Waking up to the Truth Within You


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As you see clearly all that is taking place within you, you will come to know, within you, is your reality, and is what is causing you to see things externally, as you do.

If you see demons out there, look within. If you see a battle of good and evil, look within.

The so called demons that are within you are the fears that are within you. Your fear is the areas within you, your consciousness, waiting to be loved.

Everything is Source, even what appears as darkness. You will know this when you are free from the fear within you.

Stay focused on you, and what out there “truly” is (the Mirror) that has always clearly reflected to you, your Frequency, your vibrations and therefore, what you are experiencing yourself to Be (your creation).

That is right, there is no one to “blame” anymore, as there is no out there. Out there is what you are creating, moment to moment, the reflection, of what you are experiencing  within yourself.

There are only things to see within, and know within you. As you merge in Union with your Soul, all fear vanishes, and love heals and dissolves, all the fear within you. The stress of the fight or flight responses, diminish. Life become peaceful, as it becomes peaceful within you.

As you do this and (not play in the drama game) your Life will reflect to you all that you “know yourself” to be, within.

God is within.

God is not a being outside of you.

As you merge with your “SOUL” you move away from what seems to “BE” out there as “Duality”  and you become free.  Free, NOT bound in limitation, as you experience yourself eternally. Then you will have Mastered Duality and time.

Stay “focused” within, out there is only the Reflection!!

When you truly “know” this, you will be “free” from All Suffering!

Change YOURSELF within through loving yourself. Then everything externally, changes.

The mirror  is only Your Reflection.

Be unconditional love within yourself, and you will see and feel and know, love everywhere. Truly all is a reflection of within. No guilt, no struggle, only surrender and love, in complete harmony and love.

Always and forever, I hold you in Love.


In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 


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  1. Marja Thibaudier

    I can read this again and again, so beautiful !!!!
    One of the most powerful reminder !
    Thank you, I love you <3

  2. … dear Laura, I’m here again … thanks for this so important reminder … love u.

  3. I left this same response on another post today.. funny how the universe works sometimes 🙂

    Victim (or demon in this case)… It is one word that will never change attitudes or the direction of where things are going in this world. We need people to change this sort of thinking if we’re to make any advancements at all. Energy is manifested and directed in how you choose to create it… That is hard for alot of people to comprehend. In all reality it is up to you how you create, see, and manifest things… that means internally and hence, physically too. Everyone has stuff, and nothing changes or heals until the individual takes responsibility for their own experiences. So for example whether you choose to say, “I’m fat, I’m weird or I’m weak; therefore people don’t like me and/or, this is why my life sucks,” or “Maybe I have some issues that go beneath the physical (not to say they weren’t manifested in the physical) and I am projecting that energy outward. In turn, receiving the responses I put out (a mirror),” is usually a tough choice for people to swallow, but there is only one true way that heals, and that is being the creator of your experiences. This doesn’t mean you can’t love yourself in the process (you must love yourself in the process), but taking responsibility for your experiences is the first step at true awakening. Again, we’re all sent here with different issues, but in the grand scheme we’re all here to experience the choice of free will and which direction we will go with that. The changes you see from other people are the changes you see within yourself.

  4. Powerful truth! I love your fire Laura, it really kicks ass! Great times! xo

  5. Well said Laura! Humans ‘walk in the direction they look(focus)’. I feel if i’m listening to your transmissions and looking inward, I’m polishing the mirror and not creating an ‘out there’.

    I love you Priest Queen of Mu xxxx

  6. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejía

    Last night I made a deep and long meditation on the subject of demons do not like, do not touch these issues, all that matters to me is your love, I love you, I love you and I love you

  7. Thank you Laura. Again a great lesson. I think the “mirror” would and should be the most important
    tool for us to use in the next “future”.

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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