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The Return of The Divine Feminine

In the current contract I am fulfilling as the Pleiadian Delegate and Queen of Light the Shift to the Higher frequencies includes the Emerging Divine Feminine. The Earth and the Humans have been out of Balance, this is not so on Other Planets and Galaxies throughout the Universe.

Living an existence as Hildegard von Bingen; I spoke of  the Divine Feminine to Men, Priests, Kings and the prominent Figures of the Day. Hildegard wrote on the Divine as Feminine and did everything possible to change the times she existed in; in a time in History when women never spoke.

She sang and wrote that the door were “Now Wide Open for the Divine Feminine”. This was in 1100’s.

900 Years later as we approach the Beginning of the Golden Age, we are about to experience the return of the Divine Feminine. Hildegard has returned, this time the Work will be complete. The Pleiadians also hold the frequencies for the Divine Feminine to Return on Earth. On the Pleiades there is the frequency of Perfect Love that is Harmony in the Union with the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

This is the  Twin Flame frequency;  holding the Balance for the Universe.

This is the Return of the Natural Being in Harmony with the Divine, Masculine and Feminine Union. These frequencies have been held in Balance throughout the Universe since BEFORE time.

Those Planets and Beings not in Harmony will return to the Natural way of Being.  Divine Union of the Masculine and Feminine.

Allow your awareness to Move to your Heart Space Now. Inside Your Heart you can reach the Heart Frequency and the Divine NATURAL State of BEING, Union; Masculine and Feminine.

Please listen to my meditations, they will move your Frequency into greater and greater Union with Divine Harmony.

Stay tuned for More on the Return of The Divine Feminine in Union with the Masculine.

Holding the Frequency of the Return of the Divine Feminine in Harmony with the Divine Masculine. This has always been held in Eternity before time began.

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.


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Frequency of Re-Enchantment

Magical world of Fairies, Devas and Angels.  Let’s Begin the Journey to re-enchantment Now.

All worlds and dimensions are accessed through the Frequency of the present Moment. Harmony and vibrating in Union.

Devas are THE original Blueprints, the Beings of Light that hold the patterning in Love and Union.

There are Devas of Crystals, flowers, and Also of the Earth, the nature Kingdom, the Fairy  Kingdom, as well as for Planets and the universe. In Atlantis the Blueprints were sent forth for this time and the New Earth, the Golden Age and the Rising of Atlantis.

Pan is a Deva, God of Nature and Ascended Master. Holding the Blueprint and the Frequency of the Nature Kingdom. I Love the Deva of Nature, and I am very close to this Deva.  

The Fairy Queen is the Deva of the Fairy worlds. She holds the Light and the Love and essence of the Fairy Kingdom. She is an eternal Being and Goddess of the Fairy Worlds. She is part of the Soul of the Queen of Light.

There are many magical Devas that hold the Blueprints for specific areas of nature.  There are also Devas; Blueprints for computers and technology.  The next time you are out in nature or  drinking water;  FEEL the essence of the Water, the essence of Nature.  The Essence is the Blueprint.  The Essence is the Frequency.

Portals Of Light beyond the current time space continuum.. All is truly Light; although they may seem solid in different frequencies. The Light anywhere can be accessed Now in the Here and Now. When I enter people s energy fields I am in my Light Body, there is no distance in our Soul Light Bodies.

Angels Of Light are everywhere. And yes there are many levels and frequencies of the Angels. I have existences in the Angelic Realm and the Angels are Pure Love. Just like the Devas, there are Cosmic Angels, as well as Angels governing areas of existences. There are angels for crystals, Love, and Awakening, etc.  They are Love Beings holding the positions of Divine duty with Love. Entering Union you can feel them in the here and Now.

Begin today to enter re-enchantment. The Magical place within you to Enter is YOUR Heart. Worlds upon Worlds are inside you. As you do this the Awareness of  YOUR Subtle Body Begins to Awaken as well as Your Bliss Body. You will begin to vibrate in Union in the Here and Now.

Listening to My meditations will Activate your Heart Frequency in Union with Divine Harmony and Love. And also awaken your Subtle Body awareness.

Love and Union, in the Divine Harmony of the Universe,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.


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copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

Manifesting Through Frequency Union

Manifesting through Frequency Union. What does that mean to You?

Are you manifesting through thought? The mind intentions?

What if you could feel and know that all your Heart’s Desires exist, and through your heart-felt focus you can Vibrate in the Frequency of Union and step  into your Destiny. Would you want that?

