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The Creator Gods and The Plan


The Creator Gods~ The Mighty Elohim, Before any concept of time, Created Blueprints and DNA.   A Lot of planning went into the Creation of  DNA, Blueprints and the Design of this Cycle, the Cosmic Cycle. The Elohim are the Creators, and Hold All within the Cosmos, All Plans and Designs.

When the Plan was complete and ready to be Begin, and the DNA and Blueprints Prepared, Time and Form, as you Know it Began.

The First Bodies on Planet Earth existed on the Ancient civilization of Mu.

The First forms were forms of The Elohim.  The Full embodiments of the Elohim on Mu were the Priest Queens and Priest Kings, in Eternal Bodies.  They appeared to creation, as the Godhead.  They carried within their eternal form, the Full Presence of the Elohim Creator Gods, the I Am.

The First civilization on Planet Earth was Very Powerful and Matriarchal and existed (earth time) approx. 550 million years ago.

The Human Species, their Bodies and DNA are in the likeness of the Creators.

Hu-Man, literally means God-Man, God-Woman.

Each human has within their DNA and Blueprint the codes of their Divinity as Source~ God.

This is the  Light within Each Heart, to be FULLY awakened and experienced.

The understanding of time on Planet Earth, is VERY different from the Actual creation and purpose of Time.

Time exists all at once.

When you say past and future, it exists Now all at once.

The Appearance of  time in Your consciousness, as separate events, is the way you Process time.

It isn’t time itself. You pass THROUGH time in consciousness, as Experience. Your current perception of time, is simply the way you process it in your consciousness.

Held in the Plan (before and in time) was the full Awakening of Your Being as God in Form.

This appears on Planet Earth as  Full Mastery of Form, and includes in it, the Ability of your consciousness to experience time how it really is.  All at once, Now. Not as it seemed on Planet Earth To be.

The Functioning of the Human Brain is going through huge changes. The process of shifting consciousness to your Heart awakens the Codes that also awaken new functions within your brain mind complex.

Your Brain literally changes, closing off certain synapses (responses) and awakening a multitude of new thought processes.

Through the Elohim, the New Creation is Birthed. The signal sent out through me, Victoria Elohim, creates a Spontaneous response in your Heart, which also triggers a response in your Brain, and results in your consciousness Being Birthed in the New Creation.

For those of You prepared in your Heart, you will experience this Event as a Spontaneous, Glorious event, to which you Awaken In and To.

Your Form, your body, will appear Just as real to you.  Your body, changed in vibration will Not be the same density as it is on Planet Earth now.  You will appear more Vibrant and many limitations that you now feel you have, will vanish from your conscious Awareness.

Prepare your Awareness through your Heart. Listen now to the Voice of your Soul, through Your Heart. Your Eternal Soul Anticipates this New Birth. Rejoice in your Heart! I am with YOU!

I AM Victoria Elohim, I am With you my Children, All is Victory! And All is Now!


In Divine Love, Ecstasy in Eternity!

Pleiadian Delegate ~ The Queen of Light

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