Freedom, The Body and Blueprint

Freedom, The Body and Blueprint

So many Humans wonder what their body is.

Will it change completely? Will your body change form?

Your Cellular Structure and Consciousness are shifting to the Frequency of the 5th Dimension.

What is the Human body?

You are a Transmitted form of Consciousness;  your Blueprint Holds the Template of Your Form. When you cross over your Template  continues as part of your Original Blueprint.

I am From the Beyond where all Blueprints exist. In Eternal Union, Cosmic Codes of all Existence.

Think of  a Movie film playing from a projector showing on a Screen. Is the Projection viewed on  the screen  more real than the film itself?

You are now experiencing yourself as the Projection on the Screen viewed as  Your Reality 3D Earth.

You are Also the Template that is eternal, Your Original Blueprint.

Can you realize yourself as this Consciousness? Can you exist in a self-actualized state of Being; Aware of  both you as The Projection and The Eternal Blueprint.   The Light and the Form.

Do you see yourself as only the body?

Will your body merge more into YOUR Blueprint and Template?


Was there ever a death? No, Never. Only the shift from the 3D projection to the Eternal Blueprint AS Light.

DNA Center

Why did it seem to end? It only appeared to end to CREATE More, to Experience More. To create More existences. Why?  The Template always hold your information.

The Pleiadians laugh at the human perspective of this.

Why Not have as much fun as you can and experience yourself in many ways?

Is it joyous to the Soul to Feel and Know more deeply the Love and the Suffering of Mankind?

To Feel, to Know, to experience Deeply is part of the treasure called Life. Your Soul Desires to experience All.

Be Creative with your Eternal Substance of Soul. Know Union over and over. Experience all the Angles. Why Not? You are Eternal and Exist in Eternity.

Would you wish to watch the same move over and over everyday?

So Here is the Fun.

Fully embody your Body and your Life.

See the Shift as the exciting adventure that it is.

Free yourself from the Bonds and Chains of your Perceptions. Know they are only self-created limitations.

When you are Free you have no Fear.

When you Have No Fear you Elevate all of Existence.

Freedom is the True Spirituality.

No Death, No Birth, Pure Being. You Free the Earth. You unlock the Chains of your Perception.

Deep within you is the Sacred Treasure of You.

Let go of old ways of Being. Let go of your Rules that tell you how things should look. Be the Freedom you are in Eternity Now.

Gift the World with your Magnificence and your Beauty. Only you can Grace others with You. We talk so much of Sacred Sex. If we fully Own our Beauty in the True Light of Day we Become the Gift of the Eternal Sacred Union. Only the True Gift is the Gift the Soul Desires.

We Then Enter Sacred Sex in Freedom, no rules, Everything becomes SACRED. Everything Becomes Sacred Sex. Why does it have to End? It does not.

Sacred Sex is Freedom. It is Pure Ecstasy that Exists in Eternity.

The More you are present in the Body the Greater you know yourself as the Template of  You AS  Light.

The Gateway to the Key of Your Heart lies in The Knowing of both you as the Projection and the Blueprint. The Form and Light as One.

This is Sacred Union. 

Will you Transform with the Blueprint when you Shift  to 5th Dimension. The Projection and The Template of Light will Merge.  You will experience yourself as Union.

Immersing your Consciousness in Love, Union and Harmony  you prepare for the Union with the Eternal You.  Your Cellular Structure and Consciousness Shift to Union. Frequency 5th Dimension.

Please listen to my meditations they Will Shift your Frequencies to Union, to Love and Harmony.

Holding you Always in Divine Union, Love and Harmony,

The Queen of Light

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Know that you are Always Held and Loved in Eternal Union. The Queen of Light Holds You. You are a Magnificent Being waiting for your Unveiling.

As The Universe Waits for You, I Hold you.  You Are in My Eternal Heart.

I Love you.

In The Eternal Love and Divine Union I Hold You Forever,

Queen of Light

Queen of Light

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Awesome Yes Mark!
    Thank You, infinite Love

  2. It is so wondrous to see the convergence of so many like minded from various sources at this particular time frame in our development and transition to a collective as if the Universe already had imprinted instructions for this to happen ……which of course is exactly the way the Universe works…all possibilities on all levels have been accounted for..everything happens according to the Laws of…so great <3

  3. Thank you John,
    I am not in 3D, I am Here from the Universal Levels bringing the Frequencies to Earth.
    3D reaches up. I Reach Down.
    I am a Synthesis appearing as Form, I am not Form I am the Universe.
    Love You,

  4. Very well presented and written. I can see based on our factual belief system that we are similar in union, just different in expression. You have a way of Rising above the 3D and able to see the ether’s as to where most are tethered in 3D and have great difficulty to see and must blindly follow to hear stories of the 5D beyond. Thank You Laura !

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