The Visions I receive of people, situations, are the Highest level; that is the Highest Destiny chosen by the Soul for their Life Plan. The Original blueprint.  Many do not reach the Highest, very few in fact.

In each moment you are vibrating and drawing to you the Events, People and  Situations that match your current Frequency.

When I look closely at a persons Akashic Record and their Blueprint there are Many Differences.

Why is that?

The Akashic is holding what is recorded and the Most likely events to occur based on your current frequency match.

This is a LIVING FIELD. That is updated moment to moment with your Vibrations and Frequency.

This is why so many experience huge life changes after receiving their Activation from me with Their Original Blueprint, their Frequency is immediately different. The reality around them begins to change as they are now vibrating at a different Frequency. The Frequency is Union.

ARE you vibrating with Union? or moving in and out of it. Vibrating in Duality? which will always Give you What your Heart does not Desire.

Why is that? If you are vibrating in Duality it has to give you the people and events that are in Duality that help to SHOW you the truth, YOUR vibration!

The Akashic Record is a living field, and is a living recording device that is constantly updated moment to moment as  your Live Frequency is transmitted to it.

Your Blueprint is a live Energy Stream of your Frequency and Your Life Plan, what you came to do, who you came to be with, and Included are the encodings that will awaken when you are activated to your Highest Destiny, when you vibrate in Frequency with it.

Picture a glass of water. In it is Union. Your past and your futures all exist as Now in the Glass of Water. In Union is One. Your highest Desires of Your Heart are in there as One in the Water. You are not separated from The All.

In Union; In Harmony, in your Heart you resonate  with the Frequency of your Original Blueprint and with your Highest Destiny. You vibrate Frequency Union.

You have a BUILT in FREQUENCY Monitor that REVEALS your current Frequency.

It is called Harmony, and it is accessed through your Heart in the Now moment.


Since it is a Frequency if you allow yourself, your energy bodies to also be around the Frequency of Harmony it begins to resonate more and more in Your Heart and Cells.

Listen to my Meditations, I have some people Healing and listening to all 4 a day, and they feel and Know the difference it is making in their Life.

It is not my words, and there is no music, it is My Frequency of HARMONY;  that vibrates with the Center, in UNION, as Azoora as Queen of Light that will activate your Frequency to vibrate in Union. Your cells begin to resonate with the Frequency Union.

If you are desiring huge shifts in frequency you can contact me for your Pleiadian Activation which accesses the frequency of your Blueprint and moves the Frequency into your Higher Heart. The Light Transmissions and Healing Sessions also increase your Frequency.

In Diamond Light Frequencies of Divine Union,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

Walk-in What Dimension? 6th, 7th, All?

Many have asked me even today, what dimension am I?  I have mentioned to some of You and in my writings I originally walked in from Andromeda. To some Andromedans are mainly 7th dimension Beings. Some Andromedans exist in higher frequencies up to the 9th and this is NOW constantly shifting.

What are dimensions to you?

You cannot understand Dimensions from Linear awareness.  You cannot take a plane ride to a dimension. They are frequency levels that are accessed through the frequencies.

As Azoora the Pleiadian self coexisting on the Pleiades I am vibrating at the 6th dimension. Many Pleiadians are 5th. The 6th holds the creation and vibrations of the Blueprints for the universe. this is shifting, it is not just you Humans that are shifting, it is the UNIVERSE.

Now as the Queen of Light I am all dimensions. There is talk of also how many dimensions, Some say 12 some 144 some 365. Remember they are all frequencies. Feel Eternity, and find out what it means to you.

As a multidimensional being and as the consciousness of Holding the Universe I live in the frequencies of all dimensions.

You Can be in all dimensions too.

Think of the dimensions like clothing, it is what YOU choose to take on. To experience yourself at the frequency.

What is Source!

Source of Course is all dimensions!!

So you are too.

When we SAY we are in the 5th, 7th, all, WHAT DOES that MEAN?

It means our Conscious awareness has expanded and is aware of its frequencies in those dimensions.

Consciously EXPERIENCING Self awareness in the dimensions and those Frequencies.

It is simply residing in the frequency of consciousness that accesses the dimensions. Cosmic consciousness; Present Moment awareness.

Each individuation is unique. You Choose the dimensions, and are a unique part of Source sourcing itself as conscious existence experiencing existence.

How can I be all Dimensions and be here in a body?  And be Azoora, Pleiadian Delegate,  and Be Andromedan and Be Queen of Light?   and all 3000 existences;  because they are frequency Dimensions accessed in the Now moment. Accessed in what earth people call enlightenment, or cosmic consciousness.

