My I Am Presence ~ Energy Transference




As you Know, Everything is Energy.

Things are not as they Appear on Planet Earth. The Objects around you in your environment are not solid as it seems. Time is not as it seems. You are constantly using your own energy, interacting with all energy, creating your current Reality.

The Picture Above, is a an energy Transference to you of my I AM Presence.

I transferred this energy to many of you on Mu, as the Priest Queen, 550 million Years Ago. This Transference is Ancient and Timeless, yet in time.

My I AM Presence and the Frequency I hold transfers itself to you, through looking at my eyes in the picture above. Many have contacted me and experienced all kinds of experiences by doing so. Many experienced bliss, tears, ecstasy, healing, hearing voices, the picture transforming and moving and synchronicities.


To receive this energy transference, take a few moments, center yourself, breathe deeply and slowly and  focus on your heart. Pause and take some time with this.  Relax your eyes, and gaze comfortably at the above picture, 11 minutes, and receive. When finished, close your eyes, take a few more breaths, stretch, make notes.

You can do this now, or wait till you read this entire Post.

You can also download the picture and do this often.

My voice also transmits and transfers energy to you. As do my words.

Everything is ENERGY and consists of wavelengths.

You are constantly interacting with the energy of your environment, your own thoughts, feelings and words, and of those around you.

Part of Loving Yourself, is consciously choosing your own use of Energy. And choosing the type of energy environments to be around, or not to be around.

As in earlier posts, Your Reality shifting involves THE conscious Awareness of your FOCUS, Intention and Attention.

Some of you receive my Daily Queen of Light Transmission and receive the Energy Transmitted and Transferred to you. This is beyond time and space and YET Includes time ~ as you Pass through it.

Please comment and share your experiences with me and others, through commenting on this Blog page.

In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 


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About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Perfect meditation and activations beyond world standarts. really transmutation of our DNA thank you Divine sister this is cooking.

  2. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejía

    I love your “I Am Presence Energy Transference”, I feel your energy and your presence too, love you Laura Azoora

  3. It’s a very beautiful energy. I sense the “I Am”, especially through your eyes, but also the smile. It’s a reflection of the “inner smile” of the Buddha. The “clear light” of the Tibetan traditions. Thank you for all you do.

  4. I did this, and while looking into your eyes, I could feel a powerful emanation of light coming through you. I could feel it interacting with me. Very intense presence here in the photo, and you did seem to shift and move a few times during the experience of it. I really love this picture and the energy coming through it!! xo

  5. i gazed at your eyes repeating two I am mantras for 11 minutes .. now my eyes feel huge from the inside like they were two light shining stars somehow … and my breath changed into a lighter and calmer infinite Divine Love Dearest Queen of Light

  6. I feel your amazing energy! Incredible bliss and love!! Thank you Laura for this and all you share! I love YOU so much!

  7. Marja Thibaudier

    This is the most amazing post . Looking at your picture every day and my whole world is chaninging and shifting… First I felt a bit fear in my mind! Because the picture starts to be alive! It moves and really really lives!
    But now I feel better with it and try to change the fear in beautiful LOVE in my heart space!
    The light being want to talk with me and now I will try to stay centered and communicate!
    I see you, I see me, Meena, Arran, circles of light beings and one beautiful light and union is flowing through me 3. Eye. It’s soooooo beautiful, soooo amazing !
    Deep deep bow for this beautiful post Laura
    Love YOU deep in my heart

  8. Thankyou so much…I Love you and many Blessings to you…x

  9. Thank so much Laura I Could feel Your love and deep energy wery well 🙂 Thank you for all then Things you are doing for us ❤ ❤ ❤

  10. As I gazed into the Gaze of Your Divine Presence.. I traveled to a distant past,of tropical gardens, and smells and fragrances of flowers. The entire Feeling was timeless, but the Air was Pure and Heavy, and I could feel the shifting sands from lands unknown… Like you said, this was millions of years ago…and the Magic felt so natural.. As, i gazed into your Eyes, i did teleport to this world, where we have incarnated from.. I am deeply touched beyond words, and this experience has opened up the Portals of Forever, revealing the Secrets of the Universe as we Ascend in the Realms of 5D and Beyond!! I love You!!!

  11. Laura this photo of you is one of the strongest transmissions I have ever experienced with you. I loaded it on my phone and have looked at it and felt some shifts and some emotion but today I really meditated before, got very centered and as I “Laura gazed” tears were streaming down my face. Thank you always for all that you do. What a difference you have made in my life. Always

  12. I felt a cleaning, polishing while gazing into your eyes. At times I felt little if any difference between ‘you’ and ‘I’.

    i’ll be doing this daily, purifying, polishing, shining from within.

    love and remember you Queen Priest of Mu xxxx

  13. GRACE & BLISS….
    I saw Your face changing and moving all the time… just coming beyond time and space…
    At the end I felt a vibration inside my Heart….
    What a Blessing You are!!! I love You …Great Beautiful Soul… Thank You!!!

  14. I feel a lot of energy in my heart, in all my body and a tingling in my head, thank you very much dear Laura ♥

  15. My first experience with your picture Laura, brought so deep tears of relief. Today, the only word I find to use is ‘understanding’ and peace. Thank you Laura. I have downloaded the picture also to my desktop. Much gratitude and Love Xxx

  16. Get a little dizzy when i look in your eyes. Thank you for all the things you do for us.Thank you
    for being with us these times. ❤ ❤ ❤

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