Initiations as Doorways

Many years ago I began receiving a series of  visits from Sanut Kumara. He showed me many doorways and that each doorway represented a level of initiation. When a person walked through One doorway that represented one initiation,  then they entered into the phase approaching  the next level. This is when I was shown Blueprints and how when a persons Blueprint changes so does their Life. The initiations and activations are all dormant potential frequencies ready to be awakened within each persons Blueprint.

I would like to share this with you because it may help you to understand the many frequencies, shifts and  levels. You physically would not be able to handle the frequency of instant awareness. Many of you ask me well how long does this take?

Think of Your body as Light. In this Light is your current Frequency.  Your Frequency  vibrates  and interacts with all Light.

There are different levels of frequencies in  the different species as well as the Soul level expansion.  The highest Level Light is just that. It is not about how high you go, it is about experiencing THE Harmony with your Frequency, no matter what that is for YOU.  Being Present Now with what is.

Some Beings simply vibrate at a Higher Frequency.  Their words and energy transform the  people around them. No matter what frequency you are; the Harmony YOU experience with YOUR frequency will change your life and others around YOU simply by LIVING in HARMONY.

The initiations along your life path at certain points move your frequency in Harmony with your Original Blueprint and Life Plan. Repetitive Patterns in your reality are usually inherent Life PLan learning lessons from lifetime to lifetime; once MASTERED  you move to the next level.

The Doorways are  the entranceway  to the next level of your Being. Initiations and frequency shifts NOT only occur in Your body as LIGHT in Union in eternity, but also BEGIN shifting your physical patterning Body and Cells.  As Above so Below.

The levels may be called Light Body levels. The levels and vibrations and frequencies are of LIGHT and they vibrate this New way of being as Potentials to your DNA.

Your body, your cells your DNA all transform as your LIGHT Body is initiated in the Union one level at a time with your original encodings. There are exceptions; I have seen people through Grace, advance more than one level at a time.  Some of the Activations I have done for people has provided this major shift in experience; the advancement of many levels.

The Fastest way you can advance personally by yourself, is through the practise of staying Present every moment. You will advance quickly through the level you are working on.

Meditation will help You GREATLY feel your presence and the present moment.

Listen to my meditations as they will increase your Frequency and your personal awareness of the Present Moment within your Heart.


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Love and Diamond Light Frequencies to YOU Now, in Union, Harmony and Bliss,




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  1. Thank you for Sharing Wendy! Many People have been transformed, and You Have Also! Love and Miracles! Laura

  2. I would like to personally comment on this particular blog as I have much experience around this with Laura, not only with my own initiations, but with observing the changes in the lives of the countless people I have taken to Laura. I know at least 50 people who have had initiations and I see how much their frequencies have changed as a result. They don’t always notice the changes, as to them it just is, but I see how much they move into less fear, more peace, the ability to move into new experiences with more ease, that sort of thing. Some of the changes are dramatic as well. Laura is not like the rest of us, she is of a much higher frequency and so being in her energy field is ALWAYS tangibly beneficial. So whether you are having an initiation, or having daily light transmissions, or listening to her meditations, you WILL notice a change in your own frequency as a result. Early on in my journey I asked a very reputable channel that I trust about Laura, and their feedback was “her ability in the universe to work with physical DNA is profound, and she is a loving and pure guide”. I have found this to be true. I might add that each initiation builds on the previous one, so you move into different levels from each one. Like adding rooms to a house. There are many of us who get to experience Laura in person, but many of my friends who live far away have just as profound experiences and expansion from her working with them. She is here to help us move into our highest expression with ease and grace. I wanted to share this in the hopes that it will help others understand better what these initiations can do. They are profound! Love Wendy

  3. HI JOhn,
    Maybe read my testimonials on my web page. Everyone is different, so it depends, what the most important focus is. Healing? Advancing quickly? or Slowly adjusting to a new frequency??
    Message me personally also. Love to you JOhn!

  4. Laura ,
    Thank you for the interesting article . I am interested in boosting my awareness levels further and faster and how much would be too much .. I know what you meant about advancing BUT feels like I am in a lull right now . could you help ?
    Will an Activation or Transmissions that you do help advance me and set me back on the path ? Which do you recommend ??

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