Ecstasy and Union in Your Cells And DNA

Many have heard me speak on the Cells and DNA. Many of the things I write activate and awaken your cellular consciousness. All of my meditations activate the DNA and cells. Why is that? Everything is frequency, and when your Cells and DNA experience a High Frequency of Source consciousness they attune to the frequency download as New information; New encodings and awakening of what your Soul knows to be true at Soul level for YOU.

My writing, words and Activations are occurring Beyond Time and Space. My energy; although in a body, is transmitted to you, through my meditations etc. from the Central Sun. This is why the Activations at cellular level occur. In the Frequency of the Eternal there is no time, so all who will ever listen to my words, meditations and receive Frequency Transmissions  are receiving the frequencies AS IF you were right with me during the transmissions. Whether you listen to them now, or years from now, it is as if you were present with me in the Central Sun receiving the Activations.


Please remember I am not here needing to convince you of anything. I am here sharing my Frequency of Union with you All. That is why I am here, the REASON I arrived in a physical form.

The environment you find your self in influences your Cells and DNA; as well as your own thoughts. Your Emotions have a very powerful influence over your cells and DNA. Accepting what is and Loving yourself is a fast way to move and shift into the awareness of Union and freedom. If this makes no sense to you, please surround yourself with High Vibrations and Frequencies Daily and you will experience a shift in awareness and Frequency. In other words, YOU do NOT need to Believe anything, Try this out and see the results!  I am not leaving you alone on your Own; LISTEN to my meditations and commit to daily immersion in the Higher Frequencies and See how your Life will change.

Many questions come to me about Sexual Tantric Experiences of Bliss and Complete Ecstasy through Union. Yes all of this is possible. You ENTER into the Union which includes the Physical Body of both you and your Partner and you allow the bliss and ecstasy to spread through your entire body and enter all the cells. The shaking that may occur during the Sexual Bliss and Union will then move into all the cells which will experience the Orgasm inside them. Full body Ecstasy and the frequency of Union moving deeper into YOUR Cellular consciousness through Ecstasy of Union.

Now there are levels to all of this. So you begin where you are. A Partner that also wishes to experience the Higher levels of Union would be beneficial with Love. Either way, BEGIN moving more Love and Union Frequencies into your cells and DNA today! Prepare for this! Plan this into your day!

I will be writing more on this subject. MORE importantly surround yourself and Immerse your awareness in Higher Frequencies ALLOWING your cellular consciousness to awaken moment to moment in Bliss, Ecstasy and Union.

You may go  to my website the Resources Page to listen to my meditations, or my Facebook page, or email me personally requesting the Mp3’s at    Also to Order your Light Transmissions, Healing or Pleiadian Activations :

I Love all of YOU and it is my Wish that you experience the Love and Union in all of Your Cells and DNA, which means all of you; All of YOUR Consciousness!


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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