It is simply residing in the frequency of consciousness that accesses the dimensions.

Each individuation is unique. You Choose the dimensions, and are a unique part of Source sourcing itself as conscious existence.

I hope this helps some of you. I will be writing more on the dimensions, the frequencies and the access. As well as developing Cosmic Consciousness and Enlightenment.

Love to all of you in this Now Eternal Moment!

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

Initiations as Doorways

Many years ago I began receiving a series of  visits from Sanut Kumara. He showed me many doorways and that each doorway represented a level of initiation. When a person walked through One doorway that represented one initiation,  then they entered into the phase approaching  the next level. This is when I was shown Blueprints and how when a persons Blueprint changes so does their Life. The initiations and activations are all dormant potential frequencies ready to be awakened within each persons Blueprint.

I would like to share this with you because it may help you to understand the many frequencies, shifts and  levels. You physically would not be able to handle the frequency of instant awareness. Many of you ask me well how long does this take?

Think of Your body as Light. In this Light is your current Frequency.  Your Frequency  vibrates  and interacts with all Light.

There are different levels of frequencies in  the different species as well as the Soul level expansion.  The highest Level Light is just that. It is not about how high you go, it is about experiencing THE Harmony with your Frequency, no matter what that is for YOU.  Being Present Now with what is.

Some Beings simply vibrate at a Higher Frequency.  Their words and energy transform the  people around them. No matter what frequency you are; the Harmony YOU experience with YOUR frequency will change your life and others around YOU simply by LIVING in HARMONY.

The initiations along your life path at certain points move your frequency in Harmony with your Original Blueprint and Life Plan. Repetitive Patterns in your reality are usually inherent Life PLan learning lessons from lifetime to lifetime; once MASTERED  you move to the next level.

The Doorways are  the entranceway  to the next level of your Being. Initiations and frequency shifts NOT only occur in Your body as LIGHT in Union in eternity, but also BEGIN shifting your physical patterning Body and Cells.  As Above so Below.

The levels may be called Light Body levels. The levels and vibrations and frequencies are of LIGHT and they vibrate this New way of being as Potentials to your DNA.

Your body, your cells your DNA all transform as your LIGHT Body is initiated in the Union one level at a time with your original encodings. There are exceptions; I have seen people through Grace, advance more than one level at a time.  Some of the Activations I have done for people has provided this major shift in experience; the advancement of many levels.

The Fastest way you can advance personally by yourself, is through the practise of staying Present every moment. You will advance quickly through the level you are working on.

Meditation will help You GREATLY feel your presence and the present moment.

Listen to my meditations as they will increase your Frequency and your personal awareness of the Present Moment within your Heart.


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Love and Diamond Light Frequencies to YOU Now, in Union, Harmony and Bliss,




copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

Ecstasy and Union in Your Cells And DNA

Many have heard me speak on the Cells and DNA. Many of the things I write activate and awaken your cellular consciousness. All of my meditations activate the DNA and cells. Why is that? Everything is frequency, and when your Cells and DNA experience a High Frequency of Source consciousness they attune to the frequency download as New information; New encodings and awakening of what your Soul knows to be true at Soul level for YOU.

My writing, words and Activations are occurring Beyond Time and Space. My energy; although in a body, is transmitted to you, through my meditations etc. from the Central Sun. This is why the Activations at cellular level occur. In the Frequency of the Eternal there is no time, so all who will ever listen to my words, meditations and receive Frequency Transmissions  are receiving the frequencies AS IF you were right with me during the transmissions. Whether you listen to them now, or years from now, it is as if you were present with me in the Central Sun receiving the Activations.


Please remember I am not here needing to convince you of anything. I am here sharing my Frequency of Union with you All. That is why I am here, the REASON I arrived in a physical form.

The environment you find your self in influences your Cells and DNA; as well as your own thoughts. Your Emotions have a very powerful influence over your cells and DNA. Accepting what is and Loving yourself is a fast way to move and shift into the awareness of Union and freedom. If this makes no sense to you, please surround yourself with High Vibrations and Frequencies Daily and you will experience a shift in awareness and Frequency. In other words, YOU do NOT need to Believe anything, Try this out and see the results!  I am not leaving you alone on your Own; LISTEN to my meditations and commit to daily immersion in the Higher Frequencies and See how your Life will change.

