Crossing the Bridge of Light


These Beautiful Beings of Light ~ asked me to enter my Light Body fully and cross the Bridge of Light to meet them. They had been Observing me and wanted me to know that they were present, and that they were observing all the changes taking place within the Hearts of those on Planet Earth.

As I crossed the Bridge of Light, and walked through as Light, they welcomed me to their present home, their place of Being~ in-between dimensions.  This was their world. In dazzling robes of Violet Light they greeted me with Love, and welcomed me with great Joy. They were holding within their Hearts, Love for humanity and Love for all Beings and Hearts and Souls everywhere.

The Great Journey is the Journey of the Heart, they said. It is the most Natural Journey, and yet the most challenging.  One must leave behind the understanding of the Heart through the Mind,  to enter Deeply and fully the experience and Knowing of the Heart.

In the Journey of the Heart there are no regrets, they said.  We Love over and over, and the pain in the Heart is the Heart stretching to Greater and Greater Love.

Their Love encompassed everything. There was nowhere where their Love was not.

This too, is the Heart Opening like a flower, its Beautiful Presence permeates everything.

Filled with so much Love ~ I knew that is All There Is. Deep in my Heart the Bridge of Light Lives. I travel Often to many worlds, to many temples, every night and Day, and Often I am Present in many all at once.

The Love that is Everywhere, is the journey that is taking Place within the Hearts of all those that Desire Love, on Planet Earth. This is the Home that you have sought. This Home is your Heart, It is within you, it is Love and it is Yours and it is You, Everywhere.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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  1. feeling, not realizing, feeling the journey, Feeling the shift, to knowing, Being. Great Being of light you are L’Aura, your words creating a Bridge, a portal. I love you ❤ ❤

  2. I love you💛queen of the light💛thank you💛

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