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Will you be a Master of Form? Equinox 2014


Will you be a Master of FORM? Equinox 2014

With the Huge approaching of the Birthing of the New Creation, you have some CONSCIOUS choices to make.

What will it be?

Will you be a MASTER OF FORM?

Or will you SUCCUMB to the day-to-day pressures of your current Reality? Your Fear, your sense of limitation?

Will it win out?

Living over and over, incarnating over and over to the same old, same old?

Time to Wake UP isn’t it? The Equinox 2014? About time? The Equinox, March 20th, 2014 ~ 1: 57pm ADT. This begins the Opening for the Birthing of the New Creation. Be ready!!!

Wake up call is here! And has been here for a while, Will YOU HEAR THIS?

LOOK long and close deep within your RESPONSES.
Your CHOICES. The running from your FEARS and Limitations.


Will you be a MASTER OF FORM? or not?

APPLY your CONSCIOUS will and TRUTHFULLY look at your responses, your shrinking away from your Fears. Your feeling “not good” enough.

What has it accomplished for YOU?

A Life of Lack, a Life not willing to stand up and be a MASTER of FORM.

Is it time? have you had enough incarnations yet?
To have put in front of you all those fears, that you continue to not embrace?
Have you had enough pain, to BE WILLING to LOOK?

Truly YOUR freedom from your suffering, is in YOUR WILLINGNESS to ADDRESS yourself. All that YOU ARE. NOT all those ways you have responded, HIDING out. Being LESS than YOU ARE!!!

USE this Equinox time, TO spend time with yourself, looking deep into the Universal Mirror of YOU.

Your Fears, the results of YOUR fears, embrace through your Heart.

HAVE the COURAGE it TAKES, to move past your FEARS and enter the UNKNOWN!

I AM with YOU! Your Dreams, Your Heart’s Desires ARE what you have to experience as YOU DO THIS.

This life was to COMPLETE all that was not yet completed, throughout all of your existences on Planet Earth.

Embrace them! Embrace yourself, Embrace your FEARS. Embrace all that you ARE. Your Fears are there as Source also, ALL is truly ONE.

Your fears are the Unknown, and yet they FEEL like darkness to you and create the responses, to RUN and attach.  They are TRULY your greatest Gifts, as you step into More of the Unknowable.

I Am with YOU! Step into the unknown  of YOU, or Your Life and Embrace the Potential for YOU, to be a Master of Form, to no longer incarnate into the current time space continuum. And to Be Born into the New Creation, through YOUR Heart.

As YOU release YOUR Fears, YOU move more and more into Your Heart. Apply your Will to this releasing of FEAR and to the COURAGE to stand boldly, in ALL that YOU ARE!

Mastering Duality and Being a Master of Form, is ecstasy in every Breath of Living and Being, you live in deep freedom, peace and bliss, as nothing attached itself to you or you to it.

Living is PURE Joy, all suffering has left your experience through your conscious allowance and observance of all to arise within you, as simply that.

Your identity is not attached to the mental, physical or emotional body or to any outer appearance of form, yet you know you are one with it and in harmony with all of it and all life.

You see and know all is Source and you welcome fear as your friend, because it is, it is the unknowable space that you enter as you expand constantly in your consciousness; into the unknowable.

All that you desire, You know you Are, therefore you are not separate from all that you Desire, you are One with it, and comes to you, as it is You.

You live in the Center of your Being, and Know your Heart, your Divinity, your I Am Presence, as all that You Are, All that you have always been, All that you truly Desire and give yourself to.

You Give all that you Are, to that which is Eternal, you live in eternity and the VAST reaches of Eternity become YOURS in Form, in Fullness, Completeness and in Mastery.

You live in Sacred Surrender, and die continually in each breath, as you live in the Wholeness and in the Pure Ecstasy of the Sacred Wonder of Your Holy Being.

I Am with YOU! I Am Victory! I am Victoria Elohim! I Am!!!!


Being in Your Heart Feels as Pure Freedom, Pure Being, Ecstasy, Joy, Unconditional Love, Eternity, Your Soul, Bliss, All That is…Never Ending, Never Beginning…The Eternal Moment, a Celebration of Being, The Reason you Are Alive and Living, as Pure Consciousness, Experiencing yourself, within ALL Pure Limitless Being, in All that You Are, and in and through All that you Will Be, Always and Forevermore.

In Divine Love, Ecstasy in Eternity!

Pleiadian Delegate ~ The Queen of Light


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