the higher Light Frequencies of Vast intelligence transmits through this fabric of consciousness, throughout time, which may appear as sudden, you awake to a new level of consciousness, a new reality.

The shifts and changes in this Vast Intelligence as the photon Light Fabric have been shifting for a while now. You may suddenly realize it, or you may slowly begin to notice. Everything is changing or has changed.

These shifts that have been subtle at the deeper levels of this fabric have been constant.

The entire fabric of transformed through the downloads of higher light frequencies. You are made up of this fabric of consciousness and are connected to it always. Even if you do not realize it, yet.

The increase in the Light Frequencies as photons of Light shifted in 2012, with the Galactic Alignment with the Pleiades.

The entire matrix of this Fabric of Light, of this living connected Vast Intelligence has shifted and is shifting. You are mad of this Light.

Those of you that are sensitive notice more easily this shift in frequencies, in this fabric of Light, so to speak. Deep levels of consciousness are changing and this impact of change is constant. These are on very subtle levels, of this fabric of Light.

These downloads of Higher Light Frequencies into this fabric of Light, are shifts in vibratory frequency.

Everything is made up of this light fabric throughout the cosmos, infinitely and eternally. You are made of this Vast intelligence. This Light Creation fabric. This consciousness.

You exist within this interconnected fabric as Light Intelligence transmitting and receiving Light communication. This takes place on subtle levels of this Vast consciousness.

You as a Soul function through this. Your Soul is the fabric of original Light Intelligence. Which functions through this Vast System of Intelligence. As the awareness of this Original Light. Your Soul is tis Vast Intelligence that has spread itself out, so to speak, throughout all of your existences, yet all of them always connected, as your Soul. As this Vast Source Intelligence that always exists communicating through the transmitting and receiving fabric of consciousness.

Now, breathe into this Fabric of Light, that you are connected to. That you are made up of. This fabric of you, as Light intelligence is Vast.

You spread throughout the Cosmos as this Light.

You are the Light Intelligence of God.

Breathe through your heart space, connecting to this Vastness of Light.

The concentrated fabric of awareness exists everywhere simultaneously.

All memory is held within all aspects of this Light Matrix.

You are eternally connected to this vastness of Intelligence always.

The Vast intelligence of your Soul Fabric. As Living Light. Receiving and Transmitting and connected to everything.

Breathe into this Vastness through your Heart. Feel you Light expanding  throughout the cosmos as you breathe. Consciously become aware that this Vastness that you are, has now shifted to a Higher Level of conscious awareness. To the 5th dimensional frequencies. That exist within it. That you are connected to. There is nowhere that you are not connected to.

The Light is shifting higher now. The photons of Higher Dimensional Light are downloading into the entire matrix of this Living Fabric.

You are made of this and connected to this. Everything is. All are connected. All are receiving and all are transmitting this new Higher Light Frequency.

Feel this now.

Breathe this in.

See your life as a higher frequency Vastness, to which you are functioning through.

Feel this.

How you now are more consciously connected to this Vast Intelligence of God Source Light.

Breathe this into your Heart. Carry this with you. Allow this expansion to impact all areas of your Life. Where everything you see, you feel is made of this light. Feeling this, you access the subtle realms of consciousness where the downloads of higher dimensional frequencies take place.

Every hour, transmitting to you, these higher Vast Intelligence Light Frequencies, to which you are connected to. As the Light Fabric of your Soul. Your Vast God self, Being, as Light. Eternally exists. In the Love that vibrates throughout the cosmos and Fabric of Vast Living Light Intelligence. And so it is. Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.


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  1. Marvelous, Beautiful, Lovely and Magical Message. ❤ ❤ I ❤ ❤ Love you Victoria Elohim ❤ ❤ Eternal Love and Bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    Today, as at 4 pm. in my room came a ray of sunshine, I did there, I put my face there, the sun was in my forehead, closed my eyes and did breathing exercises; It happened then that I saw as a kind of sphere with tails of different colors, red, green, gold, white, these spheres were moving, they were living light, ie sunlight took the form of chromosomes, making a relationship or similarity with what I saw, never before had I saw this, I think it's wonderful, beautiful and magical, it's like a kind of fertilization makes the sun to Gaia with its energy.

  2. 🌟🌟🌟

  3. Marja Thibaudier

    💞Thank you for this amazing Light Transmission💞 Love you💞

  4. another Kewl OnE! thanQ ❤ luv it! 🙂 L'aura!

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