Mass Consciousness Shifting ~ The Release of the Old Program


As everything arises, the anger, the protests, that opposes WHAT is ~ is up for transformation.  Mass consciousness is in a constant activation and awakening mode, as the evolution, continues.

Moment to moment. Hour to hour you are receiving activations. ALL that is of a lower frequency within your cellular consciousness (your frequency) is releasing.

You are inside the entire process. Your consciousness is the process through which you are transforming.  This is taking place,e hether you are aware of this CONSCIOUSLY or Not.

Those that have made the choices and have dictated how 3D will continue, are in this process also. They have run things from behind the scenes, so to speak.

All of consciousness is within the consciousness shift.

Look and see the changes within you.

You will notice changes around you.

Those that were the leaders of the 3D program, are changing too.

Their consciousness is shift and this releases the old ways. Love does this.

The impact may appear subtle. BUT the dismantling is Profound.

The decisions behind the scenes are all impacted. The Old way is deeply being released and replaced with the new consciousness.

Look inside yourself to see.

See within yourself. Notice your own consciousness.

Are you filled with more love for yourself? Are you seeing things differently? Does the impact of the changes in the world and the stories you hear impact you deeply? How so? How do you react? How do you feel? Are you observing yourself?

Are you feeling harmony or disharmony within you?

What does arise is there to be cleared within YOU. It is part of the PLAN you know.

FOR everything of the old is to be released. As the New consciousness is you ORIGINAL Light. Your original consciousness. You know this well at the higher levels were you exist consciously, in higher dimensions.

You know, you are here to experience this great journey.

It is the journey of ALL journeys. 

It is a profound experience of consciousness that opens you to the miracles of the Divine God Self, within.

To Know the Presence of the miraculous Presence.

The magic of the Divine.

The Glory of the unfolding. The sacred moments. To which you exist within. Now you are awakening and noticing.

Turn the view with what you look at out there as the external to inside you now.

How is the weather within you? The Light within you? The harmony within You? How are you handling what arises?

Will you love yourself as things arise? Do you now?

Will you use the greatest power of your will through this?

That greatest power is your eternal love that expresses itself in gentleness, you know.

Love is gentle and it is within you.

Available to you and it is this power that transforms and is transforming all who function in the Earth consciousness program.

It is real and you are within it.

Go within and observe  the memories as they are released. The memories of the whole, the mass consciousness. To which you are inside.

The dreams and memories as aspects of consciousness that has not been brought to the light consciously, is being held in this light now.

The world stage is revealing this also. What arises is there for a reason. Hold the love and gentleness you have developed consciously for yourself as the lens with which you view the world. 

Let that world, the world of releasing, be the practise of your gentleness, where you recognize more deeply, is all within you. 

This is now and it is within. Whether appearing out there or inside you. It is within.

It is miraculous and it is transforming so deeply now.

3D is letting go.

This is a good thing. As this is the loosening of the grip of the subconscious program on the impact of mass consciousness. As now the love is moving deeply into all minds, all hearts, and it clears out, all that is not the love itself.

The Love you know. It is very real. It is 5th Dimensional consciousness.

It is Light. Original Light. It is love, eternal Love.

You are made of this and exist through this power. The Power of Divine Love.

All aspects of consciousness throughout all dimensions, throughout the Universe, move in harmony through this love.

You are within this. You are this Light.

Go within Beloved Angels and know you are this Light. This Love.

Let the signs you see out there, be part of your activation you observe, within yourself consciously. And watch the old program fade away to a distant memory.

All that is unfolding deep within you.

As you embody all aspects of being, your wholeness, the Union within. Your true nature arises, as that which  you are.

The Divine Original Light forevermore.

Once again consciously embodying this whole Original Beatific Light. As that which you eternally ARE.

Now here and forevermore. You have arrived.

In the Loving Glory that is the power of this transformation. I hold you in this as the Grace that activates within you, even now. Receive this love, now. And so it is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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  1. faatimaishere

    activating ❤

  2. It is all Love in manifestation ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Thank you so much ❤❤❤

  4. So wonderful❤️ great thanks❤️

  5. Thank you L’Aura. ❤

  6. Thanks Beautifull Loving Laura Thanks All is The fullness of Love here and Now Yes

  7. 💜 Love this L’Aura 💜 Sacred Beyond 💜 Thank You 💜

  8. Yes, my inner world is limitless, eternal and Lovely, yes it never sleep, always is moving (excuse my English) I Love You 💝💕 Eternal Love and Bliss 💖💞💝💕❤💓💚💛💜💝💟💗💙💘💋

  9. Marja Thibaudier

    💖Powerful Sacred💖
    Love this and You💖 Thank you L’Aura💖💖
    I open to Receive the Activations💞💞

  10. Thank you with so much appreciation 🙂

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