In This New Year Bliss ~ 2015


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In Every Moment, and in this New Year Bliss,
2015~remember “You” give it meaning, as you Pass through it.

A Portal of Love, astounding and true,
filled with Magical Presence, my Heart,Β 
embraced, in its Truth.Β 

Blessed in Union, my Beloved, I am humbled, falling to my Knees,
held in Ecstasy, our Love, Abundantly.

Deeply Graced, in the Truth, that exists Before Time,
Heaven on Earth, in natures rhythm, like a heartbeat,
unfolds~ in beatific ~ poetic Rhyme.

As the Mystery forever lives, and you play in the Fun,
experience the Joy in every moment, like the Living Sun.

Being ~ Child-Like and Free, is the entrance Point,
through your Heart, the Love, and the bliss,
in the Eternal Divine, Unfold~Ment.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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  1. Laura, my heart fills with love as I read beautiful your words!! I adore this poem!! Happy 2015!! I love you!!

  2. Your extraordinary are and have seen several times that beautiful video where you look radiant, lovely and beautiful, but this is an excellent answer for me right now, I feel the joy in my heart and sometimes it is very intense. December 24 I felt you several times; and I feel you more near to me.
    Today I was in a very nice family reunion, happened and suddenly was talking a cousin, when I saw him, I could see in his eyes like a flash, I was a little surprised and bless. ❀ ❀ I ❀ ❀ Love ❀ ❀ You ❀ ❀ dear Victoria Elohim ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ Happy New Year too and I hope that it is our lovely and special year ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

  3. I feel this opening my heart like a key. Feeling open to all that is, like a child. I love you Victoria Elohim ❀ ❀

  4. Beautifull se you directly in this video you are pure light pure ectacy yust observing your elegance love you Rafael Mery christmas from Puerto Rico were we have abundant Sun

  5. Happy New Year Bliss! ((((((( πŸ˜€ )))))))

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