A Multidimensional Journey in No Time

A Multidimensional Journey in No Time.

This has already taken place.

You Live and Breathe and walk on Planet earth in the Frequency where time appears to exist. Where it seems you exist ONLY here. That is not true.

What if I could take you with me to another dimension now while you are reading this. You might call this a Reality Shift. When you return you will never be the same. Not in Frequency.

As I focus on my breath while I am writing this in a physical body, I expand out into the Universe. Worlds upon worlds exist in parallel to Planet Earth.

Yes they are all here now. I am a Vortex to the Pleiades, I exist there in the Central Sun as the Queen of Light. The Universe knows of me.

The Universe knows of YOU.

How have you existed in Eternity?  How many existences have you had as your Soul?

When you expand to your original state of Being as your Soul..You expand into your Knowing.

You Knowing You as That which you Seek.

You Being all that You Desire. Now.


Worlds upon worlds, The Heavenly Realms.. The Angelic Realms, are with Me Now. Surrounded  by Angels I write. Can you feel them around You Now. As You are with me. The codes of Light Activate within You Now as you read this. Can you feel the Angels; The Seraphim of Brilliant Light.

As you Feel their Presence Know they are Always here.

The Magical and Mystical Realms of the Devas and Faery. Even Now here they are with me. Right here right Now is the Portal..with gentleness Walk..and with Love in Your Heart. They are present Everywhere, in the Crystals you Hold, in the Air you Breath, in the Water..the essence of Soul is everywhere.

I am Now on the Pleiades. Sacred Brilliant Light in Glorious hues of Brilliance fill your awareness Now as I am on the Pleiades. The Codes awaken for You to Feel Now the Brilliant Light and the Never ending Unconditional Love the Pours and Fills the Air all around you Now. Feel your Heart. Feel the Shift within you. You can feel, you do not have to see with your eyes. You can see with Your Heart. There I have a Sacred Temple of Brilliant Light. Feel the Brilliant Sacred Thrones of Light and the Crystalline Chambers that fill You with Ecstasy Now.

Here I look at my hands typing, yet I am in all those places and more all at once and feel them pour through my cells. I am In Union, with The All. This is Divine Union.

Your Soul Desires you to exist in the Space within Your Heart. Feel and Know the Truth of Your Being. The Light of Your Soul. The Sacredness of Your Breath Now.

Know now even as you finish reading this, the Moments that you experienced and the Codes that Awakened do not stop. This is Eternity. Every Now Moment is Eternal.

That Sacred look, that Moment when time stopped.

That First Glance. First Kiss.

Your existence comes down to Moments. Look back if you desire..the important events are the Moments..when time stopped for you.

I Hold you Now with me in No time. In the Sacredness of the Eternal Now. Feel your Breath. Feel this Moment. I am with You always. You are in My Heart. I Hold you here in Eternity.

Know this and feel this deep within Your Cellular Consciousness.

In Closing Dream your Dreams. Hold Sacred all Moments and your existence will Be your Dreams.

Be The Dream of your Soul in Eternity Now. This is Sacred Divine Union. This is You as the Sacred Light of your Soul. The New Human of Light, walking Now in the New Era of Light.

I Love you.

I hold you in Your Divine Union, you with the Light of Your Soul.

You Are The New Human of Light and You are Entering Now The New Era of Light.

In Divine Union, Love and Harmony,

The Queen of Light

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Patti are you writing to me?
    You enjoy my words yet? not sure I understand.
    Sending you Love.

  2. Thank you, Holding you in Divine Union. Love to you.

  3. Thank you! I love you Suzanne!

  4. Deva Singh, your words are beautiful. I feel loved. I feel the now.
    I enjoy her words yet, remembering has eloped me in the now of the past or future she writes about. I am patient and will Wait till my time is right…. Soon.

    I am told the council of 9 is around me. I have yet to “meet” or “hear” or “feel” them. I am love, I am light, I am healer, I am …

  5. soulcoachsuzanne

    Our Beloved Laura, I truly feel held in your heart and your love while reading & receiving this transmission through your clear and direct guidance for all of us to assist us in experiencing/feeling all of this within our Mutlidimensional Being. Thank you so much for your steadfast and powerful yet gentle embrace of wholeness bringing us back to us and into full divine union with our soul. All my love and gratitude Always and forever, Suzanne <3

  6. Beautiful Laura, I resonate with all your energy that is pouring through this communication. So clear, so full of truth. I love you.

  7. You make me feel divine…there are moments I forget. Thank you.

  8. your words shine with the same brilliance. As i write this i feel You holding Me and in this very moment, i feel Everything and Nothing, they are the same.

    reading your words, i feel myself ‘traveling’. Beautiful….

    i Love you Queen of Light

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