Many questions come to me about Sexual Tantric Experiences of Bliss and Complete Ecstasy through Union. Yes all of this is possible. You ENTER into the Union which includes the Physical Body of both you and your Partner and you allow the bliss and ecstasy to spread through your entire body and enter all the cells. The shaking that may occur during the Sexual Bliss and Union will then move into all the cells which will experience the Orgasm inside them. Full body Ecstasy and the frequency of Union moving deeper into YOUR Cellular consciousness through Ecstasy of Union.

Now there are levels to all of this. So you begin where you are. A Partner that also wishes to experience the Higher levels of Union would be beneficial with Love. Either way, BEGIN moving more Love and Union Frequencies into your cells and DNA today! Prepare for this! Plan this into your day!

I will be writing more on this subject. MORE importantly surround yourself and Immerse your awareness in Higher Frequencies ALLOWING your cellular consciousness to awaken moment to moment in Bliss, Ecstasy and Union.

You may go  to my website the Resources Page to listen to my meditations, or my Facebook page, or email me personally requesting the Mp3’s at    Also to Order your Light Transmissions, Healing or Pleiadian Activations :

I Love all of YOU and it is my Wish that you experience the Love and Union in all of Your Cells and DNA, which means all of you; All of YOUR Consciousness!


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

Aliens On Earth

Aliens arriving on Earth?? The Aliens are already here my friends. Since the beginning of the creation of the Species Human. There are different views on which combination of DNA the human species were created. Some say Sirius with Annunaki mix, some say other mixes. Either way Humans are a unique species. The first humans made from Source were a created Unique Species. The Angels are another Species. One and on the many species. Prime Creator is a Creator God of the Elohim and a Key Player in the Planning of Worlds and Species. Some may call them the Game Players.

Now for those of you that believe in one God; this does not go against your Beliefs. Above Prime Creator is the Universal Source of all existence, you may prefer to use the name God. On earth because of the male and female polarity there are those holding the female polarity that prefer Goddess. One Source that all originate from and are One with at Soul level.

Does it really matter? If we are all from One Source, We are all part of ONE Eternal Living Source of Being. Those who prefer scientific terms would prefer Zero Point Field; Consciousness in the holographic Field.

You are Consciousness beyond the form and you also are Light and originate from Source.

I am not here to convince you of my truth, if what I say does not resonate with you please look for what you resonate with. My reality is NOT an option and I speak of my Reality as a Being in a body which did not originate through the Normal Human birthing Process. I walked-in from another Galaxy. And if it is your belief that you cannot believe such a thing, please know I am not here to change your beliefs. Love to you and all of YOU. My experience and reality is normal to me. Humans are Fascinating beings that are waking up and realizing they are part of the Whole and One with Source.

The Aliens from other planets have always arrived, some have stayed, and some have walked in human bodies to be here Now. They were around in Atlantis, Egypt, Tibet, as well as dispersed throughout the Planet Now.

Some Alien Beings live inside the Earth, Middle Earth Beings. They are alive and real.

The Angels visit also as well as the Devas and Fairies. They are not that different from some Alien Species.

The frequent Alien species you may have heard of visiting earth are the Greys. They have shared some technology with some governments. They are not “bad” they are most like humans in that they too are shifting out of duality. As well as the reptilian races of Alien. They too are looking forward to the shift and Union.

The Beings called Pleiadians never experienced Duality, they hold Love with Union for all existences and Hold the Blueprints for the Designs in the Central Sun on Alcyone. All Ascended Beings and Masters send their frequencies from there.

Most other Beings NEVER experienced Duality. Almost all are UNION based Frequencies. Just a few species that are merging from the experience of Duality to Perfect Union with Source.

When the majority of the Human Species have shifted their frequencies to Love and Union then all will clearly experience and see all the Loving union with the Star Beings; the Aliens and the Angels. The Earth will not have the same frequency at that time, it will not be like a casual day on Planet earth and stay looking like Planet Earth. There is a frequency shift and ALL will Appear Different to Those Who merge with the Universal and Cosmic Union of Source as Source.

To me they are with me everywhere, the Angels the Fairies and Aliens. The Pleiadians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Alpha Centurians and many other Alien Species have formed an Intergalactic Alliance that has representatives that ALL WORK in UNION with Source and in union with THE shift for the Universe. All galaxies are shifting throughout the Entire Universe.

Earth is a small part of the Universe. Very important, but small in comparison to the Whole.

They are present now, and you will all see clearly when the veil of illusion is lifted from your eyes. Your DNA is being updated constantly with as much frequency as you can hold without damage to your cellular structures. As well as the Crystal Grid throughout planet Earth. There is not a moment that you are not receiving frequencies from Source.

