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Scorpio New Moon November 11th, 2015~The Cauldron and the Holy Grail


Wow ~ The New Moon is in Scorpio 20 degrees in decan 2, November 11th, 2015 at 1:47 pm. The Sun is also in Scorpio. The Grand Benefactor Jupiter, is having a Stellar effect on this Moon, I thank you Beloved Jupiter.

Scorpio ~ Water Energy~ Passions, emotional, will power and determination.

Sun ~ Inner identity, expression.

The Moon ~ intuition, nurturing, unconscious emotions and feelings.

Jupiter ~ Fire ~ Expansion, Abundance.

The New Moon up to the Full Moon gradually builds in  intensity and strength, till the Full Moon. And with the Moon conjunct the Sun, everything new is possible. New Moons are New Beginnings and the Power of the New Moon (and its manifestations) lasts Four Weeks, till the next New Moon, which is December 11th.

The Mystery and the Magic, the Cauldron and the Holy Grail. Here we have it all ~ within.

The Cauldron of Transformation that you have experienced, and ARE experiencing, has led you to this Now moment, which is the result of the Quest, (the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow) to the GREATER experience within, of BEING the Holy Grail that you have sought. This is the greatest Quest of Scorpio, the Quest for the Holy Grail. Through the deep transformational waters of Pluto, deep in the Womb of Being (the cauldron) into the New Birth of You, so to speak, the Holy Grail of YOU.

The Power of Pluto ~ the end justifying the means. Which really means, HOWEVER you have travelled on your Quest, to be here NOW, is the WAY your Soul is doing this through YOU.  The MOMENT to MOMENT acceptance of this, is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

It is the Arrival of Being ~ The Holy Grail of You, that you have sought, and have Now found, Within. 

With the Sun and New Moon both sextile Jupiter during this New Moon ~ Beginning, it’s as if we are ANOINTED with the Blessings of Jupiter, that is, with the Abundance, Expansion, and Beneficence ~ of ~ everything That is ~ within.

So we have the Powerful Quest that was the Cauldron of Transformation that led us HERE right NOW. And as you continue to BE that which you sought, and ARE, the Holy Grail of You (your Divinity) Now, that Great Benefactor in all its Blessings, Now Crowns you with its Glory.

This New Moon ~ with the Power of the Cauldron, The Holy Grail, and the Great Benefactor, immerse your Awareness Deep Within, to the space of the CAUSE ~ within You. And Be Open to Receive, the Great Blessings, and anointing, of All That is.

Your Divinity, Your Being, Your Path that you ARE, BEING all that you Desire, as the Gift of YOU, through All That is. NOW is the Moment of Complete Embracing, all that you are WITHIN.

And it is in This ~ That I Hold YOU. 

scorpio new moon

Eternal Love and Bliss!


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New Moon in Scorpio/Eclipse October 23rd, 2014!

july2014jpg 3

New Moon in Scorpio October 23rd, 2014 6:57pm ADT with Partial Solar Eclipse at 0 Degrees Scorpio!

“Embracing the Dark, within the Light,
Do this, deeply, the Scorpio New Moon, Night

As the Hallowed Eve, approaches Soon,
remember to embrace, the Dark of the Moon.

Within you lives, the death and Rebirth,
enter the mystery, there lives, the cauldron and Hearth.

Within the ancient waters, of the depth of the Soul,
the Solar Eclipse, embraces the Whole.

Take time to enter, the worlds of the Unknown.
surrender to the Sacredness of living, and you will be Shown.

All that is One, already exists,
enter your Heart, and you enter, eternal Bliss.

The mysteries of completion, through Life and Death,
then powerfully awaken within you, through each Breath.”

Right now during the Dark of the Moon, we move deeper into the quietness of the Soul. The Darkness of the Night. Only to soon emerge within the New Beginning of this New Moon, giving all that we have, to this beginning. Mercury Retrograde in the sign of relationships (libra) has us looking back and standing still. Hopefully also slowing down and going with this flow, till Mercury goes Direct October 26th.

The powerful theme for this New Moon is Death and Rebirth, from Darkness to Light. The Cauldron of the Soul which embraces all that you are, all existence’s, everywhere, Of course the Darkness also contains light. Even your thoughts that seem dark are still composed of Light that you are transmitting and creating your Reality with.

Deep into the recesses of the Soul and subconscious one may emerge as the powerful state of Being that purely Is. All That is. Giving all of your Life, to All That you Are. The energies of Scorpio and the Solar Eclipse provides the stage, for your emergence as the Powerful consciousness and Light of your Soul, that you are.

This Eclipse is a Partial Eclipse and to find out more about the Eclipse visit here:

This lunation is also known as the Lunar Samhain. The Pagan New year is celebrated on the Day of the Thinnest Veil (Halloween) which is the space between the worlds, the dark and the Light, the other side.  All Eclipses have a profound charge, this one in Scorpio helps you to go deep within.

In the Light of Scorpio embrace Life and Death and the meaning you carry within you about your eternal Soul. We have a powerful Uranus- Pluto Square, which is the reflection of the transformation that is taking place within the Whole. Know that deep within you, the Stars and Their positions in the sky are the reflection of what is…They are not creating these things, they are within You.

Allow the Death to the old way, one ruled by the mind, and your rebirth into your true personal power and New creation, through your Heart, to be fully focused upon, within you during these sacred and Profound moments.

Scorpio rules water, allow yourself to embrace your emotions, and allow the healing to take place within you, as you stay present through your Heart.

Enter the Cauldron of your Soul, and slow down during this New Moon and during this Dark of the Moon while Mercury is in Retrograde, so you can process, be with, all that does Arise Within you. As you Stay present within your heart, all that needs to surface in your conscious awareness will, and as you do this, you embody the Light of Your Immortal Body of Light, your Soul.

Stay focused in your Heart in Harmony. If your life feels in Disharmony take special time out for yourself, spend time by the water or in the water, listen to my audio Transmissions, they will help you move more deeply into the sacredness of Your Heart and Soul.

Here is the link to Program your Crystals during this powerful time, and for you to prepare some crystal water:

Below I have included the New Moon Invocation, which is a powerful way, to embrace the sacredness of the Moon.

Holding you in the Light of Your Soul, your Eternal Being, Now and Always!!




I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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