Passion And Its Expression

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Do you express the Passion of Your Soul?

Something caught my Attention and I felt Guided to write on Passion and Passionate Love Making.

I have witnessed so many people who seem to be on a perpetual roller coaster ride, that they call relationships.

So many on Earth do not know the difference between Lust, Sexual Addiction, Love and Passion.

Being stimulated sexually, as in the body only involved and the mind, is Not the same as experiencing Passionate Love making.

And who makes love Passionately? What is it?

The Passion of the Heart and Soul may be expressed in many Ways. To experience your Heart filled with Love and Passion in a relationship where PASSION is experienced, is a rare occurrence. And why is that?

Passion itself never dies, or ends, or slows down. It is the eternal Presence of Your Soul.

IT is ALWAYS Present!

Making Love Passionately (as in two people) involves the Heart and Soul, the Mental body, Emotional body and Physical Body of both partners. It is ALL Encompassing and Requires you to Give all of yourself to YOUR BELOVED.

Can I write as if I am making Love? Yes!

My poetry is making Love, with words, that express the Passion of my Heart and Soul, for my Beloved.

I live eternally, in this, my desire, my Beloved.
My Heart and Soul, burns in its longing to show you my Love.
For it is ONLY Your Presence, that I long for and desire, for it is,
All that I know, All that exists, and All that will ever exist.

So many relationships seem to start in an exciting way.  A different partner, forbidden sex, no boredom, and maybe the feelings of falling in love.
YET for so many, where does this get them? After a certain length of time, the boredom sets it, the desire wanes, and what is Left? If there was not true friendship present at the beginning, what often occurs, is the so-called Love, turns to hatred.
And After the partaking, the deeper longing of the Soul Expression remains. The Hunger of the Soul, The Passion of the Soul ~ To BE Expressed!

Is this part of the Part Ups and downs of life on earth? Part of the experience? Still searching for love? Always seeking never finding?

The Love that is truly of the Heart and Soul is Passionate.

This Passion is always present, and does not go away, after Sexual Union and Making love. The Fulfillment is in its expression of itself.

It is never quenched, and truly at its core, Desires UNION itself, at all CREATIVE levels of Awareness and Being. Passion in Union with Passion. Passion expressing itself.

Passion gives ALL of itself, for its EXPRESSION, it is of the Heart and Soul and LIVES in mystical realms of experiences that many LONG for, yet rarely is experienced.

I will write more on this soon, for NOW, Enter the Love and Passion of Your Soul.

You do not need to wait till the perfect relationship shows up.

As you become Consciously Filled with True Love and Passion, your Outer Reality will match your inner reality, in Fact, the inner and outer are One.

As a Passionate Being of Love, there will be NO Shortage in the way you will be able to express your Passion.

In every breath, my Beloved, you are with me.
I smell you, I taste you, we are forever One.

Look deeply at Yourself, KNOW yourself, and above all else, KNOW and Live in your Heart. There is the Passion of Your Soul. There is Eternity, and they are ONE.



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!




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  1. Awesome message for love! I have been with my soul mate for 28 years. We’re still very much in love as the day we met!

  2. It is a Divine, Sacred, Beautiful, Wonderful, Sweet, lovely message.
    When I listen to your broadcasts is as if you connect me with an energy of 220 volts, the discharge is big, light, love, feelings, I feel you close, I love to hear your special voice, my soul experiences a swaying emotions, love, happiness, …..<3 ❤ I ❤ ❤ Love ❤ ❤ You ❤ ❤ so much ❤ ❤ ❤
    Today I had strange experiences and visions, in the morning I got up early, but when everyone left, I went back to bed because I felt sleep, I fell asleep and I had a very strange dream, I saw a familiar person while I do not see, that came to me and handed me a paper and I do not know why I left the house and had more people, then watch and saw that the person who had come to take the role, went along with another man on a motorcycle, after this, I woke up as I felt sleepy I went to do meditation, I had visions of Christ's coming to a city on a donkey and people cheering, so I saw a canoe fishing, I saw the boat moving and as the water looked ; I also saw the face of Pharaoh, when we were in Egypt, meanwhile my conscience whispered me many things.

  3. Thank you Laura. ❤

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