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What is Coming Your Way ~ The Creation Plan ~ Through Your Heart


What is Coming Your Way ~ The Creation Plan ~ Through Your Heart

The very Specific “Moment” planned perfectly, since before time, is accelerating towards you.

As you know, time is not as it seems on Planet Earth. You Pass through time, as your experience, to comprehend, experience.

This is a Decisive Moment, for all those in Their Heart, and for those choosing not to be in their Heart. In the Eternal Aspect of Creation, there is no judgement or right or wrong, about your choice.

The Moment, recognized by all on Planet Earth, as the signal activates within you, your DNA acknowledgment of your choice.

Continuing on as is, or taking part in the natural evolution as the Divine Being that you are, is your choice. All choices are  in the Creation Plan. You are not “outside” of the plan, if you continue as is. All is held, as One.

The Creation Plan, includes within itself, all potential aspects of Being. There are no limitations, held in the potentials of the Plan.

Letting go of fear, and moving into your Heart, is a free will choice, that you will acknowledge and choose, through your DNA response, as you Enter the Decisive Moment, as planned, before time.

The Cosmic Plan, through the Creators of Form, the Creator Gods, the Elohim, is Perfectly in Place, and the Decisive Moment is soon arriving. In the Eternal Moment, this has already occurred. You will simply, be moving through this, in your consciousness.

Within your DNA are the codes to be Actualized, as you Hear and respond to the signal, given through the Elohim Mother, Victoria Elohim.

As you respond through your Heart, you will enter the birthing space, known as the Void. The Void is the creation space of all Matter and Form. It is the womb, your birthing place. Your consciousness will be held in the Void, through and in the Birthing of your New Consciousness and Form, and in the Birthing of The New Creation.

The New Creation, set in place before time, before the First Creation Began, 550 million Earth years ago, is soon set to begin.  The Elohim Mother, Victoria  birthed the first Creation, the Elohim Mother, Victoria,  births the New Creation, through and in, the DNA Actualization of the Plan, in Form.

Your New Body, although not as dense, will feel just as real to You as the Body you inhabit in form now. All is held within your DNA, to be activated, through your heart, for the evolution and maturing of your consciousness in Form.

Stay present within the consciousness of your form. Your consciousness is ready for this New Birth. All is in Place perfectly. The Fluid of your cells, Anticipates with great Joy, what it knows to be true, within itself.

Have great Joy, in Knowing, All is in place, and All of Creation, rejoices with you.

I Am the Mother, I Am Victoria Elohim! All is Victory! Victory I Am!


In Divine Love, Ecstasy in Eternity!

Pleiadian Delegate ~ The Queen of Light


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