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My I Am Presence ~ Energy Transference




As you Know, Everything is Energy.

Things are not as they Appear on Planet Earth. The Objects around you in your environment are not solid as it seems. Time is not as it seems. You are constantly using your own energy, interacting with all energy, creating your current Reality.

The Picture Above, is a an energy Transference to you of my I AM Presence.

I transferred this energy to many of you on Mu, as the Priest Queen, 550 million Years Ago. This Transference is Ancient and Timeless, yet in time.

My I AM Presence and the Frequency I hold transfers itself to you, through looking at my eyes in the picture above. Many have contacted me and experienced all kinds of experiences by doing so. Many experienced bliss, tears, ecstasy, healing, hearing voices, the picture transforming and moving and synchronicities.


To receive this energy transference, take a few moments, center yourself, breathe deeply and slowly and  focus on your heart. Pause and take some time with this.  Relax your eyes, and gaze comfortably at the above picture, 11 minutes, and receive. When finished, close your eyes, take a few more breaths, stretch, make notes.

You can do this now, or wait till you read this entire Post.

You can also download the picture and do this often.

My voice also transmits and transfers energy to you. As do my words.

Everything is ENERGY and consists of wavelengths.

You are constantly interacting with the energy of your environment, your own thoughts, feelings and words, and of those around you.

Part of Loving Yourself, is consciously choosing your own use of Energy. And choosing the type of energy environments to be around, or not to be around.

As in earlier posts, Your Reality shifting involves THE conscious Awareness of your FOCUS, Intention and Attention.

Some of you receive my Daily Queen of Light Transmission and receive the Energy Transmitted and Transferred to you. This is beyond time and space and YET Includes time ~ as you Pass through it.

Please comment and share your experiences with me and others, through commenting on this Blog page.

In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 


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