The Rejoicing will be complete ~ As All the Angels are set Free


Is this the magic, in your heart, the one you have yearned for, and hoped would start.

Or is this the heaven, once dreamt of long ago, that lifts you up, and frees your Soul.

Are you dreaming, even now, amidst the turmoil, you left and vowed.

Would never happen, in the Light, who is the dreamer, you feel at night.

Is it the silence, or the past, or ancient wisdom, freeing you at last.

Who knows the difference, when things arise, who is in charge, throughout the day and night.

What flows through you, as you wake, the love of life, or is it hate.

The dream of Glory, do you know, is it a mystical journey, or a destined fate.

What lives and breathes, is it Divine, or a cycle, only playing out through time.

As consciousness moves, as if through space, will you discover, your true lineage and race.

Or will the hand of destiny, open the door, to what you never thought of, or dreamt before.

Is  that the magic, of the dream, the one you longed for, secretly.

Within your heart, did it awaken, to loves pure grace, or were you mistaken.

To think of love, as if a commodity, until you abandoned, all of your philosophy.

And surrendered deeply, to the Beloveds call, within your Soul, the one True love of all.

If eternity, is the dream, then open wide, and spread your wings.

For the Soul, is truly Light, the Light that dreams, within the night.

You are inside it, it holds you dear, let go of fear and then you will be close and near.

Held in the magic, you will see, in love and union, your soul forever is, eternity.

As the dream and as the light, you live and breathe, throughout the day and night.

Is that all there is, you might say, yet once you are free, you will lead the way.

As all there is, awakens now, through love and bliss, you have vowed.

To be the one, that always loves, it is a process, arising now.

And as your wings, begin to fly, love every moment, like the stars, in the sky.

Then the rejoicing, will be complete, as all the angels, are set free.

And all those watching, will begin to cry, with tears of joy, pouring from their eyes.

As sudden magic, fills the air, with miracles and joy, touching all hearts, everywhere.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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  1. Beautifull Loving transmission Joy Joy Joy All is New Free and complete thanks for your Grace Victoria Elohim Om yes

  2. So beautiful…thank you 🙂

  3. Wow… 🕉

  4. 💕💕💕

  5. Yes my Divine Ángel, I feel I Am going to Heaven now. I feel headache sometimes, especial in my pineal. I Love You 💝💕💖

  6. Wow! This is pure perfection. Thank you so much! I adore this in so many ways and I adore you! ❤️😇

  7. Marja Thibaudier

    I open wide – within my Soul💞💞
    Love and Bliss💞💞 Tears of Joy💞💞
    Thank You L’Aura💞💞
    I Love you💞💞

  8. Reblogged this on Encounters of a Star Girl and commented:
    So beautiful. Gives me Chills Totally aligning with L’Aura Pleiadian.

  9. ❤️WOW❤️

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