BEING Divine ~ Mastering Form

LAuraInannaLet us connect you consciously with that which is the Divine You.

Defining terms on Earth through words is not a clear cut process. As long held beliefs and usages through assumption of word meanings, get in the way.

This is beyond all of that. This is the truth through the heart.

There is this YOU that is light and is multidimensional.

You have an eternal form.

This eternal form is that which emanates as your body throughout the dimensions.

It is the dimensions and levels of awareness consciousness that dictates HOW you see yourself, your beliefs (carried over) and how you uniquely see your world. Which is your reality ~ VIEW.  As if peering through a telescope.

The DIVINE You is the eternal YOU that is aware of itself as an eternal DIVINE BEING. 

This Divine self  is self aware of ALL that IT IS.  That knows it never ends.

That KNOWS it is the one merging in consciousness with that which beliefs have previously dictated you are.

That never sleeps.

This Divine YOU is the embodiment of all you desire.

IT is freedom from suffering.

It is your Ascension.

It is the ONE you have been searching for.


IT is the embodiment of the masculine and feminine, JOINED as ONE.

It is the twin souls, knowing their complete union.

IT is the eternal YOU that knows there is no time and space or distance.

IT is the ONE writing this to the one hearing all of this now, beyond the mind.

It bypasses all ways of being.

YET it is HERE NOW and hears me.

It is the love story dreamed of.

It is the uniting of GLORY of itself.

It is the beauty beyond description.

It is the haven and love of the true lovers.

It is the consciousness that is always changing.

It is the ONE changeless in its original state.

It is the heart beating deeply with love and worship.

It is the ecstasy and rapture Of The lovers untied and merging.

It is the Heaven on Earth and the Heaven.

It is the VOID AND IT IS the Light.

It is the Knowing and the magnetism that magnetizes all to IT.

It is the centre and the whole.

It is uniqueness and its creation.

IT is the ONE that loves and is loved.

It is the drop and the Ocean all at once.

It is the Universe and yet it is here now.

It is ALL That is.

In this the truth of the ONE Divine Uniqueness, each Soul~ with all OF THE illuminated Souls, that have mastered and created form.

It is the Gods and those that are becoming Gods.

It is the eternal memory.

It is what is beyond imagination yet in it.

IN this THE DIVINE you that we now activate and initiate you. In love and through the heart, the only true initiation SPACE of the DIVINE. All now.




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  1. Powerful and sacred beyond description! Thank you so much, L’Aura and The Divine Council of Overseers! 🙏🏻❤️

  2. I love this and you so much! Thank you L’Aura and the Divine Council of Overseers, always 🙏🏻💙🌊🌟

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