An Upgrade in Frequency ~ Riding the Waves of Intensity


Breathing in the Higher Frequencies of Light, even now, may feel like a never-ending  powerhouse of vibrating Light, pulsating through every cell of your body.

As this Light increases even now, the intensity may feel overwhelming. When this happens, rest, and ride the waves, showing your body great compassion, at it adjusts.

The energy upgrades are reaching unparalleled vibrational frequencies, from the Central Sun, the Pleiades, impacting the whole. All consciousness, everywhere.

Now, this activation as you read, engulfs your frequency, in pure love. In higher vibrational Light as purity, which naturally releases from your cellular consciousness, the frequencies of memories from your subconscious that are to be transmuted, into your Higher Self Light.

The form in which you live through, transforms, through your consciousness, as a frequency.

In 3D, your body (form) lived out, the disharmony, through its reactive state of stress. Of survival.

The dismantling of 3D, through the Higher Frequencies of Light, releases the cellular debris, so to speak, associated with those memories, from ALL incarnations, that you have carried over, from incarnation to incarnation.

These memories are held in your Blueprint.

You are playing out through  your Blueprint, Your Soul Plan for this incarnation.

ALL those on Earth in a form, although of varying frequencies, if here, are transforming, from these Energy Upgrades, through the Higher Light frequencies.

Even now, feel these higher frequencies. These vibrations you are receiving as you read, this. TO be aware more and feel more. Slow down and breathe. Be present in the moment. Being present will help you to become more aware, of what is going on inside you. Inside your cells.

Riding the waves of intensity, then become the process you enter more into the present moment. As you slow down. Drop the pace of 3D. Relax more. Reflect more. FEEL more, within you.

Then, riding the waves, through being present, facilitates even more, the conscious recognition of the higher frequencies you are receiving and the vibrational shifts within your cellular consciousness.

As you are more present, then the awareness of the releasing of old memories, will be something you will be highly aware. Which also will make the process easier. You will know, WOW these are the new downloads, my activations. And WOW, I am releasing now, which is still part of the RECEIVING of higher frequencies. This is just the releasing.

And by so doing, you CONSCIOUSLY integrate in harmony, the Higher Frequencies of Light, impacting you EVEN NOW as you are reading. This is a process of bringing the subconscious to the conscious awareness.

Which opens you, as the memories are released from your cellular consciousness, to ALL of your experiences throughout your many incarnation experiences. And to the you in parallel worlds. And the you as Your Divine Presence and Higher Self.

Riding the INTENSE waves, even now, is a surrender a letting go. As opposed to a “trying’ to make happen.

It is a going ~ Through.

An Allowing.

A Releasing.

A Receiving.

Activating also your FEELING Nature of consciousness, the feminine PRINCIPLE, even NOW.

Consciously more and more, as the NEW YOU emerges, as the Light Itself.

Receive all of this through Grace Now. As you enter and go through, all you are destined to go through. In harmony, love and peace, of the Now moment. In the Higher Vibrational frequencies of Light. Your Upgrades NOW. In the Eternal Light of the Central Sun. And so it is! Now.

Please see the links below, to consciously receive the hourly activations, the Divine Ascended Being Activation. Even now. In DIVINE Love, that is ALL That is!


Heaven on Earth ~ Within!



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  1. ok thanks, It’s just that I kept getting told that number 0010110 saying I know what it means on the higher plains where I exist. Also they said it always returns to knowing itself. I just thought it was relevant, but if not I suppose there’s no point in it occupying my thoughts with it at this time. I will return to it though when I managing to take things in my stride. lol because I’m like that…..hehe that’s me!!!!!!!! , oh yes if I ever have the pleasure of crossing paths with you, as I learn to jump and hot foot it all around the many worlds. Be sure to say hello, I owe you a drink at the very least for all your help!!!!!!

  2. Things work out based on your Soul plan. What you came to experience. It is all in your Blueprint, held in your cellular memory.

  3. L’aura You know.. 0010110… Does this basically mean things will all work out equal in the end? ie If you lost £10 then down the line you would either find, win or some how receive £10 . But if you never lost your £10 then you wouldn’t find or receive one down the line either. So no matter what happens one way or another you’d have £10 on that section of life

  4. The strings of my heart resonate with the melody of love and with you, with your voice and your love
    Love is full of color, warmth and shapes
    My great adventure in this journey of life, is to turn again into pure love and change every heart and everything around in this tangle of life on this planet
    ❤ ❤ I Love You Divine Love ❤ ❤ Eternal Love, Movement and Bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. The last night I did a meditation and practice the Merkaba, I felt in a moment that it was active and I felt a great ecstasy, after this I went to bed, being lying down I felt some strange noises in my ears and I realized that it was the Sound of the Merkaba, both ways.
    I almost could not eat today and I feel very satisfied.
    At dawn I saw your face, not with the photos you put in fb or twitter, it was another face and another state of feeling, I felt you happy
    ❤ ❤ I Love You dear L'Aura Pleiadian ❤ ❤ Eternal Love and Bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. ‘ride the waves of intensity’ is a perfect phrase

  7. All what I can say……Thank you 🙂

  8. Marja Thibaudier

    Yes!Intense! !💖💖 Thank you for this powerful Activation💖 Love this and You💖

  9. Beautifull transmission thanks Love you allways

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