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The Erotic Starry Night


The Erotic Starry night, Heavens,
Beauteous Delight.

Shines and uplifts the Heart,
Mystical Visions, now impart.

Awaken all the Senses,
Heightening, Ecstatic release.

Glorious living Doors of Light,
opening, sacred Temples everywhere.

Magical flavours, the lips do taste,
exotic warmth, in holy embrace.

Lift the Soul Higher, realms of Glory,
I Am, the Now.

In Union, my Beloved, the Universe,
our One Heart, lavishly Creates.

The Rushing of the Thunder, from above,
to the below.

Moves with Sudden Wonder,
all the worlds, now shift and flow.

Deep into the depths, of splendour,
hidden Secrets, do unfold.

I Am here, the voice speaks Boldly,
moving forward, into the unknown.

Time in eternity now takes Hold,
through Eyes, that Hear and See.

Holding hands with My Beloved,
Walking in Magnificence, Full Glory, To Be.


In Divine Love, Ecstasy in Eternity!

Pleiadian Delegate ~ The Queen of Light

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