Manifesting Through Frequency Union

Manifesting through Frequency Union. What does that mean to You?

Are you manifesting through thought? The mind intentions?

What if you could feel and know that all your Heart’s Desires exist, and through your heart-felt focus you can Vibrate in the Frequency of Union and step  into your Destiny. Would you want that?

The Visions I receive of people, situations, are the Highest level; that is the Highest Destiny chosen by the Soul for their Life Plan. The Original blueprint.  Many do not reach the Highest, very few in fact.

In each moment you are vibrating and drawing to you the Events, People and  Situations that match your current Frequency.

When I look closely at a persons Akashic Record and their Blueprint there are Many Differences.

Why is that?

The Akashic is holding what is recorded and the Most likely events to occur based on your current frequency match.

This is a LIVING FIELD. That is updated moment to moment with your Vibrations and Frequency.

This is why so many experience huge life changes after receiving their Activation from me with Their Original Blueprint, their Frequency is immediately different. The reality around them begins to change as they are now vibrating at a different Frequency. The Frequency is Union.

ARE you vibrating with Union? or moving in and out of it. Vibrating in Duality? which will always Give you What your Heart does not Desire.

Why is that? If you are vibrating in Duality it has to give you the people and events that are in Duality that help to SHOW you the truth, YOUR vibration!

The Akashic Record is a living field, and is a living recording device that is constantly updated moment to moment as  your Live Frequency is transmitted to it.

Your Blueprint is a live Energy Stream of your Frequency and Your Life Plan, what you came to do, who you came to be with, and Included are the encodings that will awaken when you are activated to your Highest Destiny, when you vibrate in Frequency with it.

Picture a glass of water. In it is Union. Your past and your futures all exist as Now in the Glass of Water. In Union is One. Your highest Desires of Your Heart are in there as One in the Water. You are not separated from The All.

In Union; In Harmony, in your Heart you resonate  with the Frequency of your Original Blueprint and with your Highest Destiny. You vibrate Frequency Union.

You have a BUILT in FREQUENCY Monitor that REVEALS your current Frequency.

It is called Harmony, and it is accessed through your Heart in the Now moment.


Since it is a Frequency if you allow yourself, your energy bodies to also be around the Frequency of Harmony it begins to resonate more and more in Your Heart and Cells.

Listen to my Meditations, I have some people Healing and listening to all 4 a day, and they feel and Know the difference it is making in their Life.

It is not my words, and there is no music, it is My Frequency of HARMONY;  that vibrates with the Center, in UNION, as Azoora as Queen of Light that will activate your Frequency to vibrate in Union. Your cells begin to resonate with the Frequency Union.

If you are desiring huge shifts in frequency you can contact me for your Pleiadian Activation which accesses the frequency of your Blueprint and moves the Frequency into your Higher Heart. The Light Transmissions and Healing Sessions also increase your Frequency.

In Diamond Light Frequencies of Divine Union,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About The New Divine Humanity

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Hi Tedmund,

    For more information please visit my website:

    Love to you!

  2. I wish for my Pleiadian Activation.
    In light and love

  3. Laura , Again this is excellent this explains to me the far reaching questions no one else could answer in these short paragraphs.
    How can one know their true potential encased in the Akashic and Blueprint..
    Is It possible to know or set a goal or target if in agreement ?

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