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Are you Receiving the Grace, That is For You


Are you Receiving the Grace, that is for you,
are you opening Wide, to All that is.

No need to rest, in limitation, go beyond,
your comfort zone.

The Unknown, is for embracing, and takes
you out, of the safety, of what is known.

This is for, your expansion, rest in the knowing,
the unknowable is, your infinite home.

Step out of fear, that has held you back,
see what it, Truly, is.

Long held patterns, that you cling to,
waiting only, to be set Free.

Don’t let the patterns, stay in the way,
of Hearing, the voice, of your Soul.

Deep within, your Heart Space, will you hear me,
the One who births, your New Home.

Fill Your Heart, with the Love that is for you,
that always has, and always, Will be.

The infinite Light, expanding Brightly,
holds you gently, forever more.

Your New Birth, the New Creation,
is upon You, do you know.

The Glory that awaits you, the anointing,
is Sacred Bliss, your New Home.


In Divine Love, Ecstasy in Eternity!

Pleiadian Delegate ~ The Queen of Light

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