The Earth may seem that it is dying. It is not; it is transforming, Earth is shifting also and preparing.

Love to you All from Azoora, The Queen of Light, the Intergalactic Alliance, and the Form typing this,




copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

Predictions of Disclosure Dates

I was recently contacted and asked to make a statement on the Prediction of a  Disclosure Date.

It is my understanding that  Any Date is POSSIBLE. When the Frequencies are right  All things will Shift.

The Pleiadians, Andromedans, Arcturians and the Queen of Light that I work with Closely are NOT giving me a specific DATE.

Being not from Earth, my existence is in Light Frequencies and DNA encodings in the Cosmic Awareness of Union. I am not Earth Focused; although I am here to help with the Universal Codes of Union with the Center for All in the Universe. I am a representative of a Different Time Space continuum that Humans are Shifting to in Union with the Cosmic code.

Your awakening is Not Dependent on a Date of Disclosure, or Disclosure.

The Aliens have been here for a long time since the beginning of the Human Species.

They are Here Now.

Focus on Knowing this within yourself.

Feel your connection to All That is. Stay Focused on Your Heart.

Love to all of YOU!


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

Paramount in The Paradigm Shift

I will begin to write and share my awareness and Knowing through direct experience of the Chakras and the Bodies. I know there are different views of looking at the bodies as well as different names in different systems. I will eventually cover all of them.

Right Now I am receiving questions from people suffering with emotional despair.

I CANNOT emphasize ENOUGH the need for you to Understand THE Following:

THE frequency shift if YOU are NOT in YOUR  CENTER will show to you all of YOUR imbalances, as well as bring up all of YOUR Fears.

You are entering a new Paradigm; A NEW WAY of EXISTING.

This requires a NEW focus, awareness and WAY of Being.

It is PARAMOUNT if desiring Ease and Grace that you Stay centered. Stay Focused in Your Heart.

When the Emotional Body is running the show it will move all the chakras and the mental body into DISARRAY. The Functioning in the state of disarray switches gears into the Fight or Flight response. This further deplete the physical body depleting the  reserves of prana and the disharmony  moves deeper into STRESS states.

By staying in YOUR Center the shifts in frequency can be experienced as EASE and GRACE.

I am not saying this is Easy!!

I am saying it is doable.

Do you want this difficult? or do you wish to shift easily?  The choice is yours.

Even though the world may seem to be falling apart around you, if YOU stay centered you will move into greater and greater levels of Peace and Harmony.

I KNOW people and without mentioning names Who go for days listening to my meditations and a day or so not. The Days they listen they feel so much more able to stay in the process of the SHIFT.

The days they do not they can be thrown deeper and deeper into Disharmony.

The Reason for this is the Frequency in my  Meditations are the Frequency of Source, of Harmony of the Center. Your Cells and DNA as well as the Subconscious respond to this NEW Frequency. You may experience Vibrations and an awakening. You may see Light.  You may experience huge breakthroughs for longer periods of time.

Do not stop. commit to YOU, Yourself shifting with GRACE and EASE.

The Balance of the Emotional Body and the Mental Body in HARMONY  and UNION with the Heart CENTER, will Move you through This Shift in Frequency and Allow you to Enter the New Paradigm of Being with Grace and Ease.

Heart Frequency Meditation:

Love Meditation:

Chakra meditation:

Healing Meditation (LONG)


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I will be providing more and more ways to help all of YOU through your Transformation with Ease and Grace.

Love to all of You Now.



copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.


Eternal Light of Day

If the Road you are on feels like a dead-end, PLEASE do not give up. If everywhere you turn you see suffering, PLEASE do not give up. If the pain you feel feels unbearable, PLEASE do not give up. You are important. You are needed on this earth right now. There is a reason you are Here.

At the end of the suffering is the Light of Day. The Endless Day. The Eternal Light of Day.

If I could hold YOU right Now in my arms I would. The Love you would feel would ease your pain. It is in the knowing of Being Loved that Your Heart opens. Feel the Love for you Now. These are not just words, feel the truth within your Heart Now.

No one truly LIVES till they Know Love.

The Love is flowing to you right Now. Do you desire this eternal Love? It can heal your pain and suffering. You can be held now in the Light of the Eternal Day.

You are NOT alone. You are Loved.

The Queen of Light holds all of you in this Eternal Love. Feel THIS truth within You and Step into the Eternal Light of Day. Into the ARMS of Love. Eternal Love. Eternal Union.

In Love and The Eternal Union in Harmony with The Eternal Light of Day.


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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