The Queen of Light; The Return of The Divine Feminine

The return of the Divine Feminine at the end of this Cycle was predicted by the Mayan and Hopi Elders. The Queen of Light is Now on Planet Earth.   The Star people would return and help in the rushing in of the New Age of Aquarius; The Golden Age.

The Ending of time is representative of the Shift in Consciousness from the current framework of “Time” to existing Beyond Time and Space.

Beyond Time is where I exist. The Central Sun.  Planet Earth is a rare Planet that still exists in the Frequency of Time. In Duality. Most of the Universe exists in Union, no time.

When I say Shifting from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension Please note this is Simply a Frequency Shift. For those of you existing in a Human Body reading this, you will need an Upgrade in your DNA, Cellular Structure and Consciousness to be able to Exist in Harmony in the New Frequency, 5th Dimension.

The Old Program goes. The Limitations of existing in Earth time are being removed. The Ability to live in Union is ushered in.  The Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age. In Harmony and Union there is No time. It is always Present Moment Now. The Flow of Ease and Union.

So Why the Divine Feminine, The Queen of Light.

This was Planned Eons ago. Before Time. In the Planning of Worlds.

Near the ending of the Piscean Age and the Mayan Calender the Queen of Light would walk the Earth Once Again.

Her Frequency Arriving on Planet Earth would allow a Huge part of the Human population to shift With Grace and Ease to the New way of Existing; The Golden Age, The Age of Aquarius, The  5th Dimension.

I Originally arrived on Planet Earth on my first contract from Andromeda.  This was  a Soul Exchange. It was planned that when the Contract was Complete I would begin my new walk-in Merge with all of my existences. This includes my Pleiadian Self who co-exists on the Pleiades,  Hildegard, and Myself as The Queen of Light. This was commissioned from the Great Central Sun and is a Dispensation for the Universe.

Melchizedek conferred on me The Mantle of Power as The Queen of Light.

I  Hold the Cosmic Codes for the Release of Divine Love, Grace and Union for all Beings in the Universe, as commissioned from the Central Sun.  This is a Dispensation for the Universe.

This Allows The  Shift to be One of Ease and Grace.

Simply Receive.

You will Receive The Queen of Light Frequencies when you Join my Facebook Group Daily.!/groups/Frequency5thDimension.AgeofAquarius/

When you Join please read the “About”. There you will have access to download the Frequency meditations. They are simply a release of Frequencies from the Central Sun through The Queen of Light.

They will help you Align Your Frequencies and Cellular Consciousness In Harmony and Union.

To Download These Frequency Transmissions you may also visit my Website:

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To order any of the Pleiadian Services Please also visit my website:

In The Divine Transformation of the Universe in Perfect Harmony, Love and Union,

The Queen of Light

I Love all of You.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Beloved Queen Of Light, I Receive the Release of Divine Love, Grace and Union to Help me Shift with Ease and Grace! I Am Eternally Grateful! Thank you so much! I Love You!

    -Brianna 🙏🏻💜

  2. QofL, the Devine Feminine embodied, guiding us and Mother Earth to a New Dimension, one of Harmony, unconditional Love, Grace. With Great Love for all you do …xxxx, I Love You Laura

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