Codes Within Your Original Blueprint

Codes Within Your Original Blueprint.

The Queen of Light and Codes of Light.

I am here on Planet Earth as The Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light, to Awaken the Codes within your Original Blueprint. Once  activated they vibrate as Frequency within your Cells and DNA. 

This is for You as the New Human of Light walking in the New Era of Light Now.

These words carry encoded Frequencies that awaken Codes of Light as you read.

Your Original Blueprint carries all of your Information held as Codes since the  Beginning of You as a Soul.

All Original Blueprints are Held in the Central Sun for the Universe.


Your Soul is Source Frequency.

The Experiences of Your Soul include ALL  existences in Form as well as Your experiences between existences.

All Codes waiting for  Activation are Held within your Original Blueprint.

Once awakened your Cellular Consciousness and DNA Change. Your Reality changes.

The Codes awaiting activation Hold the Potentials and Agreements Designed by your Soul for this incarnation.

You have many probable futures. Your Blueprint holds the codes for all of them.

Some of your agreements that want completion may seem  Karmic.

Karma is simply the Mirror of your Frequency showing up as your Reality.

It is neither good nor bad, it depends how you view it. It is simply the Mirror. Your perception ALWAYS decides what is good or bad for you. That also is frequency.

Harmony SHIFTS your Perceptual Filters to ALLOWING.

Harmony is FREEDOM from Suffering.

No clinging, no rejecting.


As you Merge in Divine Union and Walk as The New Human of Light in the New Era of Light your vibrate to the Frequency of your Eternal Soul.

You walk in Eternity Now.

This is Divine Love, Union and Harmony.

Accessing Eternity NOW is your Alchemical Transfiguration.

You walk in Union with Your Eternal Soul, in Love and Ecstasy. It is the full awakening of your Codes within your Original Blueprint while in Form on Planet Earth during this incarnation.

Grace through Commissioned Dispensations from the Central Sun are for your Alchemical Transfiguration through Ease.

Staying in Harmony is Most important at this time. The Frequencies are  VERY High On Planet Earth.

Every Breath is Sacred in Divine Union.

Stay Present, Stay in Harmony. Breathe Deeply Now and Focus on your Heart Space. Stay here in your Awareness all Day Long.

Allow your Breath to become your Moment to Moment Awareness.

Allow yourself to experience and Know Divine Union.

Vibrate to this Frequency of Divine Union and Your experience will be Grace and Ease.

You will feel and Know your Light Codes are Activated as your Reality Shifts. Physically you may feel changes going on in your Body as you continue to Shift in Frequency. Allow your Body to rest as needed.  Love yourself and have compassion on Your Body as you continue to experience your Alchemical Transfiguration into the New Human of Light.

I have included below links for you to receive The Frequency Transmissions from the Central Sun through the Queen of Light, Audio and Daily,  that will activate the Codes within your Original Blueprint.

I Love You.

Holding you in Eternal  Sacred Divine Union, Love and Harmony,

The Queen of Light

Here are the Links.

To Listen to the Audio Frequency Transmissions; These are Powerful Dispensations!!

To Join the Group to Receive the Daily Queen of Light Transmission:!/groups/Frequency5thDimension.AgeofAquarius/?fref=ts

You can Also Request the Daily Queen of Light Transmissions on My website:

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To Order the Pleiadian Twin Soul Activation, Pleiadian Blueprint Activation, Pleiadian 12 Strand DNA Activation, Pleiadian Light Transmissions, and Healing Sessions, Please visit my Website:


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Eternally Grateful! I Love You! 🙏🏻💜🎶

  2. Thank you Suzanne! Holding you Always in Divine Love, Union and Harmony!

  3. Thank you Deva, Divine Love and Union Always!

  4. Loving Queen of Light, beautiful description of us as we integrate the light codes and awaken our destinies. I know for a few years i was caught in a repititive cycle of doing the same things, and getting same results in all areas of my life. I think we humans fear to let go many times, thankfully i was able to shift. this was definitely a karmic cycle for me as you describe. Do you believe that as humans we project our fears on others as a way of clinging to the known and safe, never having to own what holds us back?

    Could it be what we considering fighting a battle against someone or something is actually avoiding something that needs facing and learning on the inside?

    i love you Queen of Light xxxxxx

  5. soulcoachsuzanne

    Beloved Laura, thank you so much for this today and continuing to explain this to us in various ways so that we move closer and coser to our divine union, harmony, freedom. Im focusing deeply on my breath now and expanding my being to embrace all of this more and more and allow the codes in my original blueprint to be activated thru the transmission thru these words, audios and from own sweet soul in communion with you more each day. ❤

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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