Aliens On Earth

Aliens arriving on Earth?? The Aliens are already here my friends. Since the beginning of the creation of the Species Human. There are different views on which combination of DNA the human species were created. Some say Sirius with Annunaki mix, some say other mixes. Either way Humans are a unique species. The first humans made from Source were a created Unique Species. The Angels are another Species. One and on the many species. Prime Creator is a Creator God of the Elohim and a Key Player in the Planning of Worlds and Species. Some may call them the Game Players.

Now for those of you that believe in one God; this does not go against your Beliefs. Above Prime Creator is the Universal Source of all existence, you may prefer to use the name God. On earth because of the male and female polarity there are those holding the female polarity that prefer Goddess. One Source that all originate from and are One with at Soul level.

Does it really matter? If we are all from One Source, We are all part of ONE Eternal Living Source of Being. Those who prefer scientific terms would prefer Zero Point Field; Consciousness in the holographic Field.

You are Consciousness beyond the form and you also are Light and originate from Source.

I am not here to convince you of my truth, if what I say does not resonate with you please look for what you resonate with. My reality is NOT an option and I speak of my Reality as a Being in a body which did not originate through the Normal Human birthing Process. I walked-in from another Galaxy. And if it is your belief that you cannot believe such a thing, please know I am not here to change your beliefs. Love to you and all of YOU. My experience and reality is normal to me. Humans are Fascinating beings that are waking up and realizing they are part of the Whole and One with Source.

The Aliens from other planets have always arrived, some have stayed, and some have walked in human bodies to be here Now. They were around in Atlantis, Egypt, Tibet, as well as dispersed throughout the Planet Now.

Some Alien Beings live inside the Earth, Middle Earth Beings. They are alive and real.

The Angels visit also as well as the Devas and Fairies. They are not that different from some Alien Species.

The frequent Alien species you may have heard of visiting earth are the Greys. They have shared some technology with some governments. They are not “bad” they are most like humans in that they too are shifting out of duality. As well as the reptilian races of Alien. They too are looking forward to the shift and Union.

The Beings called Pleiadians never experienced Duality, they hold Love with Union for all existences and Hold the Blueprints for the Designs in the Central Sun on Alcyone. All Ascended Beings and Masters send their frequencies from there.

Most other Beings NEVER experienced Duality. Almost all are UNION based Frequencies. Just a few species that are merging from the experience of Duality to Perfect Union with Source.

When the majority of the Human Species have shifted their frequencies to Love and Union then all will clearly experience and see all the Loving union with the Star Beings; the Aliens and the Angels. The Earth will not have the same frequency at that time, it will not be like a casual day on Planet earth and stay looking like Planet Earth. There is a frequency shift and ALL will Appear Different to Those Who merge with the Universal and Cosmic Union of Source as Source.

To me they are with me everywhere, the Angels the Fairies and Aliens. The Pleiadians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Alpha Centurians and many other Alien Species have formed an Intergalactic Alliance that has representatives that ALL WORK in UNION with Source and in union with THE shift for the Universe. All galaxies are shifting throughout the Entire Universe.

Earth is a small part of the Universe. Very important, but small in comparison to the Whole.

They are present now, and you will all see clearly when the veil of illusion is lifted from your eyes. Your DNA is being updated constantly with as much frequency as you can hold without damage to your cellular structures. As well as the Crystal Grid throughout planet Earth. There is not a moment that you are not receiving frequencies from Source.

The Earth may seem that it is dying. It is not; it is transforming, Earth is shifting also and preparing.

Love to you All from Azoora, The Queen of Light, the Intergalactic Alliance, and the Form typing this,




copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. ✨💫I’m looking the star constellation chart to see where the Central Sun on Alcyone is. Im feeling the power and impact to take conciouss of what is. So emotional to see where they are originated the frequencies you send, that I being hearing since 2012.
    Thank you so much always😁I love you🧡

  2. Thank you for writing John, Love to you and great appreciation for your Loving Heart.

  3. For me this makes perfect sense and has filled my life with hope and a sense of wholeness ! Not so long ago I opened my mind slightly to an idea and asked my self WHY NOT ? From that moment my life has been showered with Love & Knowledge . To all the sources which have been involved I say Thank you & Love you deeply .

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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